Content is king? Decisive content changes in the future of SEO

In this article, we want to talk about the future of content, away from any clichés about the importance of content, and show you the tools you need to strengthen that kingdom.

If we want to count the number of articles and posts on social networks that are about the “content kingdom”, it is certainly more than all the sites that exist on the Internet!

This means that if we want to tell you again with 10 convincing reasons that content is king, we may get bored and you will be upset by everything that is content!

However, there is a new topic that needs much discussion about the future of content. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Since the future is never exactly known, we set to work and wanted to give you a few clues, away from any stereotypes:

  1. Is content still king next year?
  2. What will the content kingdom change in the future?
  3. How can we prepare ourselves for these changes?


Content is King Bill Gates, the beginning of a revolution that has no end!

You might think that every kingdom will eventually fall one day and be replaced by another, but the kingdom of content is completely different. When we say content is king, we do not mean that content has been chosen as king, but the realm of the Internet with content makes sense.

Complicated? Let us give an example.

Going back to the time when Bill Gates first made this revolutionary statement, by the time it was around 1998, most people were just consuming content because they had no means or tools to produce content.

But in those years, social networks gradually opened the way to people’s lives. As a result, users were able to generate content on social media for the first time.


Turn on the engine of content production by social networks

Social networks were evolving at the speed of light, and each change and update provides users with the opportunity to produce content in a more creative way. So we can conclude that wherever there are social networks, content always reigns!

With a glance at the state of social networks in the future, we can predict that social networks are constantly evolving. Result? Content will always be king!

In addition, social networks have an impact not only on the content, but also on SEO, so that in the future, social signals can increase your SEO success rate.


A logical reason for content to survive until the end of time

To understand the importance of content, let’s make a comparison between two types of digital marketing:

Types of paid advertising methods: In this marketing method, our main goal is to sell products or increase the level of brand awareness. So to do this, we go to the customer with different methods (such as advertising) and introduce our product or service.
Generate quality content for users: In this type of marketing, what matters is the customer needs. Therefore, we try to resolve the ambiguities and needs of the user one by one with a deep knowledge of the audience. Result? The customer comes to us.
What is our logical reason for content to survive until the end of time?

That marketing and SEO principles in article writing are only for the users themselves and by doing it right, a relationship is formed between the business and the audience. A relationship, if it continues, leads to trust, and trust is a wonderful potion for sale.


A look at content production in the future, what are content changes like?

So far we have told you that due to the existence of social networks, content always comes first. But one thing you should pay close attention to is the content changes. In other words, we want to know what kind of content will get good feedback in the future? What better content can engage users? What kind of content can help our business?


In the next section, we will give you a clue about the future of SEO and content.


Content is king? A version to start producing content

Let’s take a few steps back.

What do we need to do to start producing content?

Ask this question of any expert, the answers are usually similar:

First of all, you need to have a “content strategy” for yourself.
But the content production process has another stage that is hidden from the view of many content writers and business executives.

This stage, which we call stage zero, is the power of storytelling in business.


Storytelling in content production is not always related to the story!

The first thing that comes to mind after seeing the phrase “storytelling in content production” is that we have to define a story in our content!

A story in which a character is doing a challenge and you can solve that challenge with your business.

The fact is that this type of storytelling does not work for every type of business.

Suppose we have a site for selling cars in cash. Now, according to the audience of this type of site, using a story with high elements can be fruitful?

In fact, the story means that we have a reason for our content.


Storytelling in content means having an irrational reason!

Suppose you enter an intense mobile phone shop that has two sections in total, and each section sells mobile phones with different brands. By looking at the advertising methods of these two types of mobile phones, you can see the difference between them. what difference?

  • Mobile x: only talks about the amazing specifications and features of mobile. In this method, only effective numbers, statistics and words are used to engage the customer.
  • Mobile y: is telling a story about how much impact this mobile has had on the lives of its customers.


Now let’s compare these two methods.

  • Mobile One uses a logical method (numbers) to advertise.
  • The second mobile uses the emotional method (impact on human life) to advertise.

Now it’s your turn to guess which method leads to more sales?

We scrutinized the answer in the next section.


Engage the audience’s emotions, the kingdom of content in the future

The conflict between logic and emotion has always been one of the most fascinating challenges for psychologists. But this controversy in the advertising industry has always had the same result:

Engaging the audience’s emotions always comes first!
It is interesting to know that this issue is closely related to Simon Sink’s golden circle. In this circle, we can do 3 things for each product we want to sell:

1: Focus on the product itself

2: Focus on how the product is

3: Focus on the product why

According to Simon Sink, Method 3 always has better feedback and in most cases leads to sales. To illustrate this, Simon cites Apple’s marketing approach, saying that the reason Apple products are so attractive is that when Apple introduces its products, it tells an emotional story about the impact of the product on customers’ personal lives.


5 valuable tips for producing content that is not just content!

1- Put yourself in the user’s shoes
Think about what the user is looking for. What details of the results does he intend? This method is one of the best methods you can use to optimize the content of the pages, why? Because most of your competitors probably will not do this and you can surpass them with technique.

2- Answer the main question of the user in the best way
Your priority at this stage should simply be to provide a comprehensive and credible answer to the user’s initial question. If you can answer the same basic question well, this page will look right.

3- Pay attention to users’ sub-questions on the same topic
Use all possible methods such as your site tools, content, links and media to answer user questions. Do not allow the user to return to the Google page and search for other related questions.

4. Use content why in your content
When writing content, be sure to point out that your goal in producing content is only to meet the needs of the audience, and then prove this goal to them by producing quality content.

5. Do not forget the elements that involve emotions
If you can produce your content in a way that motivates the user, the winner is with you. This will engage her emotions and you will gain her trust by creating a deep relationship based on emotions. You know for a fact that no deal is worthwhile unless both parties trust each other.

Now that you are well acquainted with the throne of content and realize that the future is irreversible from that content, it is time for you to share in that future. Webcam Academy Content Production Workshop shows you all the way you need to meet the needs of your audience.

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