What is a Content Foundation article on yoast SEO?

Cornerstone Content has different meanings in Persian, but in Yoast SEO plugin it is translated as “Content Foundation Article”. Content Foundation refers to the articles that are considered the most proud content for your site. And those articles reflect your business and purpose and are very well written. These are the articles you want to rank higher in search engines. “Basic articles” or “content foundation articles” are usually clear and obvious; These articles are a combination of concepts from different blog posts.


What is Cornerstone Content in SEO?

It can be said that every content foundation article is a type of landing page, but every landing page article can not be content. If you want to know more and more interesting information about landing page with various examples about landing page, do not miss the article What is landing page.

In this article, I will explain all about “basic articles”. I will tell you what “basic content” is, why it is important for SEO, how this type of content is written and how to link from your posts to your “basic content”. Of course, the content production team is also very important in this direction. How and according to what principles content production should play an important role, the content foundation article should be optimized, it should have a good structure, it should be user-friendly and it should be relevant to your business. We will talk more later.


Which articles are “basic articles” for me?

Carefully select your main articles. Think of 4 or 5 pages of your site that if someone enters your site for the first time, they will want to read those pages. These articles should be selected as the main articles on your site. Which posts are the most valuable articles for you? Which posts are the most complete and valuable articles? You need to write your core articles based on the keywords in which you want to rank Google.

Now the Yoast SEO plugin asks you to specify whether or not an article is a basic article, by specifying an article as a basic article; Yoast SEO plugin helps you build a strong internal link structure.

If your website is large, select more articles than when you had a smaller website. You may be writing about different topics on your site, so identify a basic article in each topic category.


Why are basic articles suitable for SEO?

Fundamental content plays an important role in SEO strategies. It is difficult to rank articles based on a number of popular and popular search terms and corrections. This method (basic articles) helps you to cope with the competition between words and terms. If you have posted several articles on a similar topic on your blog; You need to tell Google which of these articles is more valuable and important. In other words, you are competing with your articles for better search rankings. If you have a good internal link structure between your posts, you can tell Google which article is most valuable.

Cornerstone Content Structure Linking

Basic articles should appear very high in your site pyramid. Ideally, you should be able to go to the article page with one click from the main page. You must link to a specific article from all articles related to a topic. You should base the body of your new articles on other aspects of your original article and subsequently link to your original article from these articles. Such an internal linking structure increases the chances of your core article being ranked in Google. Although the discussion of internal link structure is very broad, for this reason, in a separate article entitled Internal linking, we have discussed 10 different tricks, explaining internal linking and how to create internal links in a principled way.


Internal link building in Yoast SEO plugin

In Yoast SEO plugin (paid version), internal link capability is provided. Your written text is reviewed and parsed and the relevant articles are highlighted from the keywords of the text. Specifies the articles that should be linked together. Basic articles are more important and receive a higher value than other articles, so based on a set of values, original articles are placed at the top of the list of submitted articles. This gives you easy access to the link to the original article.


Content type of main pages

Cornerstone Content must always contain pages. It can contain a blog post and it can also include one of the other pages. Its contents should be updated regularly. The basic article should be clear and concise and contain useful information. Your main articles should improve ranking in order to rank for competing keywords.

Basic articles are usually not very long. Use some writing skills in it. Longer articles are less likely to be read to the end, especially if read on a monitor. Make sure you use the titles correctly in the article. Putting a good list at the beginning of long articles is the best idea, like most articles on the seo teaching site, with a list of the first titles at the beginning of the article.


5 practical steps towards a fundamental article

Ideally, you should do extensive research on your keywords. Then you can write a really great, detailed, useful and beautiful article. Follow these five steps to become a professional in basic articles:

Step # 1- Discovering Your Keywords
You need to specify the keywords on which you want to rank. The content of your main article should be optimized both for the title of the article and for the keywords that are competing. Make sure you do the right keyword research.

Step 2: Choose the best post
Posts that are important in terms of keywords and optimized text. Which post do you think is best for you? The same post can be your key post.

Step 3: Rewrite the article
Rewrite the original article. Check the SEO structure. Expand and make sure the article is fully up to date. You need to rewrite and expand this article regularly and keep it up to date.

Step 4: Optimize other posts and its sequence
Your other posts that are thematically similar to the original article should be optimized and act as reinforcements for the original article.

Step 5: Link from other articles to the main article
You need to tell Google that your new main article (the same article you selected for the main article after editing the previous steps) is relevant to your site. Do not forget to link to the original article from other articles (internal link building discussion).


Which article from my site should I choose as the main article?

It may be difficult for you to choose basic articles from the hundreds of articles you have on your site, especially the administrators of music and movie sites where most of the posts on these sites are of equal value. In this tutorial, we outlined 5 practical steps that a foundation or cornerstone article must go through.

So the first way is to find old articles and important new posts, based on the 5 factors mentioned above.

The second way to select Corner Stone articles is to use Google Search, as follows:

site: seo-teaching.com SEO

Put your domain instead of seo teaching site and also replace the keyword you want to rank with SEO, basically Google links that feel important based on internal and external SEO in higher rankings it shows.

The third way to select content foundation posts is to use statistic tools like Google Analytics, according to the statistics of this SEO tool, you can guess your landing page sites.
The fourth way to select basic articles is to use personal experience and knowledge as well as the level of knowledge of your site. Pages that you have selected as a landing page or landing page and the number of internal links to that post is more than other posts, can be a good option to check the content foundation article in the SEO plugin.


Yoast applications for basic content

Site structure is important for SEO. Having a strong structure on the site can help both search engines and visitors find what they are looking for without hassle by moving to your site. In order to help this, the Yoast plugin has tried to put many features to optimize your site and improve the structure of your site. But as it is obvious, this plugin is not a tool before and how to use this plugin is more important and just installing it will not have any effect on the SEO site.

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