Long keywords drive your site traffic

Long keywords are usually phrases that refer to the exact needs of the user rather than a general concept. Phrases that are searched by users and are more than 4 words are usually called Long Tail.

If you have read SEO articles and site optimization, most of them agree on the inseparable rule that your site should always have better SEO than competitors.

But as soon as we use the term SEO better, a concept may form in our mind:

Better SEO means having a high ranking in the most searched keywords.

More precisely, when a user searches for a keyword, you are in the first results that Google shows to the user.

Why are short words more important?

When you reach this goal and rank in one or more important keywords in Google, more people will enter your site through Google search and this way you can increase your site traffic or traffic.

This may seem like a trivial matter, but there is a big problem with gaining a foothold in one-word or two-key keywords:

Due to the high competition, getting ranked in the most searched keywords is not easy so you may never even reach your goal. Our proposed solution to this problem consists of only three words; Long Tail Keyword

Before answering any of your valuable questions about long keywords, you need to be well aware of the importance of these types of keywords. To this end, we have prepared an interesting story for you that can be a good example of the high importance of multi-word keywords.

The story of the old man and the search for treasure

A man named Ove owned a large farmland. One day, big news leaks in the streets and neighborhoods. This rumor is heard oh. A new mine has been discovered outside the city, from which many people extract gold.

Aveh, who desperately needs money because his farmland is not fertile, travels, but a year later his family learns that Aveh has died under the rubble of a gold mine.

The Ave family then thought of plowing their farmland so that they could earn a living. After plowing the ground completely, they accidentally encounter hard objects; Gold coins were hidden under the oh agricultural farm!

Now put yourself in his place. You are the manager of a site and you want to get a good position for your site. Instead of looking for a gold mine and focusing on one keyword, buy backlinks, you should make the most of the great treasure hidden in your site.

This precious treasure of gold is the Long Tail Keyword for your business.

Now that you know how valuable these types of keywords are, another question may arise in your mind: what are long keywords called?


What are Long Tail Keywords?

Suppose you want to talk about professional SEO techniques

  • By searching for the word “SEO”, visit all the sites that have an article about SEO so that you can get the information you were looking for in one of them.
  • Instead of using the SEO keyword, search for “free SEO professional training techniques” in Google search engine.

If you use the second method, it means that you have used long keywords, ie “free training of professional SEO techniques” to enter sites that focus only on your target topic (professional SEO techniques).

In fact, long keywords are phrases that consist of 3 words or more (some even know two-word phrases are Long Tail) that instead of focusing on a comprehensive and general word, a specific group of a business They aim.

For example, if your business is a song download site, the phrase “download song” is a search term on Google, but the phrase “download Mohsen Chavoshi’s new album in 320 quality” can be a long keyword phrase. Note the following:

Main and short keyword: download song

Longer Keyword: Download Mohsen Chavoshi

Keyword Long Tail: Download Mohsen Chavoshi’s new album in 320 quality

Here we draw your attention to a misconception about long words, which in many cases is mistaken for the definition of long keywords.

Short keywords in search engines have a high number of searches.

According to statistics from the KWfinder site, not all short keywords are necessarily highly searchable.

For example, as you can see in the figure below, the phrase How to Lose Weight fast is searched almost three times as long as the short phrase “Lose Weight”.

So if you think that popular keywords have a high number of searches, you should say goodbye to this misconception right now.


Why choose Long Tail for long keywords?

The term Long Tail in English means long tail.

When we combine this phrase with the word Keyword, we get the funny equivalent of the long tail keyword in Persian! But what is the connection between the long tail of words and competition in the SEO world? To answer this question, we must take a look at the dragon in ancient Chinese mythology.

When you think of a dragon, subconsciously things like dragon fire or its huge body and sharp claws come to mind. But one of the most important defense tools of the dragon, which many ignore, is its very long tail.

In the past, SEOs focused on those keywords that were highly searched. This group of words was placed in the dragon’s head section due to the high search in the word search volume chart. For this reason, some people call this category Head Keyword.

After a while, some experts came to the conclusion that in order to get a better ranking on the Google results page or SERP, they should focus on specialized and long words. These multi-part expressions were located at the bottom of the dragon diagram and just in the long tail area of ​​the dragon because they have less distribution in the diagram. This is why these specialized and multi-part words are known as Long Tail Keywords.


