How to build internal links and optimize it

What about internal links in WordPress? How does link building work in SEO?

In this educational article, we will discuss how to build an internal link professionally. We will tell you 10 important points from simple to advanced, and these golden tips in internal linking can help you in discussing the principles of creating internal links and promoting website SEO.

However, in the process of optimizing a website, more attention is paid to creating external linking than creating internal linking. But just do not forget that one of the most important methods of external backlink building is the basic production of internal links and their optimization on the site.

At the end of this article, you should easily answer the question “How to do internal linking”. In the continuation of this interesting article, stay tuned to SEO teaching.

Important note and an opportunity:

You know that most sites, even sites optimized by some SEOs, do not pay much attention to generating internal links in a principled way, and this is an opportunity for you. One of the most important SEO techniques that I personally love is the discussion of building internal links. And it is interesting to know that many people do not know this important factor of SEO except SEO techniques and are unaware of it. And I promise you that by observing this factor in principle, you can see an increase in traffic to your website. So be serious and do not underestimate this article.

WordPress or Exclusive?
It does not matter if your site is WordPress or dedicated, this tutorial is an internal link for WordPress as well as for all types of dedicated and non-dedicated sites.

User Comments:
Be sure to read the comments of users, about 150 comments recorded in this article with various questions that can give you a good lesson and good training in this field.


The difference between internal and external links

Part of the increase in the page views of sites in search engines, as well as Google crawlers, is related to how internal links are built and internal links are relevant in your content and posts. These links are usually called internal links. And if a site links to you, for example, SEO teaching comes to link your website in this article, those links are basically called backlinks or the same external link and how to create it is called external linking (link building). These internal links can play an important role in the relationship between the content and articles of your site and also an important factor in the internal optimization of the site.

Of course, backlinks (off-site links) are also very important, but in this article we focus on in-site links.

I hope you know the difference between internal and external links, although we did not mention the differences between these types of links comprehensively, but if you have any questions, be sure to ask in the comments and we are waiting for you to send your answers.


The importance of internal linking

Importance: Optimizing internal links not only helps visitors to have a chance to visit other pages of your site to meet their needs; They can also play an important role in how search engine crawlers navigate your site pages and categorize them. So in the form of internal links, it improves the indexing of your website URLs in the results.

On the other hand, one of the most important measurements of user interaction is “bounce rate” and the less bounce rate you have, you can almost conclude that you have good internal link building. Are you familiar with the important factor of bounce rate? Be sure to read our article What is Bance Rate?

Important Note: Note that by increasing the speed of the site, you can help a lot to index the content of the site more easily, and also with this action, you will cause more satisfaction and improve the user experience or the User Experience among visitors. What is a User Experience article can definitely be useful for you to create an SEO strategy in the internal link.

On the other hand, when one of the worst mistakes in internal linking is to link too much to the home page. Or when we review the articles of a site, the internal links of the new articles are more than the internal links of the old articles. And this kind of bad strategy in SEO, which is done unintentionally, does not show the power of internal linking, and it is as if only the name of internal link has been used.

In this article, 10 of the most effective secrets about the function of internal links from basic to professional in order to improve internal SEO by creating principled link building on your site, is introduced by SEO teaching.


  1. Impact of content on internal link building

    One of the most important aspects in building internal links and creating a link building strategy is having quality content in the first place.
    Many SEO experts consider this to be one of the most important factors for building internal links in a principled way that simply allows you to build internal links.
    The more content you produce in developing the quality of the parts that matter most to you; It’s more suitable. You need to define a strong strategy before you start linking content. This strategy can be used to improve the quality potential of internal links.
    What does strategy in content production mean? It means having a strong and regular program for producing content and knowing what is going to be produced next month and what kind of use is to be made, by whom it is produced and when it will be published at the right time.


  2. Link to the most important content on the home page

    Linking to the most important and popular content on the home page is an advantage to keep visitors and SEO that has a direct impact on improving user repulsion rate. One of the big parts in your site traffic is visiting your site home page, by having these appropriate links in the main page or landing page pages, you can encourage the user to open it.

    These popular and relevant pages can be identified with tools such as Google Analytics. The pages that have the most visits and the longest average time have the best choice for building internal links and creating internal links in a principled and user-friendly way.
    If you are interested in the powerful tool of Google Analytics, be sure to check the Google Analytics training link.

  3. Text linking

    In most cases, links within a text are preferred to links that are alone. Why?

    Because these links are surrounded by text items. You can see an example of this type of links in this SEO teaching article. This helps search engines like Google to consider pre- and post-link text as a criterion for linking to that text. Keywords can also be linked to text in this way (albeit in a principled way, not spammy).

    In this way, keywords with internal links help to better fit in the mind of the visitor. Google tracks this content to reduce the number of spam links in search results.
    So for this reason, if you want to get good results in search engine results; You should pay special attention to the internal linking of your site content and the links created in your posts should be related to the topic and inserted in the texts in a principled way.

