What is a Branded Keyword? How should we use it?

One of the black hat SEO methods is to use the brand name in internal links. In this article we will learn how to use it safely.

Many SEO experts believe that if a large number of users search for our brand name along with a keyword in Google, the chances of increasing the credibility and position of our site in that keyword will increase.

In this article, we want to question this hypothesis to find out whether it is right or wrong. First of all, let’s see what branding in SEO means, what types it has and how we can use it in the best way.


What is a branded keyword?

The phrase “SEO training” is a keyword, but “SEO training” is a branded keyword. When we use our brand name as an inline text, Google notices the semantic connection between the keyword (which defines the scope of activity) and the brand of your business.

Now if your site is well optimized according to Google guidelines, Google is more likely to show your brand to users with a keyword phrase.

For example, one of the most searched terms on Seo Teaching is “Seo Teaching SEO”. This term is called a brand keyword. With the exclusive activity of seo teaching and Seo Teaching Academy in the field of SEO, in the long run, Google has realized the field of activity of our site and offers it to users in Google.


Why not use too much branding in links?

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind after hearing this talk is:

“Well, now that I can show my site name to search engines, I’m using it right now.”
It is necessary to know that in this method, like all SEO optimization methods, we need to maintain balance. This means that if we want to decorate all links, both internal and external, of our site with the brand name, we are doomed to failure. In fact, it should be done in such a way that users subconsciously search for our brand name with a keyword, not by letting Google know through internal links that the two are related.

In the next section, we will refer to situations where you can use the brand keyword.


Anchor texts that we use in reports

One of the things we see most in ad reporting is keywords with the brand name. In fact, many sites think that by using more of their brand name in inline texts, their SEO will experience an improvement. But it is necessary to point out a very important point that is hidden from the view of many sites.

The sites we choose to advertise usually have a high authority domain, and if we use this technique too much (Branded Keyword), Google will notice our wrong approach faster and the possibility of penalties will be very high. Therefore, we recommend that you pay as much attention as possible when choosing the report text encryption.


Branded Keyword in Social Signals

Acting on social media and getting social signals is one way to get more credit from Google. Of course, in the article Do social networks have an impact on SEO?
We talked about this in general, but if social media activity is part of your website business, you can use your brand name in external links. In this case, as in ad reporting, avoid over-optimization.

Conclusion: Branding in SEO only works when you use your brand name in the right place and at the right time



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