What is the effect of Above the fold in SEO? Why not just skip it?

The location of the content has a great impact on Google’s user experience and understanding of the topic of the page. In this article, you will learn about the miracles of Above the Fold.

Statistics show that about 64% of Internet users leave a page immediately after entering it!

Of course, this percentage is calculated by considering the best content conditions and appearance of the site. The story becomes more interesting when you know that a large percentage of these 64% leave the site due to inappropriate content or Above the Fold.

In this article, we tried to make sure that you are not among these 64%. How’re you?

First of all, we talked about the concept and roots of the content at the top of the page
Then we found some examples of appropriate and inappropriate content at the top of the page from Iranian sites so that you can understand the ins and outs of this important concept.
Finally, we talked about its impact on SEO and told you how you can create the best user experience for the user by following the principles of appearance and content at the top of the page.


What does Above the fold content mean?

In the world of SEO and site design, above the fold is the first part of the page that the user sees without the need to scroll. It does not matter if you log in to a site in the mobile version or on the desktop, the first part is called ATF.


Finding the root of the name Above the Fold (an interesting story you did not expect!)

You might think that most of the concepts in SEO are rooted in technical issues. You must be very surprised if we tell you that above the fold has no technical roots and has entered SEO from the journalism industry!

How’re you? If you look closely at the newspapers in front of the newsstands, you will notice that they are all folded in half so that only the top is visible. In journalism, this part is called Above the Fold (its Persian equivalent is the part above the folded part). You must know that the most important words, news and pictures are always placed in this part of the newspaper so that it can encourage the user to see and buy the newspaper.

So as you may have guessed, the most important part of a newspaper is the folded top of its front page; In the same way that the most effective part of a site is the ATF of the site. (From now on, we will use ATF instead of Above the fold so that we do not get caught in Keyword Stuffing!)


Some examples of good and bad content at the top of the page (Iranian sites)

Now that you understand what the content at the top of the page is and where it came from, it’s time to analyze the popular Iranian sites in this regard to see exactly what good and bad mean in this sense.

Since the advent of the First Index algorithm
, The importance of mobile version of sites became more. For this reason, in this comparison, we will give an example of the content at the top of the sites in the desktop version and one for the mobile version.


What is the impact of top page content on SEO?

The information that is displayed to the user on the first display is very important to Google. Because when the user does not understand the subject of the page and its content at first glance, Google can not have a correct understanding of the content of the page at first glance. This confuses Google bots and this can blow up your SEO!

For example, if there is no h1 tag at the top of the page, it is not clear what the page is about. This confusion causes the user to not be attracted to stay on the page and prefer to run away.
On the other hand, the factor that Google has always adhered to is page loading speed. When we talk about loading speed, most of the time we are talking about the loading speed of First Contentful content. The faster the content of this section loads, the better your site’s ATF will be. Otherwise, you need to set aside enough time and energy to analyze the upper parts of your site in both mobile and desktop versions.

So we can say that the importance of ATF is generally divided into two parts:

  1. In terms of user experience: When the first part of the page does not have important, attractive and required information of the user, the probability of staying on the page decreases. Conversely, if the information is in a way that the user feels the need for it, it has a direct impact on improving the user experience and an indirect effect on the SEO of that site.
  2. In terms of Google and SEO: In terms of Google algorithms, the top of the page has a lot of weight and value in SEO. For example, the page menu, the H1 tag, and the intro section of each page specify what the page is about.


What does content optimization include?

Once you understand that ATF, despite being overlooked, has a huge impact on your site ranking, it’s time to take action. Here we want to tell you the tips that you should use to make sure the content at the top of the site.


1. Check the top of the important pages of your site again (in terms of SEO)

The most important and valuable part of any site are the links in the head menu. This section is because it is repeated on all pages and is located at the top of the page (of course, in the mobile version, the header menu can be hamburged and hidden, but still the links are important to the desktop)

One of the most common mistakes in the menu is to put unnecessary and unnecessary pages in it. For example, social networks, about us and contact us are pages that the user does not need much and only occasionally refers to it. Remember that if the valueless links in your menu increase, the weight and Link Juice of your links will decrease


2. Does ATF make the important pages of your site attractive to the user?

As much as we want to emphasize the SEO at the top of the page, we still can not ignore the decisive role of the design of the site. Humans are physiologically attracted to beautiful and different things, and if you can make an impact on your site (First Impression), Internet users will fall in love with you and your site. This will increase the duration of the user’s presence on the page, and this means a win-win game! (Both user and Google)


3. Use user experience analysis tools

If you performed the previous 2 steps and you want to make sure what the content of your site Above the fold is in, you can use various services and Google in the field of user experience. The most important of these tools is Google Lighthouse, which is able to conduct detailed reviews of elements, content and load speed of First Contentful in high detail. We recommend that you read the Google Lighthouse article before using this tool.



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