3 important reasons to use long keywords right now

So far, you know exactly what we mean by long keywords and why they are called Long Tail. But you may be wondering why we should use a combination of keywords instead of one-word and searchable keywords in Google. There are 3 very important reasons to use long keywords, which are:

1- Users no longer use one-word keywords to search

Over the years, the culture and behavior of users when searching has changed a lot. One of the main reasons for these changes is Google’s own suggestions when searching for a short phrase on Google. As soon as you start writing the phrase you want, Google will show you suggestions that are generally long and close to the topic you want.

For example, in 2012, users may have searched for the word “SEO” more, because at that time the discussion of search engine optimization was a trend of the day and many people were looking to understand the concept of SEO itself. But as users gradually became more familiar with SEO, the next step was for Internet sites to delve deeper into the SEO aspects and introduce users to, for example, black hat SEO techniques.

Achieving this goal was not possible unless users did their search with longer keywords.

So let’s conclude that if you can get into the minds of users well and guess their questions and problems using long keywords, you will have a great chance to attract visitors.

2- Long keywords have a better conversion rate

One of the goals of having a site is to turn your site visitors into customers. But what can bring us closer to increasing the conversion rate of visitors to customers? Long keywords

According to statistics from Wordstream, the average conversion rate of one-word keyword landing pages is 11.45%. This is up to 36% for landing pages built with a focus on long keywords!

This helps us to consider a suitable strategy for SEO and content production and to choose the target phrase according to the identity of each page.

For example, when a user searches for the phrase “buy a train ticket back and forth from Tehran to Mashhad” on Google, he or she is more interested in getting a ticket for his or her trip, rather than gathering information about how to buy a train ticket.

Targeting keywords is long, easy, cheap and valuable.

Now compare this method to spending on click-through ads on a keyword (such as a train ticket). Which method do you think is best for you? It goes without saying that Google click ads can have a positive effect on your SEO when you have optimized your site well for long keywords.

The key to your success is to make the most of long keywords and at the same time not overlook other optimizations.


3- Multi-word keywords help you get a place in one-word keywords

As you know, if you want to win the game in chess, you have to dazzle your opponent, but before that, you have to remove the important pieces of your opponent from the field and worship him. If you can beat your opponent several times and in different situations, you will finally succeed in blurring him.

In the world of SEO, if you want to impress your competitors; That is, to get a good position in the most important and most searched phrases, you must first have a good rank in various and long phrases. It will be much easier to get a place in the main phrases when you succeed in several long and marginal phrases.


Examine a real example of the impact of long keywords

What you said in this article may not be enough to tell you the value of long keywords and their impact on SEO. In this section, we will review a real example to have a better understanding of this technique.

Imagine that we are going to write an article aiming at the phrase “Where to travel in the winter of Iran”. In the first step, we will probably try to check the potential search with tools such as kwfinder and Keyword Planner. The image below shows the average monthly search statistics for this keyword in the keyword planner tool.

The suggested number through this tool is 10 searches per month, which again shows that it will not be worth investing in and producing content. In order to have a real and investigable case, we did not pay attention to these numbers and prepared our article with the view that its content can be valuable for people. After gaining a place in this phrase and passing a month, we observed accurate and, of course, different statistics from the initial surveys. Before any explanation, we suggest you pay attention to the image below.

If your position is fixed in a phrase on the first page of Google, the statistics provided by the search console tool are quite accurate and practical. This tool shows that the same long and seemingly insignificant phrase has been searched nearly 1000 times in a period of 28 days and has gained 366 visitors to our site.

Long keywords are usually less competitive because many sites ignore them because of reports received from online tools.

It is difficult to identify long keywords that are valuable, we usually get these phrases by reviewing the statistics provided in the Performance tool and we do careful planning for them. How to use this tool and some examples of applied analysis using it are presented in the Console Search Training Workshop at SEO teaching Academy.


The final decision is with you!

If you remember, at the beginning of the article, we likened long keywords to gold mines hidden under your site. Now, if you want to use the potential of this valuable treasure for your SEO site, you should take the time to find long and multi-keyword keywords related to your business and use them in the article and various pages of your site.

Finally, we want to summarize everything you read in this article in a valuable sentence and tell you:

With the tight competition that currently exists in the SEO world, instead of focusing on short and competitive keywords, it is better to use longer keywords in your SEO site.

In fact, you can only win a war if you injure all parts of a SEO dragon’s body (from head to toe).


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