Introducing and downloading the best WordPress image optimization plugin

The best photo optimization plugin in WordPress + introduction and comparison

Do you have a WooCommerce site and store? Do you own a tourism site? So no doubt you use a lot of images on your site and uploading poor quality images will definitely hurt your business. If you pay attention to the size of the images, you will notice that most of them are a few hundred kilobytes or a few megabytes; Now imagine that this amount of information has to be loaded each time a user requests to open a site; This uses a lot of server resources and consequently reduces the loading speed of the site. Of course, to prevent a permanent response to user requests, you can use the best WordPress cache plugins, but by installing the cache plugin or activating the slippery or lazy loading feature of images, the problems of using large images will not be solved! Using the best WordPress image optimization plugin is one of the ways to optimize site images without loss of quality, which we are going to discuss in detail in this article.

Note: Image optimization in WordPress is a detailed and interesting topic, in which case I recommend you to follow the comprehensive article on image optimization.


Introducing the best WordPress image optimization plugin

If you have read the best WordPress plugin on SEO teaching site, you will see that some of these plugins have the ability to optimize uploaded images, but our suggested solution is to use plugins and specialized tools. An image compression and optimization plugin should minimize image size without noticeable loss of quality.

Friends, the size of the site images is one of the factors that is very effective in SEO and is not something that SEO (for example) wants to examine. I suggest you read the WordPress internal SEO article for more information about the relationship between image optimization and SEO. In the following, get acquainted with the WordPress image reduction plugin in order of priority.

wp smushit (free – paid)

Undoubtedly, by searching for the best WordPress image optimization plugin in any search engine, the name of the wp smushit plugin catches your eye. This old plugin has won the Plugin Madness award many times and so far more than 1 million users have installed and activated it. The smush plugin is available in 35 languages, including Persian, and you can see all its options in Persian; Since the smush interface is very convenient and easy, it can be suitable for both beginners and professionals. One of the interesting parts of this plugin is the information that it displays about the photos and the space you have created by optimizing the photos.

Even if, despite uploading a large number of images, you have not yet compressed images in WordPress, and this factor has caused a decrease in SEO and speed, by installing the wp smushit plugin, you can optimize a large number of images at once. This feature is called bulk optimize.

This image optimization plugin can be used both for free and premium. If you are looking for double optimization and more diverse options, you can download and install the premium version of wp smushit.


Highlights of the plugin:

  • Compression without loss of quality
  • Optimize images with a maximum volume of 5mb
  • Ability to lazy load or slow loading
  • Cumulative optimization and compression of images
  • Check all files and optimize PNG, JPEG and even GIF files
  • Ability to resize images
  • Identify images that are causing the site to slow down
  • Ability to integrate with the Gutenberg editor
  • Multi-site WordPress support
  • Ability to store EXIF data (such as photo location, camera model, etc.)
  • Ability to convert photo format to WebP (in Pro version)

Click here to download the Smush plugin.

WebP format: This image format is introduced by Google and due to its small size compared to PNG and JPG formats, for example with similar visual quality, an image with this format is 3 times smaller than the PNG file and 25% smaller than the JPG file.

EWWW Image Optimizer (free – paid)

No matter the size of the images, the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin optimizes and encrypts all images. Yes encryption! This plugin, as one of the best image size reduction plugins in WordPress, has the ability to secure and secure any image after uploading and optimizing it with SSL encryption. Unlike the smush plugin, this plugin has no limit on image size; This means that if the Smooth plugin only optimized and compressed images with a maximum size of 5mb, the EWWW plugin would not have such a limit.

This plugin can reduce the size of images without losing quality, but the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin can also optimize old photos. The only downside is that unlike other plugins that optimize their servers, EWWW optimizes images with your site server.

The EWWW plugin has over 800,000 active installations so far and you do not need to register to use it; But if you are looking for additional features, you must register and get the API code.

Highlights of the plugin:

  • Optimize JPG, PNG, GIF and PDF files
  • Automatic image optimization
  • Ability to optimize previous images
  • Change the image format to achieve the smallest size
  • Ability to resize images
  • Exclude image optimization based on size
  • Encrypt image compression processes with SSL
  • Storage of images with original volume up to 30 days
  • Loose load or so-called slippery load images
  • Ability to store EXIF ​​data of a photo (such as camera model and…)
  • Ability to convert photo format to WebP (automatic mode in Pro version)
  • Resize images to fit device (Pro version)
  • Reduce JS and CSS code (Pro version)
  • Possibility to integrate with CDN (Pro version)

Imagify (free – paid)

With over 300,000 installations, this plugin is known as one of the most popular photo optimization plugins for the site. One of the positive points of this plugin is that it is provided by wp media company; In fact, wp media is the same company that provided the famous wp rocket plugin. Most likely you worked with this plugin or at least heard its name. So I recommend you to follow the article about the best WordPress cache plugin about WordPress rocket or wp rocket.

