What is backlinks and types of links

What is backlink and the introduction of different types of rels

What is a backlink and does it have an effect on SEO? What are the types of links? In this article, we intend to answer these questions. At the end of this article, you will learn the exact definition of backlinks as well as their types from SEO teaching.

What is a backlink?

A link that is given from one site to another is called a backlink, in other words, if site X links to site Y’s address in anchor text, site Y will receive a backlink from site X. And this action is also called link building or link building. Backlinks do not include internal linking, in other words, internal links are not called backlinks.

Backlinks are very important in SEO and SEO engineers are always trying to create more backlinks to improve the site ranking, but as you know, anything that goes too far in SEO will have a negative impact instead of a positive one. Link building or link building should be done in principle and if it is made in the form of spam and bulk links, it will be accompanied by heavy fines from Google because improper link building is one of the reasons for penalizing the site in Google.

There are different types of backlinks, but two of them are more famous than the other links. Nofollow link and Follow link. We mentioned it with the follow link, so we definitely suggest you to refer to the mentioned article for more information about these two types of links.

In the following, we will deal with the types of backlinks in terms of structure.


Types of links in terms of structure

The structure of a link is as follows, and in contrast the rel attribute can insert different values for different purposes. We will talk more about this later. These can be considered as part of technical SEO or technical SEO.

You may ask, what is a rel attribute? The rel in the following code is called a type of attribute, and now this attribute, which is rel, takes values after equal and inside “”, which we will talk more about the values inside rel.

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com «rel=”value”> Title link </a>

Alternate type link

This link is suitable for bilingual or multilingual sites, which means that this link goes to an address where you will see the same page in another language.

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com «rel=”alternate”> Title link </a>

Author type link

This type of link is used for authors, if you click on it, it will refer you to the author of that article.

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com «rel=”author”> Title link </a>

Bookmark link

This type of link is suitable for bookmarking because the link does not change and you can save the article link in your browser or bookmark it.

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com «rel=”bookmark”> Title link </a>

Help type link

Useful when you want to put a tutorial from one page to another. When you click on this link you will go to the tutorial or article usage guide.

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com” rel=”help”> Title link </a>

License type link

This means that this link will take you to the copyright page of the article.

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com «rel=”license”> Title link </a>

Next type link

This means that this link will take you to the next article.

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com «rel=”next”> Title link </a>

Prev link

This means that this link takes you to the previous article, as opposed to the next link.

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com” rel=”prev”> Title link </a>

Nofollow type link

It was in 2005 that Ram nofollow was introduced by Google. This type of link tells search engines not to follow the link and not to give credit to the destination site. (In the article of Nofalo link, we explained about the importance and use of these types of links, I suggest you read)

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com” rel=”nofollow”> Title link </a>

Follow or Dofollow link

The follow link is the opposite of nofollow links, if you do not use the rel attribute at all, search engines will consider it a follower by default, the value of Follow is not different from the value of Dofollow, and both have the same meaning. All three links below have the same meaning. (In the article Nofalo link, we explained about Falloo link and its difference with Nofalo link)

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com «> Title link </a>
<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com” rel=”Follow”> Title link </a>
<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com” rel=”Dofollow”> Title link </a>

Search links

Points to a link where you can search for articles.

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com «rel=”search”> Title link </a>

Tag type link

Basically, article tags are displayed to search engines with this type of link. These links represent a tag or keyword in this article.

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com” rel=”tag”> Title link </a>

Read more about links in the w3.org article.

Noreferrer noopener link

These types of attributes have become popular since the 4.7 version of WordPress was applied to links that are target = “blank” (ie when we click on that link we enter another tap). Basically, article tags are displayed to search engines with this type of link. These links represent a tag or keyword in this article.

The noopener role in window.opener helps with JavaScript information security, and the noreferrer increases security with the help of HTTP headers.

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com” target=”blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”> Title link </a>

Read more about links in the w3.org article.

Sponsored link

This attribute means rel = “sponsored” which was introduced in 2019, that is, exactly September 2017 by Google in this link. Sponsored means financial support and the purpose of this rel is to include it in links that have an advertising aspect. In fact, promotional links and links that are sponsored can be used rel = “sponsored”.

The Sponsored Roll indirectly addresses an important issue, and that is the greater importance of the Nofalo Roll. Read more about the importance of Nofollow backlinks.

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com” rel=”sponsored”> Title Sponsored </a>

UGC type link

Ugc stands for User Generated Content. The ugc roll, like the sponsor roll, was introduced by Google in 2019, that is, exactly in September 2009. The purpose of the attribute rel = “ugc” is on links whose content is created by users.

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com” rel=”ugc”> Title link </a>

Now that you know what a backlink is, you may want to ask:


Where to buy backlinks? How to prepare?

This part of the text you are reading is a summary of my 8 years of experience in this field. Okay:

Tip 1: I will be in your place if I am going to buy a backlink for the first time and I have not bought it yet, so I will not go to buy a backlink, unless I have a lot of time and come to study and spend time and money to learn or from a Get SEO advice or better yet, give an SEO expert to do the shopping work on the menus of my site.

Tip 2: The consulting mode I mentioned may not work very well because if SEO consulting wants to give you the best advice, it should almost have good information about your site SEO. I myself sometimes have a week to give advice for researching a site. Naturally, this inevitably increases the cost of counseling. But consultations that are one hour long and the consultant does not have any information from your site before giving advice, it can be said that the conversations are general and in my personal opinion, the advice is non-practical because it does not achieve the main goal we intend.

Tip three: I do not know if you can find the answer to the question “I want to buy backlinks for my site, how and where to buy” on the web. Let them talk about backlinks, I myself have been planning to write a series of comprehensive articles about backlinks for years, but unfortunately I could not.

Tip 4: Suppose you found a good and complete source at all, did you think a bit that how the person who wrote these sources can keep 100 backlink articles updated? Right now in SEO teaching, 300 articles that are updated by 8 people take almost a year and a half. On the other hand, suppose there is an update at all (assuming it is not possible, of course). Do you know that backlinks and making external links are like playing with a knife? And can you seriously damage your site with this knife? Also, to build basic backlinks for your site, you need to find a specific path. In fact, for each site, you need to build a backlinks path, like a strategy that I have never seen before, we put together a kind of strategy in two different businesses.

Tip 5: Many friends do not pay attention to internal SEO at all and self-medicate or self-indulgence as we say, many friends need to contact us and need an external link, although we do not have such services and are dedicated exclusively to link building sites. We do not and we only make links in 0 to 100 projects, but when we checked, we saw that the site does not need links at all and the internal SEO of that site has so many problems that there is no need to go to link building yet.

The above is my personal opinion, that is, Pouria Ariafar, and it may be wrong, but I said these opinions honestly. However, I always get advice from things I do not know, I myself when I buy a car or property or even participate in the stock market because I do not have enough expertise and I get help from consultants, and thank God he always answered.


Finish and additional tips

1) Note that we talked about the types of links, ie the a tag in HTML, although some of these features can be seen in the link tag, which is also in the header.

2) On the other hand, some attributes can be used together in a link, for example:

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com” rel=”nofollow sponsored </b>> Title Sponsored </a>

Or for example

<a href=”https://seo-teaching.com” rel=”nofollow ugc”> Title Sponsored </a>

3) Google algorithms attach great importance to these attributes. So use in the right place. If you are unfamiliar with SEO topics, seek help from an SEO expert who is at least relatively familiar with your business.

Now you need to know what backlinks are and what types they have with the help of attributes. If you have any questions or comments about this article, be sure to leave a comment.

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