What is nofollow link and its impact on SEO?

In this article, we will talk about what NoFollow links are and what they mean. .


What is a follow and nofollow link and the difference between these two follow and nofollow backlinks

In the process of link building and link building, when you create a link, either a link is created naturally for your site, or it is inserted in the form of a follow link or a nofollow link. Sit down firmly, we will say very interesting things about these backlinks in the following 🙂

To better understand the effect of Nofollow backlinks and follow backlinks, we design a simple scenario, in which scenario F comes from the word Follow and N comes from the word NoFollow.

Suppose site F links to another site called X as a follower, and site N links to the same site X as a follower. From this scenario, we infer that Site F has endorsed Site X and given it some credentials (this does not mean that C is less credible than Site F). Site N links to Site X and introduces it, but does not endorse it, leaving it to search engines. Nofollow links do not mean that they are illegal from Google, in fact Nofollow link means that it tells Google not to follow this link, but is it really so? Doesn’t Google follow Nofollow links? Now that you understand the difference between these two links, we will talk about a very interesting explanation about the effects of the Nofollow link. Be sure to read the rest of the article.


Follow code structure in link tag (tag a)

The structure of follow links or follow codes is as follows and all three links below are no different.

What is the dofollow question? dofollow in links only indicates that a backlink is follow:

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com” >Title link</a>

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com” rel=”dofollow” > Title link </a>

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com” rel=”follow” > Title link </a>


Nofollow code structure in link tag (tag a)

The structure of nouveau riche links or nouveau riche codes is as follows:

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com” rel=”nofollow”> Title link </a>

If you have noticed, the difference between a follow link and a nouveau riche is only in the value of the rel attribute (it is called a relay, although this relay is slightly different from the relay played on social networks, although they have a root), this difference can only be seen in code. And in appearance it is not clear, for this purpose it is enough to right-click on the link you want and select the inspect option in the Chrome browser and the inspect element option in Mozilla Firefox, and in the HTML section if you see rel equal to nofollow in order for the link to be nofollow Is otherwise the link of your choice is a follower.

There is another way, to find all nofollow links, you can right-click on the page and select the view source option (Ctrl + U), then use the browser search tool and press Ctrl + F to type nofollow So that the browser shows us both the number and location of the link.

You can use the Nofollow Tool to enter a page URL to display Nofollow links.


Internal linking with follow links

When you want to give links to the rest of the site content in the heart of the text, it is recommended to use follow links to tell the robots to follow these pages and divide the page link rank between the links (internal pages), internal links Do not try to follow the site because it will have a negative effect on the internal SEO of your site and on the other hand do not try to create too many internal links because each link is followed only once in Google and if you link a page hundreds of times. Definitely a positive effect that will not have a negative impact as well. By reading the article on internal link building, you will learn 10 interesting points about this.


Linking to outside the site

When creating links outside the site, it is better that the links created are in the form of Nofollow (the word is better used and we did not say that all external links on your site must be Nofollow), because by doing so, you are telling the bots that the link is serious. Do not take or in other words say I do not confirm the authenticity of the linked site and leave this matter to the Google robot. Try to link to other reputable sites so that your content gets more credibility. Whether this link is nofollow or not depends on your site and policies, but giving follow links to reputable sites and even some sites that are seemingly appropriate is something of It does not diminish the credibility of your site.

When we link to each other the result will be as follows, we will grow faster and more powerfully. Now let’s look at a series of very important points about follow and nofollow links.

  • Does a foreign follow link reduce credibility?

Sometimes friends think that linking to a site will reduce their credibility, which is not the case. If you link to the right sites in a principled way, your credit will not be reduced and it will not have a negative effect on you, because if that were the case, no site would link to other sites, unless the number of outbound links that are not related to the topic of the page is more than Be the limit. You should note that each page has a validity, so if a link is created on that page, that link also has a certain validity, and if the number of links increases, the validity of the link is divided by the number of outbound links and has nothing to do with the validity of the page. The more you have, the lower the value of each of your outbound links, which is why we say do not provide links on pages with a large number of outbound links, and get links from pages with fewer outbound links. As a result, linking to the right sites will not only reduce the credibility of your pages, but may also increase the credibility of your pages by linking to reputable and related sites. Therefore, we do not equate the validity of the page with the validity of the link of that page.

  • Is the link to the unknown site Nofollow or follow?

