How to write an interesting title? 35 examples of creative headlines + prizes

Headline writing methods with examples for website and magazine articles

Before I tell you how to write an interesting headline and title, I definitely suggest you read the story below.

Some time ago, a friend of mine introduced me to a book and described a lot about it. He told me that this book has very good content, it teaches you very good lessons for success, the author has written all the secrets of happiness in this book, and in short, happiness is guaranteed by reading it.

Like everyone else, I was curious to prepare and read this book. So I went to a bookstore and found the book I was looking for. But the design on the cover was so ugly that it broke my heart. From the quality of printing and paper that I will not tell you at all. The cover of the book was so thick and heavy that you could not easily hold the book in your hand for 5 minutes. On the back of the book was a summary that had nothing to do with success or happiness. In short, I immediately gave him the gift of buying the book and stopped buying it.

Instead, I saw a book on the side shelf that was blinking at me from a distance, telling me to pick it up and read it. A very stylish and excellent cover design, with an attractive title that was written in a very beautiful font. The design of the book was so mesmerizing that when I regained consciousness I had bought the book and was leaving the shop.

The memory I shared was a clear example of the fact that no matter how useful and engaging the content is, when it comes with an inappropriate look, it keeps the audience away from you, which is why you are here to learn how to write great headlines.

We have to accept the fact that we humans always see and choose first when making decisions. It is not an unconscious act and it does not work, especially the image and the title are very important in our initial cognition.

Imagine Benz producing an E-Class car with the same technical structure, but with the appearance of Pride. Rest assured that most people will not be willing to ride in this car for once.

I said all this to get to this very important point: If you are a content writer (any kind of writer including web, social media, news, newspaper, magazine and other press) and you are looking for your articles and writings To be seen more, to have more sales or to get more clicks, you must know beautiful and effective headline writing strategies and attractive headline writing methods.

So in this article from SEO teaching SEO Training Series, we will introduce you to the importance of title writing and creative headline writing strategies so that you know what will happen to you if you do not choose a suitable title for your writing. This article is general and must be read by writers in all fields, webmasters and press editors, and of course SEO experts; But in the article, increasing the click-through rate with captioning, we have only discussed the importance of writing articles in SEO and examining Google’s factors regarding the title meta tag.

In fact, at the end of this article, we also organized a contest, the prize of which is 50,000 tomans to buy a vase from SEO teaching. So stay with us until the end so that you can participate in the competition and win.


The importance of writing attractive and best-selling headlines (clicker)

“Content is king,” Bill Gates said in 1996. This is absolutely true, but you should know that choosing the right title for the content plays the role of the king’s crown.
Research shows that out of every 10 users, 8 people read only the title of the article and 2 people pay attention to the text. If you want to better understand the importance of writing compelling headlines and their impact on sales, consider this example.
When we go to the market to buy clothes, it is less common for us to go to each clothing store and see all their products. Rather, we usually just walk in front of most shops and look at the shop window and only enter a shop that has a more beautiful shop window.

Basically, our customer chooses the best option when he has several choices. So if you are a newspaper and magazine writer, you need to know that when a person stands in front of a newsstand and looks at different newspapers or magazines, he buys the one that has a more attractive and tempting title.
The same thing happens with social media and Google results pages. This means that despite the large amount of content, users will go for more attractive headlines. So if you are looking to sell more of your press, the first step is to attract people by writing a professional and creative headline. Otherwise your magazine or newspaper will not sell much and the editor thinks there is a problem with the writing and content of your article or news. While your content may be the best of its kind, not using a nice and creative headline makes no one want to read your article.

Now, if you are a web content writer or SEO expert, it can be said that writing special titles is more important to you. Because with every search that a user does in Google, 10 results will appear in the SERP page. This is where the user clicks on a title that they find more interesting and useful. Now if you have used a simple and ordinary headline, users will go for results with a more attractive title and this will reduce your click-through rate. So even if your content is well SEO and optimized and you are on the first page of Google results, it will eventually lose its position.

As long as you do not have a good showcase, customers will go to the shops with more attractive showcases. So as long as you do not know how to write headlines, users will go to your competitor’s sites, social networks, newspapers and magazines. Not using an attractive and best-selling title is one of the greatest favors you can have to your competitors.

So far, we have learned about the importance and impact of creative and engaging headlines. We learned more attractive headlines equated to more clicks, more hits and, consequently, more sales. Remember this key phrase: the title sells the content.

