What is a Content Farm? Unexpected return of the Black Hat King!

Just when we thought black hat SEO techniques had been removed from the scene, we found a content farm that defined us from zero to one hundred black hats!


Why should we produce content when we can copy the content of other sites on our site and then rank with it on Google?

This sentence was once the famous sentence of SEOs! Yes, in the old days, many sites would step in and steal content from other sites instead of bothering to produce quality content themselves. It so happened that a technique called the content farm was born and gradually became popular.

But can anyone who copies content from other sites be a content farmer?


What is a Farm Content?

Looking at the name (Content Farm), you may think that this farm must be full of lush and fertile agricultural lands. But to be honest, this farm is not an ordinary farm! Incidentally, you can find all the quality and disposable content in this farm. Now let’s take a more technical look at this farm.

Content farm sites are sites that produce poor quality (and sometimes duplicate) content for the sole purpose of obtaining input from Google search results. The poor quality of this content is due to the fact that either the authors of these sites do not care about the value of the content, or the content is copied from other sites. Those who use this technique are called content farmers.

Fortunately, since the introduction of the Google Panda algorithm, there has been no content farm, as the algorithm imposes heavy fines on low-content sites and few people think of having a content farm.


How to identify a content farm?

Unlike spam sites, finding content farms is not easy. Why? Because the articles of these sites in some cases can contain useful and valuable information that has been removed from other sites. This content is called duplicate content. If you want to know more about this type of content, we suggest you read the article What is duplicate content by Websima Academy.

Now we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. A simple solution is to do a Google search for the content and see if other sites have similar content. If you repeat this in a few articles and see that this is still the case, you can be sure that you are dealing with a content farm.


Are Content Farms Spam?

If we want to examine these farms from the perspective of Google, we must say that this type of content, due to the high quantity and low quality, is against the rules of Google Webmaster. Some of these sites can use SEO hat techniques
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Use black like duplicate content, article spin or keyword bombing.

But from the point of view of SEOs who use black hat techniques, this is just a tool to get input from Google. But the point is that Google algorithms
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They are now so smart that they can identify other content farms very quickly. When you can find out with a search whether this site is a farm or not, it is definitely like drinking water for Google!


What is the difference between a Content Farm and a Link Farm?

One of the questions that may arise for anyone is whether all content farms can be considered Link Farm?

Link farm refers to sites that link to a large number of neighboring sites and receive links from the same sites. But the purpose of a content farm is not to exchange links. Rather, the goal is only for farms to be able to see high content in Google search results and receive inbound traffic. After this entry, there are all kinds of click and paid ads on these sites that are waiting for users like bait.

So we can say that the content farm and the link farm have the same goal (improving the ranking in Google), but to achieve this goal, they use different tools.


Be aware of ad reporting on content farms!

Advertising is one of the most well-known ways to improve your SEO rankings. Of course, this method only works if you do it according to principles and planning. One of the things to keep in mind when reporting an ad is that the site you are reporting on is not a content farm.

Note that one of the signs that Content Farm is copying content. This means that if the content is on multiple sites, Google will no longer look at it, but an ad report can only be effective if you use sites with high domain credibility. To do this, you can use the site authority domain check tools before reporting and make sure that the host site does not have a high spam score. High domain credibility, low spam score and thematic relevance close to your site can ease your mind from reporting ads.

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