If you are planning to link to a site that you do not know has a good reputation or not, it is better to have Nofollow. You may have used a site when creating content and wanted to link to the source site due to copyright and ethics, but you do not know what that site has to do with Google and whether the link will be useful to your site or not, so You can use the Nofollow link and introduce this site to Google, but do not approve it and leave it to the Google search engine. Of course, Bing and Yahoo can have a relatively similar reaction.

  • Is the link to a reputable Nofollow or follow site?

If the site has proven credibility both among users and among search engines, there is no reason not to link to that site in the form of a follower, and on the other hand, it may double the credibility of your site, do not be stingy in linking. Link if necessary, but in a principled way. Remember the clip above.

  • Are the comments links on the site Nofollow or Follow?

One of the things that can cause a page or domain to lose credibility altogether is the irrelevant link building in the comments. Most of the people who are linking in the comments section of the site are start-ups with a site without a fixed reputation, many of which They will leave their business in the near future and their site may be redirected or deleted and a 404 error is inserted which is not good for your SEO and as we mentioned in the Gtmetrix training course Avoid landing page redirects post better than the link Avoid giving pages that are redirected, because if the number of your outbound links is too large, it will cause the Google Penguin algorithm to identify your site as a link seller. In this case, your site will be spammed, so remove the url field from the comments section or nofollow external links, although in standard CMS templates such as WordPress, these links are nofollow in the comments.

  • Is the ad link of our site Nofollow or Follow?

If you need a lot of outbound links in your ads, it is better to give them nofollow so as not to include Google fines.

  • Link to social networks Nofollow or follow?

Sometimes people think that linking to social networks in the form of a follow-up causes a problem in the credibility of that page, but this is not the case. Linking to social networks is not only not a problem in SEO but it is also a very useful work and such a thing will not reduce the score of your page. Don’t be stingy 🙂

  • What can we do to prevent spam sites from linking?

Preventing the impact of spam sites is one of the most important actions performed by the Nofollow link. As mentioned above, there may be inappropriate links and spam in the comments section of your site, or you may have linked a spam site in part of your text or pages, in which case it is better to use the Nofollow code or the Nofollow link. Reduce the negative impact of these types of malicious sites, as one of the reasons Google can penalize your site could be to make your site a field of spam links.

  • What can we do to prevent duplicate content on the site?

You may want to link to content that has two URLs, in which case if you use the follow code, Google will consider duplicate content for you, so it is best to insert one of the links using the follow code to The search engine will only look for a link, duplicate content can also be one of the reasons why the site is penalized in Google.


The impact of Nofollow link on SEO

  1. In the above questions, we talked more or less about the importance and impact of backlinks and nouveau riche links, and said that to prevent duplicate content, spam sites, unknown sites, link sites, comments and ads can be used to reduce the risk of negative impact on SEO. Give. It was about avoiding negative effects, now we are going to talk a little bit about the positive effects of Nofollow backlinks.
  2. Many webmasters and activists believe that only follow links will increase rankings in Google, while this belief is wrong and we intend to challenge this misconception. It shows the link of Nofollow, which I also want to talk about in other words and in a little more detail.
  3. Just having your follow links may be a reason for the site to be penalized. Is it possible to receive only follow links from reputable sites? Can reputable sites give follow links only to you and others? Therefore, having a Nofollow link shows that the links are normal. Sometimes it is better to have a few nofollow backlinks to your pages so that Google accepts that your site links are normal. Although you are not normal, at least look natural.
  4. You may think that your efforts to exchange links and build link building in the form of nofollow nofollow will not be successful and will not improve your SEO. However, do not miss the opportunity to place your link on a site with the code nofollow with appropriate visits and popularity. For example, placing a link to your site in a high-traffic forum related to your work with a nofollow link may be a good visit for you, which is not less valuable than a follow link. Can such opportunities be missed because the link is nouveau riche?
  5. Most other backlinks are in the form of nouveau riche, sites and forums use ready-made code or free and popular CMS, or a site that is written specifically to codify and design the site so that the output of external links is nouveau riche, even Some forums have gone beyond this and only members can see the links in the text. So we conclude that most links are nouveau riche by default. Now do you think that while over 70% of the links are nouveau riche, Google is ignoring them?
  6. The gradual gain of links has accelerated since 6 years ago, and with the expansion of this type of links, the follow links have become much less, and now Google now has to examine and influence the no follow links, how it wants to rank while everyone is trying to If they do not follow the link themselves, how can it ignore the mass of links and not make an impact?
  7. Many webmasters do not know what the difference is between a nofollow link and a follower link, and only use CMSs that default on all outbound links, and if the webmaster wants to link to a useful site or a spam site, both subconsciously have both. They receive the same value from this site and are linked as Nofollow. Doesn’t Google know this?
  8. Many people are well aware of the difference between a follow link and a nouveau riche, but due to their policies and the necessary reasons, they are reluctant to link to any site in the form of a follower, and may not like burning other sites at all. Should I be another site?
  9. As we have said, many popular and powerful sites that have very strong forums have external links that are Nofollow by default, such as the popular stackoverflow or webmasterworld forums where many useful sites are introduced and even the supervisors of such large sites monitor the links. To evaluate the quality and usefulness of the links. Now, after passing a useful link from these existing filters, Google does not care because it is Nofollow? A link that is natural and has no value in Google because it is useful in the community?
  10. As we said before, if all your backlinks are followers, it is abnormal and Google will notice. According to the above description, is it possible to have only a follow link? Know that they are nouveau riche backlinks that give meaning and credibility to all your follower backlinks and show them naturally, and their absence will have a negative effect on the follower link.