An interesting example of the Google Analytics SEO teaching training course: For better feedback, we chose the title “The most comprehensive Google Analytics training course – 30 hours of training videos”. This title also had the feature of specifying the duration of this 30-hour course. It also gives the audience the feeling that this course is the most comprehensive training course in Google Analytics and the user will not need to participate in other courses after seeing it, which is really the case (in the following, we will come to the point that the basic principles Headline writing is about being honest. Well, this great headline made this SEO teaching period sell better than I expected. While most competitors used simple titles like Google “What is Analytics” or “Google Analytics Tutorial Video”.


Mr. Rasouli’s explanations about headline writing strategies

Principles of effective headline writing

Each work has its own set of principles and rules that must be observed. In other words, if you do not follow these principles, the rest of the work will be useless and ineffective. Headline writing is no exception to this rule and attractive headline writing skills are directly related to these principles.
So first I will tell you a few basic principles about how to write compelling titles that you must follow. Next, we will look at effective headline writing techniques that will increase sales of your press and products or increase your site’s clickthrough rate.

Principle One: Lying is forbidden

Perhaps one of the worst things a writer can do is lie to his audience. Of course, there is nothing wrong with writing exaggerated headlines, and even in most cases it is good. But sometimes we confuse the concept of exaggeration with lying. Remember, your product or magazine is not going to be sold just once. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. When you lie to your audience and are not honest, your newspaper or magazine may sell once or twice, but in the long run other people will not trust you. So while trying to write an attractive and creative headline, be careful to consider honesty as the first principle and do not lie to your audience.

Of course, most of us have had the experience of being fooled by unrealistic headlines. For example, during the time that the Corona virus was spreading, we repeatedly saw the headline “Corona drug discovered” in various news agencies and sites. But when we read the original news, we realized that such a thing has not happened yet and there is no cure. This or similar experiences have had no effect other than reducing our trust in that website or news agency. As a result, be very careful to be honest with your audience so as not to lose the trust of them, which is your biggest asset.

Principle 2: Give the audience a sense of benefit

This is one of the most important headline-grabbing principles that sets you apart from your competitors. Why? Because most writers and editors of magazines or SEO experts and webmasters only think about their own articles and products when writing headlines. But you can write a much more engaging and useful headline by thinking about how your audience will benefit from reading your article or news. One of the great and widely used titles in this field are the headlines that start with the phrase “special offer and amazing offer”. Of course, be careful to follow the first principle and your offer is really special.

Of course, you do not have to feel useful directly to the user; Sometimes using a creative headline that does this indirectly can have a greater impact on sales and increase your click-through rate. For example, we at the SEO teaching Academy have a course related to building a landing page.

The good title we chose for this page is “Learning to build and design a landing page in less than 5 minutes without the need for coding”. In this way, we gave the message to our audience that they can create a beautiful landing page in a short time without having to know how to code. Whereas if we used another title like “How to make a very beautiful landing page”, the first one would not be attractive. The same creative title that has satisfied and instilled benefit in our users, has made this SEO teaching course have nearly 200 students.

For many friends who work in the field of site optimization, the question has arisen, what is a search console? And search the same phrase in Google. On the results page, we see that most sites were satisfied with titles such as Google Search Console or Webmaster Tools. Or, for example, in the title of their article, they used the console search tutorial. But if you look closely, you will see that this is exactly the question that has been created for the user, and he will probably not be very convinced to see such headlines. But SEO teaching has used a more interesting headline for this page: “What is a search console and what can be done with the Google search console tool?”

Well, this headline makes our audience feel useful. This way, he knows that by reading this article, in addition to the initial acquaintance with the search console, he will also be informed about the applications of this tool. Observing this point and using this attractive and practical headline, has made this SEO teaching article rank in the 1st rank of Google and click more than other related articles and has more than 10 thousand views so far !!

Of course, I must say that the second principle is more used for writing advertising headlines and article titles. Because writing a news headline may not always instill a sense of interest in the audience. However, if you can apply this principle to news headlines, it will become light and your news will get a lot of views.

Principle 3: Use keywords

This is used in headline writing for websites. Because you need to let Google know what your article or page is about; For this reason, you must use relevant and appropriate keywords to be seen in the results. Of course, the correct use of keywords in writing the title has its own solutions and techniques, which, as we said in the next article, we will talk about in a specialized way. Here I just wanted to say that if you are writing a headline for the site, the use of keywords is also one of the principles that you must follow in writing the appropriate headline.


