What are LSI Keywords? How do we find them?

If in the past keywords were the first word in SEO, now is the time for LSI keywords to replace the artificial and inhumane method of keyword repetition.

When we think about a keyword, we inevitably think of important, highly sought after and competitive words in SEO. Now how do we get to the first place in these words?

We write several articles and repeat that keyword several times in the text. In this way, Google understands that we have good content for this word and improves our position in this phrase.

A good and effective strategy seems to have only one problem, and that is that this method is obsolete!

Topics such as keyword repetition density only applied when Google was not as smart as it is today. Google search engine now has a high understanding of the language and can understand what your article is about without repeating words.

But now that Google is so close to human language, you have to talk to him like a human being!


LSI Keywords, the trump card of the kingdom in the world of SEO keywords

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) is words that are semantically related to a particular concept or phrase. Let’s open this sentence with a real-world example:

Suppose you have just returned from a birthday party and your friend asks you about this birthday and you explain the details of the birthday party to him. If we want to get a series of keywords from all your words, we come to the following phrases:

  • birthday cake
  • Birthday party guests
  • Decorate and decorate the house for the birthday
  • Birthday gifts
  • Birthday song
  • And …

These words are actually the same as LSI words for a phrase like “birthday party”.

What if we bring this example into the world of SEO? Here our assumption is that you want to write an article for the Shahrzad series. In this case, what will the LSI keywords include?

We talked more about LSI in the SEO Strategy and Content Production Workshop. We recommend that you refer to the content production training page.


Are LSI synonymous?

Many people equate LSI keywords with synonyms. But the fact is that LSI is more than just a synonym. Every word you think of as a keyword is actually a small part of a large circle of related keywords. When you use LSI when you enter this circle and enter other related words of this circle in the text.

There are more examples of this type of misconception on the SEO WhatsApp Academy page. We suggest that you read this page after reading this article.


Find LSI keywords with a visual example

Imagine we want to write an article with the keyword goal of “keyword research”. Because the first thing we do is do a keyword search on Google:

We see that in the suggestions section, Google shows us other phrases that can help complement our page.

You can go one step further and search for this phrase in another way to change the suggestions for you. For example, instead of searching for “keyword research”, use other terms such as “find keywords for SEO, keyword research tool, keyword extraction or…”; By changing the search term, Google’s suggestions will also change, so you will never be confused in finding related words.


Why should we pay more attention to LSI instead of keywords?

There are 2 compelling reasons why we do not pay more attention to these words:

  • When you repeat keywords in your text, your content takes on an artificial form and is not of good quality to the user. But if you use related and synonymous terms, your text will be more productive in terms of literature and the user will feel better about it.
  • LSI words make your text richer in terms of SEO. This means that if you use related words and phrases in your text, your chances of gaining a place in those words are also better. For example, if you use LSI words next to the main keyword “content SEO” such as “SEO principles in content production or SEO content”, your chances of gaining a place in the term LSI will also increase.


Review 1 case study that used LSI well!

Here we want to show you a real example of the correct and correct use of LSI keywords so that no question enters your mind.

When we search for the phrase “Rank Brain Algorithm”, they are in the first ranks of SEO teaching and SEO teaching Academy sites. Let’s take a look at the titles of this article:

As you can see, this page talks about concepts such as CTR, DWELL TIME and Google Dance, which at first glance do not have a precise relationship with Rank Brain. But if we want to make our article rich in every way, we also need to talk about issues related to ranking.

This means that instead of user satisfaction, we have made search engines a higher priority. This will increase the chances of top page rank for this article. (This article is in third place at the time of writing.


Last word: LSI keywords do not replace the main keywords!

Keep in mind that LSI can never replace the original and target keywords. Why? Because LSI can only increase the impact of target keywords as a complement and not replace them.

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