Google is getting smarter every day, and this intelligence does not depend on the characteristic of the link being a follower or a newcomer. And hundreds more decide on their own. As a result, Google does not act irrationally and does not consider it merely merely following a link and merely following it.

You can read more about Google in this article about using rel = “nofollow”. Matt Cutts’s description of Nofollow links and answers to user questions:


A few additional points about the nofollow link

  • What is the difference between a nofollow link and a nofollow metatag?

Apart from the structure of the two, the nofollow metatag is significantly different from the nofollow link when we use the following metatag on the page.

<meta name = ”robots” content = ”nofollow”>

It tells the search engine robot not to follow any internal or external links, as if we have used the nofollow attribute in each link. Therefore, once the metatag is used to nofollow all links, while if we do not want to use this method, we must use the nofollow attribute for each link that we want to be nofollow. For more information about this meta tag, read the comprehensive article on the robots meta tag.

  • Nofollow WordPress output link with plugin

To Nofollow all outbound links on the WordPress site, the Nofollow For External Link plugin is available in the WordPress repository, you can download this plugin on this page and after installing all your links have the attribute rel = “nofollow” and also target = “_ blank”.

  • Nofollow the output link in WordPress with code

You can also use code to nofollow the output links of your posts in WordPress. By adding the following code to the function file (Function.php) of your template, the output links on your site will automatically have rel = “nofollow”. It is recommended to use the plugin as much as possible to increase the speed of the site and be less optimized.
Add the following code to the Function.php file of your WordPress template:

add_filter('the_content', 'my_nofollow');
	add_filter('the_excerpt', 'my_nofollow');
	function my_nofollow($content) {
		return preg_replace_callback('/<a[^>]+/', 'my_nofollow_callback', $content);
	function my_nofollow_callback($matches) {
		$link = $matches[0];
		$site_link = get_bloginfo('url');
		if (strpos($link, 'rel') === false) {
			$link = preg_replace("%(href=\S(?!$site_link))%i", 'rel="nofollow" $1', $link);
		} elseif (preg_match("%href=\S(?!$site_link)%i", $link)) {
			$link = preg_replace('/rel=\S(?!nofollow)\S*/i', 'rel="nofollow"', $link);
		return $link;

Create Nofollow links for selected links in WordPress

Maybe you just want to follow some of the links, TinyMCE Advanced WordPress plugin is one of the most popular plugins that most WordPress sites have installed, one of the great features of this plugin that most webmasters are unaware of Alternative Link That is, after installing the mentioned plugin, go to its settings section, in the Options section, check the Alternative Link Dialog option, after saving the settings, go to the posts section and select the text to which you want to attach a link with your mouse pointer. Then click on the chain icon with the name / edit link to open the Insert link box and in the Rel section you can select the Nofollow option. (Tip 4 is taken from the wpplus site. To read more details about this plugin, refer to this article)

Google’s description can also be useful for you, if you are looking for a complete SEO training, do not miss the articles of SEO teaching site.

What do you think about the Nofollow link? If you also have experience about the effectiveness and efficiency of Nofollow and Follow Link backlinks, we would be happy to share them in the comments!

Do you really know what outbound link and inbound link mean?

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