One of the advantages of Imagify plugin is that it provides the ability to convert image format to WebP format.

Imagify Plugin One of the best WordPress image optimization plugins, it uses three levels to reduce image size:

normal: This method is useful for compressing WordPress images without lossless quality.

Aggressive: In this algorithm, the image quality decreases to some extent, but at the same time, this compression method is stronger than the normal method, and the image quality loss is not so obvious.

Ultra: The most powerful method of compressing and reducing the size of site images is done with this algorithm, which undoubtedly leads to a decrease in image quality.

The limitation of the free version of this plugin is that you can only optimize up to 25mb of images per month; To overcome this limitation, you need to get the Pro Imagine version.

Highlights of the plugin:

  • Automatic optimization of images with three methods
  • Monthly optimization of 25mb of images in the free version
  • Possibility of cumulative optimization of images
  • Ability to optimize images of a specific folder
  • Ability to exclude image optimization based on size
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Gallery and NextGen
  • Ability to convert image format to WebP version
  • Ability to store EXIF data of a photo (like camera model…)

ShortPixel (free – paid)

The fourth plugin that we are going to introduce to you as the best WordPress image optimization plugin is ShortPixel. This plugin can optimize any image, including WordPress media library images or gallery images such as NextGEN and Modula. Unlike the smush plugin, the ShortPixel plugin has no limit on image size. ShortPixel has more than 200,000 active installs due to its good features, which shows the trust of users in this plugin.

One of the advantages of this plugin is that it creates a WebP version of your site images by selecting the WebP Images option; It is interesting to know that this format is very popular with Google. Summary If you are looking for a photo optimization plugin, ShortPixel can be a good choice. Of course, after installing this free plugin, you need an API key, which is free to download.

Highlights of the plugin:

  • Optimize all gallery images and media library
  • No limit on image size
  • Ability to change the image format from PNG to JPG if needed
  • Optimize PDF and GIF files
  • Cumulative optimization of images
  • Ability to change the image format to WebP if you select the desired option
  • Ability to resize and resize images simultaneously (resize & rescale)
  • Ability to exclude index images from optimization
  • Ability to optimize uploaded images from Gravity Forms plugin
  • Ability to test a version with reduced quality and without loss of optimized image quality in the media library

tiny compress images (free – paid)

You have probably had experience with the tinypng site at least once. This site is for photo optimization and to enter the site, you must log in with an external IP. This popular service removes unnecessary colors in images and reduces their volume with a relative loss of quality. But in this article, we are going to introduce the best WordPress image optimization plugin; After tiny png site, we go to the plugin of this famous service!

So far, more than 200,000 users have installed and used the tiny plugin. As you can see in the image below, the settings of this plugin are not very complicated and only include a number of important options such as resizing images or choosing automatic optimization. You can also exclude images according to their size for optimization. The free version of this plugin, like the imagify plugin, has a limit and optimizes a limited number of images per month; To overcome this limitation, you must purchase the premium version.

Highlights of the plugin:

  • Automatic optimization of images after upload
  • Size reduction and optimization without limiting the number of images (in the Pro version)
  • Perform optimization process in the background of the site to increase speed
  • Ability to optimize each image in the WordPress media library
  • Possibility of cumulative optimization and compression or so-called mass optimization
  • Ability to adjust the maximum width and height for large images
  • Supports animated PNG format compression
  • Advanced JPEG encoding to facilitate the display of JPEG images
  • Ability to preserve copyright information, GPS position and date on the original images
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • Multi-site WordPress support by entering the API key
  • Convert CMYK color model to RGB to save memory
  • Ability to optimize and resize uploaded images in WordPress mobile app

Optimole (free – paid)

If you are looking for a WordPress image compression plugin with image optimization and Lizzy loading capabilities, I suggest Optimole plugin. This plugin is completely cloud based; This means that it does not work to optimize images from the site server CPU and instead processes processes on a dedicated cloud processor (unlike EWWW).

