Persian url is better or English url

We are talking about URL structure and link effect in SEO

The question that many friends always ask me when it comes to site optimization is whether the site page addresses are in English or Persian? Write a unique link in good Persian or English WordPress? How about Fingili? Which has a stronger impact on SEO? In other words, how useful can Namak be in SEO? Does Google process Persian url better or English url?

Do not worry if you do not understand any of these questions or do not know the answers to these questions. I, Pouria Ariafar, the author of this article and SEO consultant, tried to answer this old and frequent question in a very comprehensive way.


Persian link is better or English link

Note: For convenience, we assume terms such as: link, URL, unique link, site address, name or slug as a meaning, although they have small differences. For example, the name in WordPress, which is called Slug in English, for this page is persian-url-or-english-url, while the URL is the entire address, ie: english-url /

The point that you should pay attention to is that good SEO is a collection of hundreds of different factors and in general SEO does not depend much on the url factor and this issue has been proven in practice, we have very large sites in Iran that use Persian url in their pages And we also have a whole lot of successful sites whose page urls are in English, (please do not think of its fingerprint URL at all) Some even use both types, but for logical reasons and my personal experience and that of many SEO engineers. We concluded that the English link is close to our view. I reiterate that this is a very personal opinion. But you may ask, what is the reason?
What do reputable sources say about urls? If we come to invoice all the articles related to url in the top sites in the field of SEO, we will go to this sentence:

Better urls that are short, meaningful and also related to the post

The above sentence is from the study of dozens of different sites in the field of SEO, and in these sites, not much importance is given to the type of language of the address, and perhaps the reason is that most of these sites are in English, so this was not a challenge for them. But in the following, I will bring you a reliable source from Google that says a good Persian or English address.

Now, before reading the rest of the article, I have a question for you and I would like you to think about it and express your opinion. What are the advantages of a Persian link over an English link? Do you find an item?


What are the reasons for the superiority of the English url?

  1. English link is shorter than Persian link

    One problem with the Persian url is that it is long. English url or the same English link are very short compared to Persian url. You just need to do a test. In one post, use 5 English words in the name (post link) and in another post, write 1 Persian word in the name, and then copy both urls and publish them on social networks such as Telegram. Which url is longer? Yes, that’s right, the Persian url was 4 words shorter but longer and consisted of more characters.

  2. SEO suitable for English url compared to Persian url

    As we said before, the shorter the url of our site posts, the closer it is to the basic optimization of the site, so according to the above and logic, we can say that posts with English names in SEO are more appropriate.
    But know that this is a one-dimensional look and in this article we are talking about a small SEO factor and not the whole SEO.
    Friends who are WordPress must be unique in the settings and link section to change the entire URL structure. Of course, there are no articles or posts in the unique, Persian or English link section. Rather, most of the overall website address structure is implemented in this section.

  3. User-friendly English address compared to Persian address

    When your posts or articles are inserted with an English name, the url will be more user-friendly and it is easy to guess the subject of the articles at a glance, but posts that are inserted with a Persian name url are shown with unspecified letters in other environments such as social networks. Looking at the link, you can not guess what the article is about.
    So with English links, our site will have a better user experience. Be sure to read the article What is User Experience to better understand the views of users.
    At SEO teaching, we attach great importance to the user experience and, accordingly, we have over 90% of our site URLs in English.

  4. English url is easier to remember and type than Persian url

    Many webmasters, webmasters, SEOs and site designers type the URLs of their desired sites directly without searching and enter a specific page of a website, but if the link or url of the site is Persian, it is difficult and almost 99% Someone does not type the Persian link in the address bar of their browser because, as we said, it is a difficult task, but the English url is easily possible, this may also apply to some normal users and have special needs for a post and it is necessary Well, they visit every day, so it is better to pay attention to the user’s internal SEO in our site.

  5. English url indexing faster than Persian url

    My personal experience has shown that English links are indexed faster and easier and search engines like them more and I think it also increases the speed of the site, because the English url is easier to handle for the server than Persian, and responds faster, any This may not be noticeable, but it is noticeable, at least on the most hosted shared servers.