Attractive and creative headline writing techniques

Well, after learning the basics, now we can go to creative headline writing techniques and teach you how to write some interesting headline examples. When choosing the right headline, always ask yourself the question, for whom are you writing the title? Also ask yourself, what needs does your audience meet by clicking on your headline or reading your article or news? In other words, always consider the needs of the audience and write interesting headlines to meet their needs.

1. Get inspired by beautiful headlines: To begin with, there is nothing wrong with getting ideas from other people’s headlines. Of course, this does not mean copying other interesting titles and not thinking. I mean, be inspired by the methods, creativity and ideas of others. You can even make a notebook and write down the beautiful and interesting titles you see inside. Then, when you want to write a headline, use these templates so that you can write more interesting headlines.
I wrote this first, because it is more useful for early work and for friends who do not have much experience in writing interesting titles. By reviewing and analyzing good headlines and modeling them, you can make a lot of progress in writing titles.

Another way to get an idea is to write some special and beautiful headlines with different patterns and then ask the opinion of those around you about them. Remember, it is the audience that is going to like and choose your title. So reviewing the feedback of others before choosing the final headline can be a great help to you. Do not be afraid to do this for a long time. “When you wrote your title, you spent 80 cents on a dollar,” says David Aguilar, one of the best-selling headliners. So be careful to make time for these 80 cents so that you do not suffer later. In one of SEO teaching’s SEO projects, I sometimes spent 30 to 45 minutes writing the title of a page; And of course the result was satisfactory and I did not regret what I spent.

At the end of this SEO teaching article, you can see the best templates for writing titles and get ideas and inspiration from this interesting headline for writing your own titles.

3. Write simple, clear headlines: People avoid the most complex things that confuse them. Adhering to this headline writing technique does not conflict with writing creative and engaging headlines. Remember that we said a good headline is a factor in the relationship between the user and the content. So your headline should not be so complex that your audience thinks the content is too complex and stops reading it. Your art as a good writer is to choose a headline that, while attractive and special, conveys a clear message to the audience.

For example, if you are going to write about the increase in the price of the dollar, the headline “Dollar price has doubled” is better than a vague headline like “Dollar price fluctuations continue.” Now, if you increase the transparency again and write “with the speech of Trump yesterday, the price of the dollar doubled”, you will still have more clicks and sales.

Research conducted by hubspot on 3.3 million headlines has revealed that the titles that specified the type of content in brackets ([photo], [infographic],

, [interview] and و) 38% more clicks Compared to other headlines. This means that users want to know more precisely what content they are going to encounter in that post or article.

We also used this headline-grabbing technique a lot in SEO teaching articles and used very good articles entitled “5 very important factors in increasing the speed of the website in the form of infographics” or “Prerequisites for SEO training in the form of infographics”. This method has increased the click-through rate and more views of our articles. In some cases, you can even write the type of content at the beginning of the headline. Like this case “Beautiful infographic to show 10 essential actions to reduce site bounce rate”

3. Use numbers: This technique can also have a huge impact on increasing your sales and clickthrough rate (CTR). People like the things that can be done more. For this reason, it is easier to communicate with the headlines in which the numbers are used. Be sure to use numbers as numbers (not letters). Using numbers in creative headlines can be done in one of the following ways:

  • Number of methods, products or items to be introduced to the user.
    Like the title of the SEO teaching site design training course “120 hours of ASP.Net Core training project – project-based training [2020]” for which we used numbers twice.
    Or the article “Introducing 9 WordPress Redirect Plugins + Analyzing Each” in which we stated the number of things we are going to talk about and we used the previous technique (clear title).
    Numbers are also used in writing the title of the same article you are reading.
    Did you notice that we also used numbers to write all the interesting headlines that we mentioned in the previous part?


  • Content-related statistics that are interesting to the audience.
    For example, “20% forgiveness for taxpayers who pay their taxes early”
    Or “30% discount for enrollment in Google Analytics course”


  • Show the audience that your article and content are up-to-date by stating the year of publication of a news or topic.
    For example, Mirfa SEO training course, which is the most comprehensive free SEO training course, has such an attractive title: “Comprehensive SEO training course in 9 voices – Free SEO training 2020 + exam”, which you can see, again, numbers have been used twice. The fact that this is the 2020 update period attracts the audience’s attention. This attractive title, along with the excellent quality of this course, has made this course have more than 12,000 students.
    Or, for example, the SEO teaching speed increase course with the title “8 hours of Persian training to increase the site speed with GTMetrix tool [update 21]”, which again expresses the course update and increases the click-through rate and product sales.
    Of course, this creative technique is not just for selling products. You can also indicate that your news is up-to-date for news headlines.
    For the authors of news headlines, we can also use the headline “Iran Vision 2035” of Iran Eghtesad newspaper as an example, which was interesting and unique in this field.

