Fix 404 error not found

How to fix this error on the WordPress site or browser side?

In this article, we are going to deal with 404 error, which is one of the most famous user-side errors. This error is listed on the GTmetrix site as Avoid HTTP 404 (Not Found) error, read the rest of the article to fix the 404 error.


What is 404 Not Found Error?

404 Not Found Error 404 Error 404 is a status code of the HTTP protocol of the type 4XX category of major errors, meaning that the page of the website you are trying to access is not accessible on its server. Error 404, which means not found, is often customized by websites. This means that some websites change the way 404 error is displayed and the site is redesigned according to its internal policies.

Here are some common ways you can fix a 404 error.

The 404 Not Found error has several forms:

404 Error
404 Not Found
Error 404
The requested URL [URL] was not found on this server
HTTP 404
404 Error
Error 404 Not Found
404 File or Directory Not Found
HTTP 404 Not Found
404 Page Not Found

Errors related to 404 error may occur in any browser or operating system. Most 404 Not Found errors related to the Internet browser are displayed just as web pages are displayed (in the browser).

In Internet Explorer (IE), the error “The webpage can not be found” usually indicates an HTTP 404 error, but if you have read the error 400 in one of the most important errors in our SEO, you will find that IE for error 400 and error 404 is a Displays the message, and to be able to identify what the error is, just look at the browser title to find out the type of error.


Causes of HTTP 404 Error

A 404 error is technically an error on the part of the user rather than an error on the part of the server. Which implies that this error is due to your mistake (users); Wrong spelling of URL or page (desired) has been moved or that page has been removed from the website and you are not aware of this.

Another possibility is that a website redirects a page or resource but does so without addressing from the old URL to the new URL (do not redirect). When this happens, you get a 404 error instead of being redirected to a new page.

Note: Sometimes web servers (web servers) related to Microsoft Internet Information Services, by adding a numeric suffix after 404, provide more specialized information about the cause of 404 errors not found, such as HTTP 404.3 error not found. This means that there is a limit to the number of multipurpose attachments on the Internet. Below is a complete list of these figures that are added to 404.

404.0 – Not found.

404.1 – Site Not Found.
404.2 – ISAPI or CGI restriction.
404.3 – MIME type restriction.
404.4 – No handler configured.
404.5 – Denied by request filtering configuration.
404.6 – Verb denied.
404.7 – File extension denied.
404.8 – Hidden namespace.
404.9 – File attribute hidden.
404.10 – Request header too long.
404.11 – Request contains double escape sequence.
404.12 – Request contains high-bit characters.
404.13 – Content length too large.
404.14 – Request URL too long.
404.15 – Query string too long.
404.16 – DAV request sent to the static file handler.
404.17 – Dynamic content mapped to the static file handler via a wildcard MIME mapping.
404.18 – Querystring sequence denied.
404.19 – Denied by filtering rule.
404.20 – Too Many URL Segments

In order of its meanings:

0-not found.
1-Site not found.
2-Limitations on Internet Service Provider Programming User Interface (ISAPI) or Public Bus Interface (CGI).
3-MIME type restrictions.
4-No configuration.
5-Rejected due to configuration filtering request.
6-The verb is rejected.
7-File format or extension rejected.
8-Hidden name space.
9-Hidden file feature.
10-Too long requested page header
11- The request includes a double escape sequence.
12. The request contains high bit characters.
13- The volume of content is too long.
14. Requesting an URL is too long.
15. The search string or row is too long.
16- The distributed writing and copying request has been sent to the static file control program.
17. Dynamic content is drawn on the static file control program via the drawing MIME coordinator marks.
18. The request row sequence has been rejected.
19. Rejected by filtering regulations.
20. Many sections of the URL


