Session 2 – Why GTmetrix reports are different each time

Why does the GTmetrix site report differently each time?

Most WordPress webmasters are looking for a green plugin, or many SEOs or webmasters are just looking for an A rating on the Matrix site, what about you? You’re too? If the answer is yes, then please stay tuned to SEO teaching to tell you that the cartoon could be wrong.

Introduction and warning
One of the worst things we can do as a human being is to be subject to tools and robots that do not have the flexibility of the human mind.

Having a webmaster with this kind of mindset is a wake-up call for that site because they keep their flexible minds off and are subject to robots that have the same, inflexible mind.

The same friends that we mentioned have criteria for themselves, which unfortunately are the same tools. If the Yoast plugin turns green, they will do well SEO, and if the Yoast plugin turns red, it means that they do not have good SEO. Or when analyzing the gtmetrix report, only the colors are considered.

This kind of mindset is not in one site, but in most WordPress and non-WordPress sites, and this makes most sites look alike because all humans have a robotic mind, and of course give the few who think beyond and Not like a robot.

This is not far-fetched, and we have seen many times in Hollywood cinemas that movies have been made in which the human mind is in control of robots created by humans themselves, in other words, instead of humans controlling robots, it is the robot that controls the human mind. Controls and manages easily and far from complexity.

In my opinion, the author of this article, Pouria Ariafar, is a great global catastrophe because it is not just a matter of SEO, and in most businesses we see such behaviors and such controls by robots on the human mind.

The above was a warning and an introduction for you dear friends, in the continuation of this article we will deal with the main issue and this is why I see different reports every time I check my site in GT Metrics tool.

1- Server location

The GTMetrix tool server location may change with each check or you may change it yourself. In other words, when this tool scans your site in Canada, it can provide different reports than other places, such as the United States or Canada.

2 – Server resource capacity

GT Metrics servers have different resources and it is possible to evaluate different servers with different resources on your site each time you check your site in the same Canadian location.

3- Occupying resources

The amount of GTMatrix server resources is one of the most important factors in this regard because if GTMatrix servers are heavy traffic can affect your report.

4- Bandwidth

Your server bandwidth is one of the most important things that can affect your report. Even the bandwidth of GT Metrics server is very important.

5 – Internet route

Let’s assume that the GTMatrix servers as well as your site server are in the best possible condition, but we see various reports. .

6 – Check hours

Your review time is also one of the important factors in the difference of reports. You may check the speed of your site in the morning and at that time some of your coding functions are active and running, but the same functions are running at other times. نباشن.

7- Using CDN

Using a CDN can be good in general, but it can have a direct effect on Metrics reports, activating one of the CDN nodes each time you check your site in the Matrix tool.

8. Sanctions and filtering

Many IPs of Cloudflier site in Iran are filtered, because many unauthorized sites use this CDN, as well as due to the existing sanctions, many application files in the field of programming inside CDNs in Iran can not be loaded. .
This issue becomes more complicated when the filtering and sanctions vary according to the Internet Service Provider (ISP), for example, you may see a site with Irancell, but it is not visible with the first mobile Internet of that site.

The same thing exists from the outside in, especially if this is the case for some files, this way your load time will increase because of that file, and this load time may go up and down as the server changes.

9 – Shared hosting

Over 90% of the sites use shared hosting and many of these shared hosting do not have special control over them, such as 10 people living in only one room.

In shared hosting, there may be more than one hundred or, unfortunately, thousands of sites on one server, and if for some reason some of these sites have high traffic or they are attacked (cyber attack), this will cause a slowdown. Your site and all the sites that use them are used, which is why Metrics reports change every time.

10 – Irrationality of GT Metrics

The irrationality of gtmetrix reports, both in the old and new, has always been, in the past, this tool only presented a series of reports on the appearance of sites, which was very buggy. The reports that it presents depend on a time, and if the time is good, the reports are all green, or vice versa, this dependency has a defect in only one of its parameters.


In the end, I must mention that we have gtmetrix training in SEO teaching and it is important that you follow the training, but you should know that site speed does not mean SEO site. Site speed is one of the most important SEO factors, but keep in mind that we have over 100 other factors. We also have a website in the field of SEO, in other words, do not think that if you have good speed, you have good SEO. Site speed is one of the most important steps for site SEO, but not all SEO paths.
Nature You have several SEO tools you use All SEO tools are good but they are good as long as they are subject to your mind and not you are subject to their mind.
Unfortunately, this article alone does not help the issue, and the further we go, the more human beings will be captured by robots, and this human being does not have a good record at all, because in the past and present there are many people who are captives of this world. It becomes simple.

El tools like MOZ like Yoast like Ahrefs and Alexa and… are good but be careful not to get caught up in your mind.

I hope you will make people aware of this by sharing this article.

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