4. Give the audience a sense of difference by using great adjectives: Adjectives are words that always give a special charm to the writing and make the content lively. For this reason, using adjectives is one of the best headline writing techniques. Especially to the use of excellent adjectives; Like the best, the best, the newest, the cheapest, the funniest, the most beautiful, the most amazing, the most popular, and sometimes the reverse use of these adjectives (worst, oldest, most expensive,…) can also be a good idea for writing compelling headlines. And be great.

We in SEO teaching use a lot of these interesting headlines. Like “Introducing 11 of the best plugins for WordPress comments” or the headline we talked about earlier, “The most comprehensive Google Analytics training course – 30 hours of training videos” or “Introducing the best free WordPress template + demo and download template” and much more Other cases. If you are looking for a good exercise to get ideas in the field of writing unique headlines, I suggest you check out the headlines of SEO teaching Knowledge Base articles. Because it is a very good headline training workshop and by analyzing the titles of our articles, you will learn very useful tips.

Of course, you do not need to use great attributes to write creative titles. But the proper use of other attributes can also help you increase the click-through rate and visit more articles. Like this tempting headline of the banknote newspaper “The Worrying Stock Market Prosperity” which uses the worrying adjective in a very interesting way. Probably anyone who has capital in the stock market will be tempted to buy this newspaper and read the content. Attributes such as unique, rare, unknown, unique and… can make your title more attractive and different from other titles.

5. Tickle the audience’s curiosity: We all have more or less curiosity in our being. The more you think and use the power of your creativity and write headlines that make your audience more curious to see and read more, the more successful you are in this area. Here, too, modeling on the beautiful titles you have seen before can help you a lot. It has probably happened to you that when someone tells you “I want to tell you a secret…” you quickly become curious and gather your senses to know what that important secret is. Then use the key point and write headlines that activate the audience’s curiosity. In this case, your audience counts the moments to read the content of the article and quickly clicks on the link to your site or buys your newspaper.

For example, Hamshahri Varzeshi newspaper published a photo of Ashkan Dejagah with the headline “Because of a few tattoo lines!” Which encouraged most audiences to buy the newspaper and find out. Of course, remember that if you write such tempting headlines, you must follow the first principle of headline writing, and your news must be just as exciting; Otherwise, other people will not trust you.
Or, for example, the headline of Sobh-e-Eqtesad newspaper, “The increase in the exchange rate in the country has no purely economic reason”, which made the audience curious and read about the hands behind the increase in the exchange rate.

To make better use of this headline-grabbing technique, you can use words like secret, secrets, mysteries, disclosure, disclosure, and so on. For example, “Secrets that food companies do not want to know” or “Secrets of success in programming from the best programmer in Iran” or “Revealing the reason for the separation of Captain Esteghlal + interview”. You can also use the numbering technique to write a more interesting headline. For example, “7 important secrets to increase the speed of the site”
All of these are things that make the audience eager to read the rest of the news. Of course, sometimes you can do this by asking a question. For example, “Why should we avoid buying Xiaomi phones?” Or “Why not miss the SEO teaching WordPress Tutorial?”

6. State the audience’s mental questions: We all have unanswered questions in our subconscious that occupied our minds. Many times these are the questions that make us make choices and decisions. Most of the searches that are done in Google are taken from the mental questions of individuals. Even if these searches are not in the form of questions. For example, a person who searches for “Alexa rank importance” may have wondered if Alexa rank is important. This is where if you point to the same question in the title of your article, the user is more likely to be persuaded to read your article than when using a regular headline. That’s why one of SEO teaching’s articles, “Does Alexa Rank Matter?” The effect of Alexa rank on SEO + voice “has been written, which resulted in a high click-through rate and being on the first page of Google.

So when you guess the audience’s question and use it to write the headline of a news or article, you are more likely to get the audience’s attention. For example, consider a person who intends to buy a house and thinks about the cost of buying a house. One day, as usual, he looks at the headlines and suddenly sees the interesting headline, “Will housing become cheaper this year?” The tasteful author of this news was able to guess the question that was important for this person and many other people and write it in the title of his news. On the other hand, if he had used a simpler title, such as “Housing Price Survey,” he would have attracted less attention.

