What is meta description? Compare good and bad examples of Meta Description in SEO

From the moment a user searches for a phrase to the moment he enters a page, a war is going on! War between meta description sites!

Just look at the following words for a moment:

  • Special season sales
  • 50% off
  • Auction of new models

Most people, when they see these words, their focus and attention multiplies. Now, if you see these words in the window of a clothing store, it is unlikely that you will not stop for a moment and look inside.

We have such a thing in the world of internet.

When a user encounters 10 sites on the results page, it is as if he is walking down a street with 10 shops of the same sex. Which of these 10 caves to enter depends on factors such as the name, design and shop windows.

Shop windows in the Internet world are the same meta descriptions of a site on the results page.


What is meta description? What exactly does it do?

A meta description is a brief and useful description of a page that tells the user what they will get in return for clicking on a page. Many people believe that meta tags have no effect on SEO, but since meta descriptions are closely related to clickthrough rate, we can say that this effect has a more indirect effect on your site’s ranking results.

From the point of view of Google bots:

The meta description is an HTML tag that is embedded in the page code structure and is displayed to Google algorithms as follows:

From the user’s point of view:

Meta description after SEO title
Is the most important factor on the results page. This item is displayed under the heading SEO results and gives you a larger space but with a smaller font. The average number of characters displayed in the description section is 168 characters, but depending on the search term and the content of the page, Google may display shorter or even longer text to users.

meta description in WordPress

Fortunately, there are many plugins in WordPress to make site optimization easier for us. For example, the WordPress SEO plugin, known as Yoast, provides attractive features for SEO and optimization of meta descriptions. One of these features is the ability to specify a specific meta description and title for each page. All you have to do is install the plugin and enter your SEO title and meta description in the USB section.


5 features of a great meta description that few people know

By now you know what meta decryption is and why we should pay attention to it. Now we want to tell Mosha what features a good meta description should have to increase the chances of clicks.

Up to 158 characters or more

Google has made many changes to the number of characters in the meta description, but it seems that about 155 characters is always the number that Google eventually gets. The fact is that there are no ideal characters for you and this figure depends a lot on the message you want to convey to the user through this space. In any case experience has shown that short and attractive texts for the searcher

Use appropriate literature and language

Writing a series of information from your page briefly in the meta space does not encourage the user to click and enter the page. When writing, it is best to choose the literature and type of language consciously; This means knowing what you want the user to think when they see it and what to do in return.

Having a specific call in action

Dry and callless meta descriptions in action remain like a hollow drum! When you do not ask the user for anything in your description, it is as if you have no meta description at all. For example, you can use the call in the following actions:

  • By reading this article, you can understand 0 to 100 concepts of black hat SEO
  • By downloading SEO book forever for free, you can learn SEO concepts from beginner to advanced.
  • By buying the newest and best models of mobile holder, you will be relieved about the poor quality of the adhesive that holds the phone.

Includes target keyword

If we find a common denominator in all the articles that have written about meta descriptions, we will undoubtedly find a keyword in meta description. The impact of having a keyword in meta has been proven for almost everyone and everyone adheres to it. However, we recommend that you use more LSI keywords with the article in this space. If you do not know anything about LSI, we suggest you read the practical article on lsi keywords.


Show product specifications (if the site is a store)

If you have a store site, meta descriptions are the best space to enter the attractive specifications of your products for sale. The more useful and useful these features are for the user, the more likely they are to click on your site.

Of course, you can also use the markup language to display product specifications. This will give you more space on the results page and make it more attractive to the user. To get acquainted with the Eskima language and how to use it correctly, you can refer to the SEO Technical Workshop of the SEO teaching Academy.


Comparison and case study of descriptions of Persian meta sites

Here we want to give some real examples of results in Persian to see in practice everything we have told you so far.

In this comparison, we want to select phrases from different areas and show you a good example and a bad example for each:

White hat SEO

The best mobile holder


How to write a meta description and tutorial meta description in 3 steps

Now that you are familiar with the good and bad examples, it is time to get started and teach you how to write meta descriptions in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: When writing a meta description, try to give the user a detailed description of the page content. It means that the user knows exactly that by clicking on the page you will see what you told him in the description.

Step 2: Encourage him to click and read the whole page using attractive sentences. For example, if you write “with special gift” or “with instructional video” in your product description, your chances of being selected by the user will increase.

If you have an article, using phrases like “with real examples and free video book downloads” can increase the click-through rate!

Step 3: Add Google Synonyms and Suggested Keywords in the Description. This will make your page rank not only in the target keyword, but also in similar phrases.

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