What is domain validity? How to increase it?

Google never gives us a permanent and effective way to succeed in SEO. We need a compass to succeed. A compass that shows us the right way of SEO techniques. Credibility is the compass domain that brings us closer to SEO in just a little while.

At the very beginning, we want to surprise you with one sentence:

According to the latest statistics, about 380 websites are created every minute and enter the Google competition field on the results page!

Now what does this number have to do with you? If you look closely, you will find that the more sites on the Internet, the more difficult it is to measure their quality. How do you know if a site has better SEO performance than a related website? Look at the design or user experience? To the links it has received or to see what it ranks in the most searched keywords?

All of these are good criteria for determining the quality of a site, but if we are to show a number that is largely valid for all of these, what criteria should we use?


Domain validation, MOZ’s solution for determining the quality of sites

Just as a test scores from 0 to 20 to test the skill of a lesson, we also have a benchmark for a site to measure its quality.

This amazing criterion is the domain authority or Domain Authority introduced by MOZ company and by giving a number between 0 and 100 to each domain, it predicts the validity of the sites.

Although this number has not been announced directly by Google, but many webmasters in the discussion of SEO training, talk about increasing the authority domain. But do not rush.

If you look at the titles of this article, you will see that we try our best to answer all your questions about the important and valuable factor of DA. So join us to introduce you to the basic and important issues related to domain validation.


Why should you know enough about site domain credentials?

We asked this question to many people interested in this field and the answer we got from most of them was strangely the same! Since ranking sites by Google algorithms Done, the scoring criteria of other companies can not help us in predicting the position of the site. If we want to answer more completely, the following reasons can completely convince you to pay multiple attention to your site DA:

  • Reason # 1: When we talk about authority domain, we do not mean that every site gets a higher score, it has a higher ranking in search results. Rather, this criterion only shows us the right way like a compass; This means that if your site complies with the rules of Google algorithms, your DA will be closer to 100. So moz compass can work like Google compass.
  • Reason # 2: Another advantage of measuring a site’s credibility is that when you know what your site scores from a reputable source (such as MOZ), you get credible information about the actual quality of your site; As a result, you can identify the weaknesses of your site and with strategy and planning, send more visitors to your site.
  • Reason # 3: Authority domains can be very helpful in comparing sites. For example, if you want to identify competing sites and choose one of them as a template, a site with a higher DA will be a good source of inspiration and template for your site. But in the absence of such a thing, you are satisfied only with your own information and a small mistake can deal a heavy blow to your SEO strategy.


Is MOZ domain validation the only reference for scoring sites?

Google was the first company to use PageRank to apply the nature of site ranking to ranking sites. After a while, Google officially announced that it will no longer use page rank to determine the position of sites.

After that, many companies designed examples similar to Google PageRank. Along with Maze, Ahrefs is one of the most reputable marketing agencies in terms of credibility and experience. This site uses its own Ahref Rank, domain rank and page rank for site analysis.

There are other sources (such as Semrush) that use their own analytics tools to define other criteria for determining the quality of other sites. In most cases, the scores that each of these tools provide for domain strength are very close. One of the reasons that these scores are close to each other is the factors influencing them. In the next sections, we will open these factors for you.


Spam Score, another valuable measure of domain strength

Another factor that can determine the quality of sites with high accuracy along with authority domain is spam score. To ensure that this criterion is applicable, Maze has taken the following path:

  1. Identify 27 red lines that have been repeated on sites penalized by Google
  2. If your site is similar to one of these 27, you will get a negative score
  3. The more these similarities, the more spam your site scores
  4. A high percentage of Spam Score means that your site may be penalized

A high spam score indicates that your site structure is similar to malicious and black hat methods. To see exactly what these techniques involve, we recommend that you read the seo teaching Black Hat SEO Training Articles Collection.


What are the factors influencing the authority domain? Or how is DA calculated?

Now let’s assume that the credibility of your site domain is low and you want to get started and increase this number. The first thing that comes to mind is what does Maze influence in determining the value of the domain?

Backlinks are the most important factor in determining DA. But we do not mean to start getting high quality links without any research. In fact, instead of thinking about the number and number of inbound links to your site, think about how credible they are to Google. A link is reliable from Google’s point of view if it is taken from domains with long life and credibility that also have low spam score.

In addition to link building, there are other criteria involved in determining a site’s credibility. For example:

  • Your site will receive strong and positive signals from social networks
  • The longer your domain life, the better your chances of getting a high DA
  • People point to your brand online
  • Many users search for your business name


What method should you use to verify domain validity?

Go to moz.com. Once you have logged in to Maze and logged in, you can use Link Explorer to check the value of your domain. After entering the Explorer link, enter your domain address.

Here you can see general information about your domain, including domain credentials and the number of inbound links to your site. If you see that your site’s credit score is not high, do not worry because there are few domains in Iran that have high domain value. (Usually news sites have a high DA)

In addition, we can not consider a suitable average number for this criterion because each site, according to the type of business it has, should be compared in the group of related sites.


Why do you want to increase the value of your domain?

This question may seem a little strange to you at first and you ask yourself:

“Now that this metric shows the quality and value of a site and many people use it to compare better SEO performance, I want to increase my site DA!”

Let us tell you once again that domain credentials cannot be the only reference for evaluating a site’s SEO; Because this scale only shows the good performance of a site in the field of external link building and there is no guarantee for ranking in keywords. This means that if you target your DA only above, your output will not necessarily be ranked higher in Google search results.

Can it be concluded that the validity of the site domain is not applicable?

This number, like all SEO metrics, is useful when you know exactly what you are using it for. Domain Authority does not have a function in itself, but it can help you identify and analyze competitors. This means that if you know the value of your site is 30, it has no value alone; But if you know your DA is 30 and competing sites are in the range of 40 to 50, it may be more useful for you.

