Iranian host or foreign host + price and technical comparison

Is Iranian host better or foreign host? Europe America Iran? Which is better?

For some time now, the tariffs for domestic hosting services have been lower than for hosting, and many people have preferred to host Iran over foreign hosting (Europe or America) due to the low ping of Iranian hosting, the possibility of establishing domestic internet and other reasons. But the question is, in general, is Iran hosting better or abroad? What is the difference between Iranian and foreign hosts?

The answer to this question depends on your priorities, is SEO your priority or being up-to-date? Is it important to speed up the site or the cost of purchases?

Stay tuned to this article from SEO teaching, we are going to deal with the differences between Iranian and foreign hosts and the strengths and weaknesses of each from all possible angles and in simple language, so that you can choose Iranian or foreign hosts with an open eye.

Of course, if you want to know what is the choice of SEO teaching between foreign and Iranian hosts, we mentioned it at the end.


What are hosts, servers and data centers?

First of all, it is better to have a correct idea of ​​hosts, data centers and servers.

  • A server is an always-on, Internet-connected system that responds to a variety of requests with equipment such as RAM, CPU, storage, and more. For example, information that is searched on the Internet every day and night must be answered by the server. If the server is down or down for any reason, the site and applications hosted by this server will be temporarily unavailable.
  • A host is a space on a server on which the information of your site or application is placed. Companies that allow customers to use part of the server are called hosting companies.
  • Data Center has a broader meaning than server; In fact, if the server, system, or computer is always on, the data center is a collection of servers, cabling systems, switches, firewalls, infrastructure, and other systems and facilities.


Guide to choosing Iranian or non-technical hosting

Iran VS host prices abroad

Is Iran host better or abroad? If we want to examine the answer to this question in terms of price and tariff, we say host Iran.

Foreign hosting servers are located in France, Germany, Canada or the United States, and naturally their tariffs are calculated in dollars, so Iranian companies that pay rent for foreign servers have to change their tariffs as the dollar fluctuates. But since the tariff for domestic hosting services is calculated in Rials, so you will not see price fluctuations. For example, right now that I am writing this article, with the amount of 2 million Tomans, you can buy a download host with 150 GB of space and 10 terabytes of bandwidth, while with the same amount, you can buy Iranian hosts with 500 GB of space and unlimited bandwidth. has it!


The effects of sanctions against Iran and the blockade of Cloudfler’s IPs

Many Iranian sites, after hearing the news of comprehensive sanctions, quickly transferred the site to Iran from abroad. The reason was that definitely after the embargo, foreign hosts will not provide services to Iranian sites and will terminate their contracts with Iranian hosting companies. Honestly, these foreign hosts are rented or purchased abroad with the details of a real person, and your information is safe. Of course, control panels and operating systems are subject to these sanctions, so some web hosting companies have overcome this problem by circumventing the sanctions or designing an internal control panel.

It has also been reported that some Cloudfeller CDN IPs have been blocked by some internal ISPs, making the site inaccessible to users of the same ISP. (What is CDN)

Therefore, to avoid possible problems related to sanctions or filtering, we recommend that you purchase internal hosts.

Half price traffic in Iranian hosts

Everyone knows that domestic internet usage is exactly half of external internet usage. For example, if you download a 2 gig movie from a site with internal hosting, only 1 gig of internet traffic will be deducted. No one likes to pay less for the Internet

Since by purchasing internal hosting, you provide the possibility of using the internal internet for the visitors and users of the site, as a result, choosing Iranian hosting will be attractive and economical for you and other visitors of the site!

SEO and positions

What is the relationship between SEO and hosting? You better know how important the user experience is to improve your SEO. As mentioned in SEO training, if the loading speed of the site is more than 3 or 4 seconds, the user prefers to leave the website and go to another site. This also affects the rate of jump.

Fortunately, domestic and Iranian hosts do not have a problem with slowing down, and the only drawback is the lack of stability and high access to foreign hosts. For example, in some cases, the number of site visitors may overflow and the response speed may decrease, resulting in a negative (but minor) effect on site optimization. Search engine robots also crawl a site with external hosting speed faster due to its geographical location. (All about the robots metatag)

In any case, if we want to look at the relationship between SEO and hosting from another angle, choosing Iranian hosting to optimize the site has the advantage:

Iranian pinghost is lower in most cases due to the proximity of servers and the decrease in the number of routers. Google has also recently announced that it measures site performance based on actual user information and by Google and CrUx Core Web Vitals criteria. So if the site hosts as well as site visitors are Iranian, as a result of these criteria are evaluated positively by Google.

Note: Friends, Gtmetrix site metrics are checked by Canadian servers, and of course a quantity like time to first byte is tested on Canadian servers, but are your site visitors also Canadian? Probably not, so real users’ information is at stake.


Guide for choosing Iranian or foreign technical hosts

A large part of the differences between Iran and Germany are related to technical and hardware issues. In this section, we compare Iranian and foreign hosts in terms of security, ping time, hardware, bandwidth, uptime and dedicated server equipment.

Internal Server Security VS External Server Security

Server security and data storage is one of the most controversial issues that makes it difficult to choose between Iranian or foreign hosts. Regarding the security of Iranian or foreign hosts, pay attention to the following:

  • Famous Iranian data centers usually have fire-fighting facilities, emergency electricity, anti-damping equipment, and user information is in a safe environment.