How to fix 404 not found error on the user side

  1. Trying to access the webpage again by pressing the F5 key, clicking the refresh button, or retrying the URL from the address bar are obvious solutions to fix the 404 error.
    A 404 not found error can occur for a variety of reasons, even if there really is no problem, so sometimes a simple refresh (refresh) will in most cases cause the page you are looking for to load.
  2. Check for human errors in the URL. A 404 error that means not found is often caused by incorrectly spelling the URL or clicking on a link that redirects to the wrong URL.
  3. You can go to a higher directory of that address when you encounter a 404 error, for example:
    For example, if the URL causes you to encounter a 404 error, then go to a higher directory, ie Go to net-mvc. If you did not find what you were looking for or you are in the wrong position, please try again and go to This will direct you in the direction you are looking for, although this method is not responsive at some URLs, so if you encounter an error again, go to and you will finally get the correct URL.
    Note: If you have done all of the above and returned to the main page of the site, perform a search process (in the site search box) to get the information you are looking for. If the site was not searchable, continue to search using the categorization links on the site or do a Google search for what you are looking for along with the domain name. Click on this link to better understand.
  4. Search the page of the site you are looking for in a search engine like Google. It is possible that the URL you are holding is wrong, in which case a quick search on search engines like Bing or Google will get you what you are looking for.
    If you finally find the page you were looking for, update your bookmark or Favorites section to prevent future HTTP 404 errors.
  5. If you find that a 404 error occurs only for you (your system), clear your browser’s cache. For example, if you can access an Internet address with your mobile phone but your tablet cannot access that page, clearing the browser cache installed on your tablet can be a hassle.
    You should also note that if clearing your cache does not work, clear your browser’s cookies, or at least one of the cookies that interferes with your website request.
  6. Finally, if all of the above fails, contact the website directly. If they delete a page, then the 404 error is completely correct and they will be able to tell you what to do. But if they have moved a page and instead of redirecting visitors (site) to a new page; This transfer has caused a 404 error, they will be happy to receive a bug report from you and work to fix it.


Fix 404 not found error by webmaster (WordPress or dedicated)

  1. Error 404 If it is related to photos, you should check where you called these photos. Basically, when you look at the URL of the photo, you will notice that this photo is related to the plugin or the template or none, but You uploaded it yourself. Especially WordPress site administrators who should pay attention to this issue. For example, if there is a problem loading a photo for a plugin, you can enter the plugin settings and add a new photo to that WordPress plugin so that the new photo will load from now on.
  2. Sometimes we transfer our WordPress site from one domain to another, for example, the address is and then we transfer it to and we realize that all addresses have encountered a 404 WordPress error in this case. If we are sure that the transfer is done correctly, all you have to do is go to Settings -> Unique Links -> General Settings, then select the simple option once and save it, and then the same option again. Choose yourself. In other words, if my settings are “Written Name”, I select the “Simple” option and save it, and then select the “Written Name” option again and save it again.
  3. If you did nothing on your WordPress site and suddenly encountered 404 errors, you should check what plugin you recently installed. Sometimes due to interference between plugins we may see such errors in WordPress sites.
  4. If you delete a page or post on your WordPress site, you will naturally encounter a 404 error. The best plugin for redirection is the redirection plugin and you can use this plugin to transfer the address you deleted to a new address or similar. Read more about redirect in the article Redirect 301 SEO teaching.
  5. A fatal mistake !!One of the mistakes in fixing 404 error in WordPress is that some friends, for example, have thousands of 404 error pages and use a plugin to transfer all their errors to the main page. This kind of behavior is not interesting at all, both in terms of SEO and user experience.
  6. Earlier in the 15 hours of the Search Console tutorial video, we talked in full about the errors that this powerful Google tool reports on our site. Informs. The photo below shows the 404 errors report of a site in the search console.
    Number one: Displays the error name in the console search.
    Number two: to announce the fix of 404 errors to Google.
    Number three: The chart above and below is this type of error.
    Number four: Displays the addresses of pages that received a 404 error.
    Number five: The last time the Google bot entered that page and saw it, it had a 404 error.


Other errors are similar to the 404 error

The following error messages are related to 404 not found because they are all related to client (user) errors.

400 Bad Request Error, 401 Unauthorized Error, 403 Forbidden Error, 408 Request Timeout Error.

There are several HTTP status codes related to the server, including the message 500, which indicates an internal error on the server, the list of such errors is available in the 5xx errors section of the server.

In the future, this article will be completed and we will mention how to fix the 404 error on the server side as well as the 404 plugin for WordPress and Joomla, which are on the site to manage such problems, as this can improve the user experience as well as SEO Be an effective site.

You say, do you have a better way to fix 404 error? Tell us about your experiences.

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