The right amount of bounce rate and its impact on SEO

What is the bounce rate for a site? Does bounce rate have an effect on SEO? In this third article in a series of Bance Rit articles on the SEO teaching site, we will try to answer these two important questions.


What is the good bounce rate of our site?

The right bounce rate is different for each site. A 60% bounce rate may be good for a site but not for a site.

Basically, the bounce rate below 40% is considered by some to be good and between 40% to 70% to be moderate and above 70% to be poor. Of course, as I mentioned, in my opinion, these good and bad things can not be attributed to any site with these numbers.

For example, some sites have more mobile users and the bounce rate on the mobile is naturally higher than the bounce rate on the desktop.

Or some sites like SEO teaching, where most SEO training articles are long and users often meet their needs on the same long and rich page and do not see other pages, which also increases the bounce rate.

So, in short, the appropriate bounce rate of each site is different and should be compared based on similar businesses sites.

Content-oriented sites that are high quality and generally have long content, bons between 60 to 70% is also suitable.
Store sites are also suitable for bounces below 40%. Of course, this is the personal opinion of Pouria Ariafar.

Examining the Bounce Rate as well as the amount of time spent by the user on the site can show you how well your visitors and users have interacted with the site environment and been encouraged to visit more pages of the site.


Is Bounce rate effective in SEO?

The answer is yes, and bounce rate is effective in SEO of a website.

Suppose a user searches on Google and naturally the reason the user searches is what he needs and he chooses to search on Google to meet his needs. And then he chooses from among the sites, for example the site of SEO teaching, but he does not find what he thought in the contents of the site.
This condition, in addition to causing a negative view of the user to be recorded, leaves the site without viewing other pages, and this causes the bounce rate of that page to increase from our site.

Now, if we assume that the page has a high bounce rate and the user has spent a little time on that page, Google will perceive that the page does not have the appropriate content and will give a negative rating to that page of the site, which can be seen on other pages. It can reduce the site ranking in Google results.

Increasing the site rank and consequently increasing the number of daily visitors, if it is accompanied by an increase in bounce rate, the result will not be interesting at the time.

For this purpose, look for target users to put the Black Legion as well as improving SEO, user experience and content of your site in the long run.


Bounce rate alone is not enough

Note that a high bounce rate alone is not enough and you can also evaluate the elapsed time.

In other words, Time on Page can be a good factor along with the bounce rate, and if these two factors are weak for a page, you should think about improving those pages.

You can use powerful and free tools like Google Analytics to track these factors.

Well, we have reached the end of this article, and at the end you should know how much bounce rate is suitable for your site and what is the impact of bounce rate on SEO and how to evaluate it properly.

Stay tuned for Google Analytics training articles.

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