  • Not only in external data centers, but also in internal data centers, software and hardware firewalls of the world are used and servers are monitored using the most up-to-date monitoring software.


  • There are very strict rules regarding physical access to data centers outside of Iran, and this is also the case with domestic data centers.
    Government and academic sites must use internal hosting because of sensitive national information and to prevent the possibility of information leaking out.


Proximity to data center and reduction of ping time

Suppose the user sends a request for site information to the host to open your site, this packet goes through different routers and finally arrives at the server in a fraction of the time and the server responds to this request. But what happens to the choice of external hosts? The packet must pass through more routers. As you know, the travel time of packets is called ping. If low ping is one of your priorities, I have to say that in the experience of many people, internal pink host is lower due to the proximity of the internal host location to the internal user’s location.

Therefore, if by analyzing SEO tools you find that most of the site visitors are inside Iran, it is better to buy Iranian hosts. In fact, the main difference between Iranian and foreign hosting is the low ping time of domestic hosts.

Of course, I would like to point out that Ping does not only depend on the number of routers in the route, but also the speed of packet transmission and the intelligence of the routers and the correct routing also affect Ping Time!


Hardware of Iranian data centers

Due to currency fluctuations and existing sanctions, it is not cost-effective to use the world’s best hardware brands such as Cisco and Intel in data center equipment and internal servers. After all, if a part becomes defective, it is not easy to replace it. As a result, expensive and branded parts are not usually used in data centers and hosts in Iran, otherwise they will incur a lot of capital.

Comparison of bandwidth of Iranian and foreign data centers

What is host bandwidth? Host bandwidth is the total amount of information that is exchanged on your host over a period of time; Search engine HTML and JavaScript code, image opening request, site loading, and site crawling are examples of bandwidth usage. The bandwidth of the site is like the volume of the Internet, which when completed, the site also becomes unavailable (of course, the bandwidth of the host is reset at the beginning of each month).

In recent years, with the improvement of infrastructure and increasing the capacity of domestic Internet, the bandwidth of domestic hosts has also changed significantly, but it can not be hidden that in any case the capacity of domestic Internet is limited and the phrase “unlimited bandwidth” for domestic hosting is not so much. It is not real. So from the bandwidth approach, is Iranian hosting better or abroad? If you run a high-traffic site, hosting bandwidth is definitely important to you, so buy external hosting.

Are you really planning to monitor your site hosting? Read the article on the best monitoring tools.

Iran and abroad up time server

To compare Iranian and foreign hosts from the uptime approach, it is better to read a short explanation about uptime:

Optimum server means that the server is always online and responds to all requests. For example, if the uptime percentage for German hosting services is 99.99%, it means that your site will be available and online 99.99% of the time of the year.

The server must be able to keep the site online and accessible at all times; Of course, most Iranian hosts claim to have approximately 99% uptime per year, but this is not guaranteed. However, the quality of Internet access by foreign hosts such as Canada, France and Germany is better, and the uptime of foreign hosts is close to 100%. With these descriptions, is it Iran or abroad? Even if you lose a few seconds when the site becomes unavailable, it is better to go to an external host.

Iranian dedicated server or foreign dedicated server

Dedicated servers do not have the limitations of shared servers and have high processing power, high capacity and better security due to being dedicated. Therefore, large organizations, organizations and institutions for these reasons request reputable hosting companies or data centers to provide the organization with a dedicated server under a valid contract.

In terms of hardware, among Iranian dedicated servers, you can rarely find a server with more than 256 GB of RAM and a 32-core processor, while in foreign dedicated servers, this figure reaches 500 GB of RAM and 128-core processors.


Final Conclusion Iranian host is better or foreign

After all, are Iranian hosts better or foreigners? Set your priorities first, right? Now look at the table below, I think it will help you:

Hosts outside Iran
Ping Time Down ✔
Reduce traffic consumption for the user ✔
Lower price ✔
Prevent currency from leaving the country ✔
SEO improvement ✔ ✔
Security ✔ ✔
Data center hardware quality ✔
Uptime close to 100%
Optimal bandwidth ✔
Of course, some people are so overwhelmed by the choice of Iranian hosting or hosting that they forget that buying from a reputable hosting company is more important than the hosting situation. Hosting companies have many responsibilities such as hosting backup, support, data center selection, final pricing and so on.

SEO teaching comment:

Naturally, SEO teaching chooses Iran, we live in Iran and we are responsible for what happens around us, in other words, if we do not support Iranian services and goods, they will not naturally grow, thank God in the field of IT and technology. We have a lot of professional information even in the world and we have very good experts, most of the big Iranian sites (almost over 70%) choose Iranian hosts and this shows the high understanding of these sites in choosing the right one.

In SEO teaching, we also chose Iranian hosts from Iranian companies and we can boldly say that we are very satisfied, however, the quality of Iranian hosts is such that you can not say that foreign hosts are much better than Iranian hosts. The qualities and infrastructure of Iran in the field of Internet space has become much stronger and is getting bigger every day, apart from the fact that the competition is also increasing. Hoping for a better Iran.

This article is based on the available specialized information and is written with a spark of personal opinions. If you, dear ones, also have a positive or negative opinion, be sure to express it in the comments section. 🌺

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