Install Cloudflare and learn CloudFlare settings

In this article, we are going to teach you how to use cdn, one of the best cdns in the world called Cloud Feller. And the most important concern of users is the free ssl available on for ir domains and other domains in general. Join SEO teaching to find out what Cloudflare is.


What is Cloudflare and how to enable and learn its settings

Cloudflare is a content delivery network (CDN) service provider with advanced DNS settings, protection against DDOS attacks, and security services. They have gained a great deal of notoriety in the community and in the networking and web industry for providing free SSL and speeding up and optimizing DNS settings, and providing a powerful network of more than 100 different servers around the world.

They are backed by well-known companies such as Google, Microsoft and Qualcomm, and their famous customers include Cisco, Zendesk, Digital Ocean and Nasdaq.

Of course, large Iranian sites such as Digi Kala and Bamilo also used this powerful CDN service at some point, so we understand the high importance of learning and training to set up a CDN with this point.

To use Cloudflare services on your WordPress website, follow the steps below carefully in SEO teaching. On the SEO teaching website, we recommend the use of Cloudflare to most of our users who have external hosts to increase the site speed, and if you are going to provide the company’s paid panels, the location of the hosts does not matter much. If you are using Iran Host and you want to activate Cloud Feller on your site, your site may encounter momentary disruptions. If your site is on Iran Host, it is better to use Iranian cdns such as Abar Arvan that are hosted. Iranian compatibility is fully compatible.

If you are looking for an easy way to improve the speed of your site and increase the security of your WordPress website, is one of your best choices with the features it offers.

Most Cloudflare customers use the company’s free service. In the company’s free service, you will be given a panel with the ability to use an unlimited bandwidth CDN, free SSL, but with a series of limited features.

In this post, learning how to use cloudflare CDN will try to deal with different aspects of this tool.

Note: To use the free Cloudflare services, you must set up the DNS that this site creates for your domain on your domain, which means that you will not be able to have a dedicated DNS with your domain name using Cloudflare.


Install Cloudflare Tutorial

Well, we came to the tutorial on installing cloudflare, in the tutorial on activating cloudflare, it is assumed that you have already created an account on the Cloudflare website. If you have not yet registered on this website, log in to the Cloudflare website and register as you will naturally need to register to use Cloudflare.


Step 1 – Add a site in Cloudfler

Let’s start learning cloudflare settings. Log in to your account on the Cloudflare website and click on “+ Add Site” and wait for the add page to open.

After registering your website, you have to choose the plan you want, so we go to the second step, which is choosing the plan.


The second step – choosing a plan

In the next step of the training to use the CDN of the Cloudflare website, you have to choose your Cloudflare package or Plan, in which we select the free package. For domestic hosts (Iranian hosting), a free plan is not recommended.

After selecting the desired package, click on Confirm. For more information on package features, visit the Cloudflare Website Plan section.

After approving and selecting the plan, you should wait a few minutes for the first settings related to your website to be checked and done.


Step 3 – Set up DNS in Cloudfler

In the third step of learning cloudflare settings, we go to the important part of DNS. Cloudfler offers you two services for DNS (On Cloudflare and Off Cloudflare), which is the first service for using CDN and security features, and the other is just connecting one of the records through another Cloudflare, and in this service there is no possibility You do not have a CDN or security and you connect directly to the destination server.

Most users, depending on their needs, try to follow everything that Claude Feller suggests in their DNS.

To make sure your DNS record is connected to Cloudfler and uses its CDN and security services, look at the cloud in front of the DNS record and make sure it is orange, and if it is not orange, click on the cloud to turn it into a cloud. Change to orange (this will enable CloudFeller features in your DNS record).

Also, if you have additional records such as MX records in your domain, try to separate those records from Cloudflare, and to separate, you must disable the ability to use the CDN service on that record (gray cloud means disabled).

Click Continue when you have entered all the records. You can change these records later whenever you want.


Step 4 – NameServers settings

In this step of the cloudflare tutorial you will need to change your NS servers to what Cloudflare has defined.

Because Cloudflare acts like a proxy, by connecting half of its domain servers to the company, the user connects directly to the nearest Cloudflare server in their area of ​​residence to enter your site after entering your website URL. This will speed up the loading of your website.

Remarkable for those who are afraid of their website being interrupted when changing the half-servers: Due to not changing the source server, you will not have any interruption or so-called DownTime after changing the half-servers of the website.

After changing the half-servers to what Cloudflare has defined, click Done, check nameservers.

Switching half-servers can take from 1 to 72 hours, especially on ir domains, which take a long time.


Step 5 – Set up IP and DNS

If you are one of those people who got DNS and dedicated IP for your website and forgot to enter Cloudfeller in the DNS section, you can enter the DNS section through the menu and DNS and IP Enter your own in CloudFeller or make changes to your DNS.

The DNS settings section in Cloudfler has another use, and that is that if the hosting is done once, it is enough to change the old IP host in this section to the old IP host.

Now let’s continue learning how to use this CDN and if you have done all the steps. Your site is linked to Cloud Feller.


Step 6 (Optional) – Install Cloudfler plugin in WordPress

There is an additional step of learning cloudflare settings for WordPress users, which is not mandatory, but using the official Cloudflare plugin in WordPress prevents problems.

You can add the official Cloudflare plugin for Cloudflare settings from the WordPress repository or by searching the Add Plugin section of your plugin list.

Features of this plugin include the following:

  • Fixed some problems in the WordPress comments section
  • Clear auto cache
  • Write a header to prevent illegal transfers when SSL is enabled.
  • Ability to change Cloudflare account settings from the plugin
  • Ability to watch the total number of visitors, the amount of bandwidth saved and blocked threats
  • Support for HTTP2 / Server Push
  • After installing the official Cloudfler plugin on WordPress, you must enter your email and account API. (To get your
  • API, log in to your Cloudfler account and click on my profile.

Then in the API section, click on View API Key facing the Global API Key and copy your API and upload it to the WordPress plugin)

Click Save API Credentials after entering the email and API.


Overview of Cloudfeller settings

Under the Home tab, it is best to click Apply to apply the default settings.

Under the Settings tab, if you are a CloudFeller Pro user, you can enable image optimization and development mode.

You can also set the security level of your website and set all the resources of your site to HTTPS.

Under the Analytics tab, you can see a list of saved bandwidth, blocked threats, and total visitors.


Common Cloudflare Problem on Sites

Cloudflare gives all international domains (except the IR domain) a two-year SSL certificate as a gift (Cloudflare has banned https for IR domains altogether and has banned SSL for these domains) .

The cloudflare problem starts when your website has another SSL certificate before registering in Cloudflare, in which case your website will have problems due to incompatibility between the two SSLs and also trying to replace one of them.

In these cases, you need to log in to your Cloudfler account and in the SSL section, make the SSL certificate flexible so that you can eliminate the problems and get the certificates out of the war with each other.


Additional settings for Cloudfler

In this article, you will learn what CloudFlare is, what cloudflare has, how to install cloudflare and CloudFlare settings, and you can set up a CDN for your website. What we said in this cloudflare tutorial was just a brief introduction to cloudflare, and we hope you enjoyed the tutorial on using the settings of this popular CDN.

You can also access the Cloudflare tutorial by visiting the Cloudflare website and reading the documentation on this website, depending on your needs.


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