Or, for example, we have another article entitled “How to increase and speed up the WordPress site” in which an interesting title of the question is used. Of course, studies have shown that among the question words, the phrase “Who” is more effective than the others. Maybe the reason is that this case affects people’s curiosity more. However, according to statistics, the click-through rate of titles that use this phrase was 22% higher than other titles that did not have this phrase.

7. Use emergency headlines: Many people do not take action until they feel an urgent need. Therefore, one of the best headline writing techniques is to use titles that instill a sense of urgency and necessity in the audience. As we said at the beginning, an effective and good headline should give people a sense of benefit. Here we instilled the same sense of usefulness in the audience by stating that the interests of the audience are at stake and that they must act quickly. Because preventing losses is a benefit in itself and makes your audience convinced that they need to know more about the topic.

One of the best examples of interesting headlines I saw in this regard was the headline “Tax earthquake reaches lawyers’ land” related to Haft Sobh newspaper. I have no doubt that every lawyer who saw this scary headline bought the newspaper that day to get more information. Of course, I emphasize again that you should not forget to observe the first principle of captioning, so that your content and news have nothing to do with your headline.

Other patterns, such as “the last chance to take the government recruitment exams” or the title that DJ Kala uses for many of its products, “only 2 remain in stock.”
Other strategies can be used to indirectly express the sense of urgency. For example, “8 things you should know before traveling to Europe” or “10 common mistakes when buying perfume and cologne”, for people who intend to travel to Europe or buy perfume, seeing these attractive headlines will make you read the text quickly. .


The best templates for writing beautiful and creative headlines

In this section, we want to introduce a series of the best models for beautiful and creative headlines to you, dear friends of SEO teaching. You can use these beautiful headlines to write the title of your newspaper, magazine or website. We always update these patterns. So visit this SEO teaching article a lot 😉

Sample attractive headlines to express comprehensiveness

1. Comprehensive guide
۲. Everything about _______________
3. Know everything you need to know about’s
4. ۰ to 100 ـــــــــــــــ
5. From garlic to onion
6. Education from basic to advanced
7. The most complete guide

Sample attractive headlines to be simple and fast

1. Familiarity with – in 3 minutes
۲. The easiest way ـــــــــــــ
3. The fastest way ــــــــــــــــ
4. With this method, you can achieve’s in a short time
5. How fast?
6. How simple’s
7. Ways to improve in the shortest time
7. Achieve -‘s with 3 easy and practical methods

Sample attractive headlines to express secrets and create curiosity in the audience

1. Secrets about
۲. Secrets that do not want you to know
3. Secrets that do not tell you
4. Secrets you need to know about’s
5. Confidential facts about _______________
6. Behind the scenes of the story
7. Unspoken things about what you need to know
8. Confessions _____________ About _______________
9. It is forbidden for these people to do so

Sample creative headlines by setting a deadline

1. Countdown to __________
۲. Urgent: ــــــــــــــ
3. Last chance for __________
4. Last chance for __________
5. Do not waste time for _______________
6. Hurry to get to __________

Sample creative headlines using engaging attributes

1. Amazing tips about
۲. Incredible content about _______________
3. Shocking knowledge of _______________
4. Training with magical methods
5. Ways to succeed in a miraculous way
6. Introducing 5 fantastic methods for ______________

Sample negative creative headlines

1. Worst methods
۲. 5 reasons why we should not do _______________
3. My Negative Experiences from __________
4. Negative results that are costly for you not to know.
5. Common Mistakes About What You Should Not Make
6. Learn about the dangers of using ______________


Summary and creative title contest

Well, in this article you should have learned the 3 principles of headline writing that we said are very important. Here are 7 of the best effective title writing techniques. For each technique, we wrote several interesting examples and the main title. Remember that writing a good headline is a skill that requires a lot of practice. So be sure to make time for this. Analyze the titles of magazines, newspapers and pages and articles of good sites and see what techniques they use to write the title. You can also see the titles used in SEO teaching articles. Because a lot of time has been spent choosing many of these titles to be written creatively, usefully and optimally. Of course, writing a title for a website has its limitations and difficulties, which we will discuss in detail in the next article. And remember, this article, like many SEO teaching articles, is updated over time, and I will share it with you whenever I learn something new about the principles or techniques of creative headline writing.

But let’s get to the title race we promised. Every dear user who can write 5 attractive and practical titles for this article, will receive a prize of 25,000 Tomans from SEO teaching, which is stored in his account at SEO teaching Academy, and he can use it to purchase products and courses of SEO teaching Academy. You can post your ideas in the comments section. So we are waiting for your creative comments dear ones.

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