  6. Creating difficult conditions for analysis in various webmaster tools

    The problem in Persian urls does not end here and sometimes it is seen in some analysis tools and SEO tools. Many times you need to use different tools to optimize and improve your site ranking in Google, for example, one of these important tools is the search console, the problem begins when our address structures are Persian and can not be visually recognized that the URLs The following is for which post or page. While in English URLs, these terms are easily available to webmasters and SEO experts.

    Of course, the photo above is related to Webmaster Tools or Search Console of the old version, Search Console of the new version does not have such a problem and shows the Persian address as follows. Of course, we presented the console search training in full in SEO teaching.
    Only one tool was reviewed here, it is very likely that many tools do not fully support the Persian address.

We all talked about the problems of Persian address, but I must say that in some sites we use Persian address. Because there are some topics that take precedence over SEO, I will mention this a little at the end of the article.


A few tips about url

  • Understand Google Balas. Google can communicate well between Persian and English words, and if you have a title with the word “SEO” in the post, for example, and you have written “SEO” in English in the url, you will understand that the url has a meaningful meaning.


  • Do not be a robot like the yoast seo plugin. The WordPress SEO plugin and other similar plugins are a plugin, or better to say, like a robot that only reminds of factors and in many places it does not have flexibility, so if you have Persian text and English url and then this plugin gives the message that the keyword Not present in the url indicates the weakness of robots against the flexibility of human thoughts.


  • In the SEO Starter Guide post, Google makes a good point about which url is right for it. In short, do not enter the site address with the IDs parameters of your products, or do not use common names such as page1.html. Also, do not try to use keywords like baseball-cards-baseball-cards-baseballcards.html in the URLs. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. Also, avoid using words that have nothing to do with your content in the name (address). (Full text in the photo below)



It does not make much difference whether you use a Persian url or an English url, it is important to use it in a principled way, and SEO in the url language is not a very dependent site, but from the various aspects mentioned, it is very important and in front of the users. SERPs are looking for the desired site. So instead of focusing on whether the page address is Persian or English, it is better to focus on content quality, site speed and…


Character suitable for site address – standard url

Non-standard urls are links that are made up of unauthorized letters. However, the url is entered in two general ways, either based on the query string or in the normal way. query string is a string and sends values ​​to the server. query string starts with a question mark in the url and inside it is a variable that is separated from its value by an equal sign and is separated by a & quotation mark. Use only in Query String. Here is an example query string from Wikipedia:

Items that make up a standard url include:

  • English alphabet
  • number
  • Persian letters
  • Dash (-)

Unauthorized letters in url are many. Of course, Google may index this url, but there are weaknesses and problems that may occur on some servers and in certain situations. So it is recommended that you do not use:

  • Distance (an empty space)
  • Underline (_)
  • Point (.)
  • Fashion (~)
  • Number (#)

The Number (#) character is only recommended for marking and scrolling the page on the user side.


SEO sometimes has nothing to say – the last word

Sometimes the strategy of a business dictates that the address is Persian or English, sometimes the user experience says it is Persian or it may say it is English, in short, if the digital marketing strategy or user experience makes such decisions, it seems The SEO slave is subject to this decision.
Although it is possible to have both English and Persian addresses with a series of interesting tricks, this way you can have user experience, SEO and و, and in other words, neither skewers nor kebabs are used here. But this is beyond the scope of this article.

By reading this SEO teaching article, you should now know whether the Persian address is better or the English address, as well as the effect of the URL in SEO. But let me tell you an important point, if after reading this article you realize that Persian address is better for SEO and has a good effect, maybe you are not well acquainted with SEO yet, or if you think that English address is better for SEO, repeat the same story. Yes. Therefore, it is recommended to read the article more carefully and also do more research on SEO and its factors.

You say now:

Is Persian URL better or English URL? Which one do you use and what effect did it have on your SEO? Please reply in the comments.

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