  4. Build the right number of links

    Each time you create a link, you provide credit to the linked page. And if, for example, I give a number of links from the first page to a specific page with a specific topic, from the point of view of search engines, I give the general validity of the first page link to that particular topic (note, of course, that the validity of the page is separate from the external links of that page , Although their amounts are interdependent).

    Since each link provides a certain amount of credibility, the number of links should be kept at an appropriate level, away from spam and black SEO methods. Excess is bad for anything.
    Visually, the large number of internal links can naturally confuse the visitor. Most people are looking for quality content on a well-structured site. A page with a lot of links for a visitor can make it confusing or difficult to read the article.

    Never overdo the internal link of your site !!! Especially friends who have built their website with WordPress with the help of automated internal link building plugins are building and creating links internally, which causes a negative effect. Make as much as the link. Everything has a size, even good things!

  5. Increase credibility in internal link building

    It is best to use a smaller set of pages to link to more important sections. This helps to improve the credibility of the pages when searching for results. Creating a logical path by linking between site content also helps users and also affects search engines to crawl and index your content.
    For example: You may want to give a page more credibility. You can create a new section (now in the form of a post or page or any text anywhere on the site) that is related to the page. When you provide an internal link from this new article to the desired page; The credibility of that page starts to increase.
    Of course, this is not always the case.

  6. Share pages credit

    Some SEOs believe that linking from a popular page to a bottom article is one of the best ways to share credibility and improve that bottom article.
    For example, an internal link from one page with 100 views per day to another page with one or two views per month increases the display of the second page.
    This is great if you have content that has been forgotten on your site and has disappeared deep into your site. Search engines will only crawl hierarchical web pages. Bots that crawl low credibility pages through popular pages promise the possibility of indexing those pages, and this can also help improve pages with lower credibility.

  7. Value added internal link

    The way you build internal links on your site should be based on the value it has to the reader.
    For example, a link to an article with more details on a topic is better than a brief description. It is better for you to give your readers what they are looking for.
    Search engines like Google focus on quality rather than quantity. Many algorithms used in search engines, such as the Panda algorithm, are reminiscent of how a user visits a site. Instead of focusing on directing the search engine to specific pages, it is better to consider how the Google crawler would visit the pages if it were a human.

  8. The natural cycle on the site

    How to have a good strategy in building internal link building?

    Maybe having a proper cycle can answer that question a bit. In the discussion of optimizing the internal links of the website that you do, it can be a cycle on the site from one page to other pages. In principle optimization within the site, the need for an integrated transfer from the main page to other pages is felt in a principled way.

    Look at the list of books, the connections between the chapters of a book are like the natural cycles in that book. If you link the reader from chapter one to chapter ten, your reader will miss a large part of the main topic. Each consecutive link should guide the visitor from a misguided thinking to a guiding and logical thinking.

    Observing the natural cycle and building a proper internal link can keep a person who is confused in browsing the pages for the next visit, which helps to improve the user’s bounce rate. And you definitely do not want your site links to look scattered or scattered.

  9. Anchor Text

    Important: An anchor is text that is used in a link as a title. Sometimes some people create deceptive texts by having black SEO thoughts or not having enough and correct anchor knowledge. Different methods can be used to create an anchor test depending on the development and type of activity of your site.

    Many people trust general and well-known inline texts such as “Click Here” or “Read More”. One thing you should be careful about is matching the internal link with the keywords. In many cases, Google fines sites for this action. for example ; You can not put your link building with the word “site design” as a continuation if the same word is used in the keywords in that article.

    Of course, these are very complex and difficult things that we sometimes talk about in private SEO classes for 3 hours.

  10. The importance of link color

    Some SEO experts acknowledge the effect of color on a visitor clicking or not clicking on an internal link. Links need to be clear and concise and inspiring to users, and you do not want the links to look like your regular text, as this can even have a negative effect on the user experience.

    From the point of view of search engines, the color of the links does not matter at all. From the point of view of web crawlers; Any color is good. The degree to which the link is relevant to the text is what search engines like Google and Bing are looking for.

    Note that any irrational method, such as matching the color of the link text with the background or hiding the links in any way, increases the risk of the site being penalized by Google. These methods are not tricks, but are referred to as black SEO and one of the factors of spam (immoral SEO) in site optimization.


Internal link building summary

Proper internal link building is one of the easiest and most important ways to improve internal SEO as well as external SEO.

Although it may seem boring, investing in a site is. As you add new sections to the site, keep in mind your important posts and pages may be related to the topic you are writing about. You can reach your goals on the site more quickly by adding links.

Just make sure you do not overdo it as it can have a negative effect on the SEO instead of a positive effect. However, doing this in a principled way will help the visitor as well as the search engines to navigate the pages of the site more easily.

Users who design their site with WordPress have a series of features that can help with the internal link in WordPress. For example, the Just plugin suggests an internal link, or there is a series of plugins for WordPress that help you build internal links automatically.

Now you should be able to answer the question of how to do internal linking. If you have a question about how to create and create internal links on your site, you can ask in the comments section. We will be accountable 🙂

Be successful and stable.

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