One of the advantages of the Optimole plugin is that you can change the degree of image quality drop from low to high. Of course, if you are using the free version, you should be aware of the limitations set by this plugin; The Optimole plugin is limited to delivering optimized images up to 5,000 views per month. This means that if in one month, the 5001st visitor visits your site images, the original images will be loaded with the original volume without optimization. So if you have a busy site, you can get the Pro version of this good plugin.

Highlights of the plugin:

  • Automatic optimization of images
  • Optimize images based on browser and visitor device type
  • Supports a variety of images
  • Support for WebP and Retina images
  • Ability to provide optimized webP images if browser compatibility
  • Compatible with editors including Mentor
  • Includes Lizzie loaded option without jQuery (positive feature)
  • Ability to view the details of optimized images in the plugin dashboard
  • Ability to exclude specific images from Lizzy loading or volume reduction based on file information
  • Provide optimized images to 5000 views per month (unlimited in Pro version) (free – paid)

The seventh plugin to be introduced as the best WordPress image compression plugin is the plugin with over 100,000 active installs. This plugin is compatible with JPG, PNG and GIF formats and can improve your site loading. This service is used by at least 400,000 websites with different CMSs (CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop and Magento).

The features of the plugin are not very large and all the options are included in one page, but one of the interesting features is that according to your expectations, you can enter a number between 0 and 100 as the image quality after optimization. Naturally, no matter how close the number is, the image quality is maintained in the optimization.

If you have a question about what is in the pro version of this plugin, I must say that with the purchase of the pro version of the plugin, there is no limit to the initial size of the images, which is up to 5mb !!

Highlights of the plugin:

  • Optimize JPG, PNG and GIF images
  • Ability to enable auto-optimization
  • Possibility of cumulative optimization of images
  • Ability to adjust the amount of optimization and maintain image quality
  • Ability to store EXIF information of a photo (such as camera model and…)
  • Ability to disable the storage of original images
  • Ability to display statistics and optimized image status
  • Image optimization up to 5 MB (no restrictions in the Pro version)

The latest plugin I want to introduce you to is a little different from other image optimization plugins. Imsanity plugin is one of the popular plugins for resizing or resizing WordPress images. imsanity can not be considered only as an image compression and optimization plugin, but because of the ability to resize and reduce the quality of images, it is appropriate to put it in the list of the best WordPress image optimization plugin, but in fact as a photo resizing plugin WordPress is known.

The process of this plugin is such that the maximum width, height and quality of images are entered by you in the settings; Now if the image size after upload is larger than the range you specified, the imsanity plugin will automatically reduce the image size and replace the original image.

With the Bulk Resize Images feature, previous photos can be resized selectively and selectively. More than 300,000 users have already installed and activated this plugin.

Important Note: Please make a backup before changing the size with this plugin so that you can rest easy. You can read the article on the best backup plugins for WordPress.

Highlights of the plugin:

  • Resize and scale large images automatically
  • Ability to select custom images for cumulative resizing or Bulk
  • Ability to configure width and height
  • Ability to adjust the quality of images in jpg format
  • Ability to convert BMP file to JPG to resize
  • Ability to convert PNG file to JPG for further compression

Use Photo CDN

Some of the above plugins also have CDNs (do you know what a CDN is? If not, what is a CDN article? .

In fact, it can be said that these sites can be a good option to replace image optimization plugins.

I will introduce you to some of the best image CDNs and they also have a free version, you can test and check.

I think both imagekit and cloudinary are great for using CDN.


Conclusion + comparison + suggestion

Well, we come to the part where we talk about the middle ground. I hope if you were looking to download the best image reduction plugin in WordPress, this article will be fruitful and can increase the speed of your site. Read the list below for ease of comparison and final conclusions.

The best WordPress image optimization plugin without loss of quality (weakness: with volume limit) wp smushit
The best free plugin for optimizing WordPress images (Weakness: Using site server resources) EWWW
High compression power but with lower features than EWWW and Imagify
High compression power and features in the free version of ShortPixel
The most basic Tiny WordPress image reduction plugin with high compression power
A photo optimization plugin with different features such as Lizzie loaded and CDN and responsive image resizing Optimole
Limited features and moderate optimization power
Easy reduction of image size based on size and quality, decrease in visual quality imsanity

You must know the GTmetrix tool. It is a powerful tool for improving and optimizing WordPress, which examines about 50 factors of site speed. Today, site speed is also very important. Read.

In this comparison and conclusion of the above table, individual tastes are also involved. In any case, if you have other suggestions, you can benefit from your useful comments. As always, we answer your questions, dear ones, in the comments section. Finally, thank you for reading this article on the SEO teaching website 🙂

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