What is a Featured Snippet? The magic of Google credibility in SEO

Feature Snape is not a new topic in SEO. In this article, for the first time, we tried to explain this concept to Iranian sites.

The most important question that SEO experts ask themselves is how to get to the first page or the first rank of the results page. But the question that few ask themselves is what to do to reach zero or Zero Position?

If you have never heard of zero rating, stay tuned. In order to shed light on this dark spot of SEO, we must first tell you what a zero rank is, what the benefits of attending it are, and how we can achieve it with different techniques.

In most of the articles that spoke in Persian about the feature snippet, there is no reference to Iranian sites. In this article, we tried to make the information useful and useful for Iranian users.


What is a Featured Snippet? Why is it becoming more and more important in the world of SEO?

Have you ever searched for a question on Google, but see that you must log in to a site to find the answer? Now what if we could answer our question without visiting the sites and on the same page of results?

This is exactly what Google had in mind, which is why it has added a feature called Feature Snippet to its results page.

Feature Snippet is actually a box that is displayed to the user above rank one on the Google results page and contains a direct response to the user query. Google cleverly removes these responses from sites and sites have no control over it.

(Of course, feature snippets and rich snippets are very similar, and many people confuse the two. For a full understanding of these two concepts, we recommend that you also look at the article What is a rich snippet?)


What are the features of Snippet preview in Google?

  • Each snippet feature generally contains an image that can be taken from sites other than the source site.
  • Google snippets make Google search no longer a search, you just need to tell Google what you are looking for to get your questions answered as quickly as possible.
  • If Google decides to show your site in its feature, your bread is in oil! You ask why? Because feature snippet is the first part that the user’s eye catches, and therefore the most clicks and visits is for this part.

The following figure shows an example of a Featured snippet in English:


What are the features of Google Snippet feature?

Snippet feature display type is not fixed and has many shapes. Here are all the feature snippets on the search results page:

  • Paragraph: The most common and widely used type of feature snippet is this type of paragraph. These short, useful paragraphs are usually enabled when the user uses English qu words in their query (such as what-when-how-who-why, etc.).
  • List: Another common model of snippet boxes is in the form of a list, which is usually shown as a bolt or numbering. This rich snippet is activated when the user has asked about something in his query.
  • Google Knowledge Graph: Google collects answers to users’ questions from various sources in a special box called Knowledge Graph and shows them comprehensively and usefully. This graph of knowledge is sometimes shown in Persian.
  • Short Answers: One of the great things about Google is that if you ask a short question that has a few words to answer, this smart search engine will give the answer in the shortest possible time. For example, if you ask the age of the actors, these short answers will be activated for you.
  • YouTube: If your query answer is exactly in one of the YouTube videos, Google will show you that video separately. For example, if you want to create a mask layer in Photoshop, Google Video will show you that.
  • Table: If the information on the site is in the form of columns and rows, Google will display them in the results page as a table.


Why Feature Snippet can be our winning card in SEO?

1.Feature snippets steal the click-through rate from rank one!

Ahrefs site, by studying the effect of feature snippets on the click-through rate, found that with a feature snippet on the results page, the click-through rate on the rank is halved!

(Remember, of course, that your ranking in search results can be 2 or 3, but you still have a chance to be seen in search results.)

2.By being on Google’s proprietary snippets, you become a trusted source.

Perhaps the most difficult and time consuming issue in SEO is gaining the credibility and trust of Google and users. The good thing about being in the feature snippet is that users feel completely confident when they see your site in this section, and in this regard, attending this section can help you a lot.


What are the ways to optimize Featured Snippet?

You may be wondering why Featured Snippet is not activated in Persian, why should we think about optimizing it at all?

It is a good question and the answer is very simple.

If you qualify for the Snapshot feature, make sure Google helps your site in some other way. For example, you can more easily be in Rich Snippets (some of which have recently been activated in Persian).

Now that we have left out this question, we come to the interesting and important discussion of optimization.

  • Research your keywords based on finding long question-based phrases

As we announced in the white hat SEO section, having a principled approach in keyword research can lay the foundation stone of your SEO site well. But remember that we do not mean the word “word” only in one word. If you want to penetrate the thinking brain of users, you must use “keyword long phrase research” as a benchmark.

This way, instead of spending your time ranking on competitive and one-word words (which usually takes a lot of time and money!), You directly address the needs of users.

  • Pay more attention to the People Also Ask section

One simple shortcut to finding search engine queries is to use the People Also Ask section. For example, if you want to write about a subject in Persian. First search it in English and go to the user questions section. In this way, you can get help from this Google feature in English and implement it in Persian.

  • If you are on the first page of Google, your chances are higher in feature and rich snippet

One of the prerequisites for being part of Google’s valuable snippets is to be present in many phrases on the first page of Google.

  • Write your articles based on the content pyramid

Inverted Pyramid is a concept derived from the journalism industry. This pyramid defines how we should segment the information the user needs to create the best experience for them. This pyramid can help a lot in creating content billboards when producing content. In the practical content production workshop, we will talk about the content billboard in its entirety.

A final word: In a world that is becoming more competitive day by day, attending special sections of Google (Rich Snippet and Feature Snippet) can do magic for you!

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