More practical means that you can review and analyze your site strategy and structure by reviewing and analyzing the site with higher domain validity, and change it if necessary. If you come to this conclusion, the following tips will help you.


4 practical and effective solutions to increase domain validity

Now that we have told you everything about the factors influencing domain credibility to how you view it, it is time to roll up your sleeves and take positive steps to grow your DA with the techniques we introduce to you.

  1. Optimize your site’s on-page SEO
  2. Work on external SEO or your site profile link
  3. Make sure your site is SEO technical
  4. Social Increase your site signals

Prepare yourself to face the most important, difficult and at the same time most effective techniques for increasing authority domain:

1. Internal SEO; A forgotten treasure that must be taken seriously

Many webmasters only pay attention to the outside of their site and consider their most important goal to get links from multiple sites. While here they have forgotten a valuable treasure!

This valuable treasure is the internal SEO of your site

Internal linking means that the internal structure of your site is such that both Google and the user can easily understand its content. More accurate internal linking includes quick and easy access to the site’s header and main menu sections, site footer, internal page sidebar and article content.

You may be surprised, but the value and impact of internal links is as much as the backlinks you receive from other sites. The following points can also play an important role in having an internal SEO favored by Google and the user:

  • The title of the pages and the meta description are understandable for Google and the user
  • Use title tags (H1, H2, H3, etc.) correctly
  • Page URLs should be specific, short, and have a keyword
  • Use family or synonym keywords in the content of articles
  • Consider linking to important articles or content pages

2. External SEO; Do not forget the air support force

Google tries to estimate how satisfied users are with your content. One of the methods of Rank Brain algorithm to determine the level of user satisfaction is receiving valuable links from reputable sites and related topics. The more pages your site is introduced and suggested through other sites, the more value and credibility your site has in the web space.

One of the most important concepts in external link building is Link Profile or information related to linking your site. A website has a strong profile link when:

  1. Have links from reputable sites with high DA
  2. Backlinks are taken from sites that are thematically similar
  3. No malicious links or spam (low spam score)
  4. Instead of getting a high number of links from one site, get only one link from multiple sites

One of the important prerequisites in external SEO is knowledge of different methods of link building, we recommend you to visit the link building training page to learn more about this issue.


How to make your site profile link stronger?

  • Identify and remove malicious links that enter your site: To identify spam links, you can use link analysis tools or manually check the incoming links to the site one by one. Then ask the site that gave you the link to remove the link, otherwise you can disable the desired backlink with the “nofollow” tag.

Finally, if you do not get a response to any of the above, you can remove the inbound links using the Google Disavow tool in the search console.

  • Replace natural link building with buying backlinks: Whenever the content on your site is at the highest level in terms of quality and can add something new to users with useful and up-to-date information, you are one step closer to natural link building.

That is, the visitor visits your site, reads your content, and links to you in other places to inform others. Of course, natural link building takes time.

  • Giving ad reporting for brand awareness: Most webmasters use ad reporting on reputable sites, but unfortunately not knowing how to do it does not lead to significant success. Buying a report is like doping for your site. Doping is effective for athletes who are in close competition with each other and are fighting for first place.

To learn more about the mechanism of ad reporting, you can participate in the professional SEO techniques course of seo teaching.

3. Technical SEO; The backbone that needs your care

The first and most important step to having a site with good domain credentials is to pay attention to the structure of the page and the elements used in its coding and implementation. HTML code, in addition to displaying information correctly to the user, has the task of making the site content easier for Google bots to understand.

Here the famous proverb “the first brick is the crooked architect, until Soraya goes the crooked wall” finds an objective appearance; Because there are many sites that have done very well in providing first-rate content, but due to the poor coding structure, do not have a good position in Google results.

To have a strong backbone on your site, the following roadmap can be of great help to you:

  • Optimize your sitemap (Sitemap xml) for Google
  • Check the txt file settings and make sure Google has access to all parts of the site
  • Use the Schema language to help Google better understand the content of the site
  • Make sure the speed of the site, the responsive display of your site is mobile friendly

4. Social networks; Google hears the sound of social speakers well

The fact is that the debate over the impact of social media on SEO has always been high. But the penetration rate of social networks in SEO is increasing day by day. This impact is due to the fact that real signals from Social Media can greatly optimize the performance of Google algorithms for Internet search users to provide more accurate results.

If a page of a site has a high signal from social networks, it means that its content is shared by many people. This helps to improve the credibility of the page and its page rank, and this credibility is also transferred to the Domain Authority of a site. The more credible a site’s domain is, the more confident Google will be in its content and the better its position for that site.

By spending a little time on social networks, their value and impact can be used to build links and thus increase domain growth. But not every social network or activity is necessarily effective in SEO. To succeed in this space, you need a regular strategy and schedule in content production and distribution. With such a view, over time, your social signals will shout in Google’s ear that you have a valuable site.


Painful but honest facts about Domain Authority that you need to know

  • The DA rating has nothing to do with Google penalties. This means that if a site is penalized by Google, it loses its place in the keywords but may still retain its high domain value.
  • Google algorithms take into account a large number of factors (about 200) to rank your site; While the MOZ authority domain examines about 40 criteria.
  • The growth of authority domain is based on the logarithmic diagram scale; That means getting from 20 to 30 is much easier than getting from 70 to 80. In other words, the higher you go in this chart, the tougher the competition becomes.
  • The power of your domain changes irregularly, so this point can not be considered for evaluating the SEO of a site. But to compare the quality of linking between two sites, you can use domain authority.
  • Changing the DA is not easy. This means that you can not immediately see the results in your site domain credentials by doing some optimization or link building. Increasing this number requires a lot of chain factors that only come to fruition over time.


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