The Impact of SSL on SEO and Reasons to Use the HTTPS Protocol

After the unveiling of the very powerful and fast HTTP / 2 protocol, it no longer makes sense to see websites with the insecure HTTP protocol, and all websites must use the secure and valid HTTPS protocol. Websites that use the HTTPS secure protocol are far more secure and SEO-friendly than websites that use the HTTP protocol. We describe the following in two articles:

Section 1: The Impact of SSL on SEO and Reasons to Use It (Same Article)
Section 2: How to transfer a domain from http to https

In this article, we define what SSL is and the reasons for using the https protocol. To use this https protocol, you must obtain an SSL certificate and install it on your domain. Although providing SSL in Iran is a little financially problematic for sites due to sanctions, and slow internet can add to this problem.


What is an SSL certificate?

Most of the month we encounter different sites during the day and this communication between us and the site is sometimes done by transferring data, for example we need a username and password to log in to our account, in other words we share our personal information for different purposes on different sites we let. To increase security and protect the privacy of users, this information must be protected and a secure transfer of data between the user and the server. For this purpose, you can use the HTTPS protocol by installing an SSL certificate on your site.

Once this certificate is installed on your site, a lock icon or green bar will appear next to your site URL, which means that the business can be trusted.

In fact, the HTTPS protocol is an encryption method that creates a secure and encrypted connection between the user browser and the server. And this makes it harder for hackers to interfere with connections. Note, however, that although it is very difficult to read the information encrypted by the hacker, it can not be said that it is impossible because the security is never 100%.

In the following, we will discuss the importance of SSL in SEO and its advantages and disadvantages.


Reasons to use SSL

Google has recently adopted a new slogan called HTTPS everywhere to have a secure web world and is very strict about it. Although the security of the HTTPS protocol is the main reason for using HTTPS, it is good to consider other reasons for migrating and using HTTPS as well.

1 – Function and HTTP / 2

Content delivery networks (CDNs) and web hosting providers have recently started using HTTP / 2. In a site speed review, Mozilla and Load Impact reported that users could now expect more optimization of their websites, with HTTP / 2 expected to be about 50 to 70 percent faster and more efficient than expected. HTTP / 1.1. To use HTTP / 2, your browser must support it and HTTPS must be enabled on your website.

2 – SEO and ranking

In 2014, Matt Katz announced that the use of the HTTPS protocol is now a light but effective measure of Google’s ranking of websites. (Source) Therefore, activating and installing SSL and using the HTTPS protocol on your website will also increase its improvement.

According to the latest information provided by BuiltWith, of the 100,000 most popular websites in the world, about 6.3% currently use HTTPS by default.

Google has also written an article on the impact of HTTPS on your website rankings called A Look at HTTPS in terms of a website ranking factor, which I suggest you read.

3- Better data reference

The third reason for using SSL is better data retrieval because data retrieval in HTTP is blocked by Google Analytics.

For example, it allows you to have your own website via HTTP, but when users are referred to your website via websites such as Reddit or YCombinator, it notifies you that you are infected.

Both of the above sites are under the HTTPS protocol, which in order to refer links to another website, that website must be under the same protocol so that the referral can be done without any problem, and this is not possible with the HTTP protocol.

If the HTTPS protocol is enabled on your website, the problems will be solved.

4 – More security

The fourth and most important reason for using the https protocol and installing SSL is high security. For commercial sites, the reason you need an SSL certificate is the high sensitivity of credit card transactions. For other websites, the main reason for using an SSL certificate is to keep your login page secure.

If you do not use a secure protocol for your login pages, your username and password will be easily accessible on the Internet. Some security websites have sniffed the user pages when logging in, which can easily hack your user accounts and infiltrate your website. For example, pay attention to how this article talks about hacking a site account. . Many people believe that news and information websites do not need a secure protocol, but have these loved ones considered login security? Is the security of your site important to you in any matter? If your answer is yes, be sure to consider how to transfer the domain to the secure HTTPS protocol.

5 – SSL and increase trust and credibility

The fifth reason for using SSL and changing http to https is to build trust and credibility in visitors. According to a Global Sign survey, more than 75% of visitors are very concerned about trusting online stores, as well as the credibility of the website so that their user information is not stolen. Adding an SSL certificate to your website and having a green light appear on the website lock will greatly increase the website’s credibility. It is very important that your users make sure that your website is secure and that their information is safe on your website, just like the SEO teaching site.

6 – User experience

At the time of writing, this is the latest version of Chrome 64, and in future versions of Chrome 68, Google will specify sites that do not use the HTTPS protocol so that users can be more aware of this.

And this has a huge impact on the user experience, because if users do not have a sense of security on a site, the user repulsion rate will increase dramatically and can affect the sales and ranking of your site in Google.


Disadvantages of using SSL

Let me very briefly mention that:

  • Using SSL reduces the speed of the site, of course, very imperceptibly, it should reduce the speed by about 200 milliseconds, but this disadvantage, along with the benefits of SSL, can be ignored.
  • Also, the cost of SSL is very high, especially in Iran, due to sanctions and the dollar, thanks to Let’s Encrypt, which many hosting companies provide for free so that they can use the appropriate SSL for your site.
  • Hard SSL installation can also add to the disadvantages of this certificate, but you can solve this problem by requesting hosting experts as well as your hosting support and enjoy the benefits of SSL.

Next week we will discuss the types of SSL and their differences, both in terms of SEO and cost. And then we will tell you a comprehensive tutorial on how to enable and install SSL.

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