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403 is a code known as a 403 error or a 403 error, but it is essentially a code that contains a problem. In this article, we are going to teach you how to fix 403 error completely, and then we will discuss general solutions to solve this problem, and finally, if you read well, you can fix this error in your browser or software that You can also fix some of the 403 popular bugs in Google, Google Play Android, WordPress, Bluestacks, and more. Stay tuned to SEO teaching.

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What is a 403 forbidden error?

A 403 forbidden error, which means an HTTP status code, is a type of 4xx code, which means that access to the page or source you are trying to access is not possible for a variety of reasons. Reasons for increased security, sanctions, purchases with improper settings or software or human errors.

Different web servers display 403 errors in different ways. I have listed the most common forms of this error below. Sometimes a website owner changes and customizes the HTTP 403 error (display form), which is not uncommon.


What does error 403 look like?

The most common forms of 403 error are as follows:

403 Forbidden

HTTP 403


Error 403

HTTP Error 403.14 – Forbidden

Error 403 – Forbidden

HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden

Forbidden: You do not have permission to access [directory] on this server

They mean in order:

  • Forbidden 403
  • HTTP 403
  • Prohibited
  • Error 403
  • HTTP 403.14 Error – Forbidden
  • Error 403 – Prohibited
  • HTTP 403 Error – Forbidden
  • Prohibited: You are not allowed to access this server.

Error 403 forbidden error is displayed in the browser window in the same way as other web pages. 403 errors, like other errors in this category, can be found on any operating system and in any browser.

In Internet Explorer, “The website declined to show this webpage” indicates a 403 forbidden error. And in the title of Internet Explorer (IE) it inserts the message 403 forbidden error or something like that.

403 errors are also commonly found in Office software when pop-up links through Microsoft Office applications generate a message indicating that they are unable to open that URL, or that the information required by the Microsoft Office application could not be downloaded. .


Causes of 403 forbidden error and fix it

  1. Check for (possible) errors in the URL and make sure the name and extension of the site address are correct, and that it is not enough to just be correct in the directory. Most websites are configured in such a way that it is not possible to open the site through a directory, so when you try to display a folder instead of a specific page, it is normal and expected to encounter a 403 forbidden message.
    Note: This is by far the most common reason for a website to encounter a 403 forbidden error.
  2. Cache or in Persian clear your browser cache. When you enter a site, some of that site is cached in your browser and your re-visit of that site may cause 403 forbidden problem.
  3. Enter the (desired) website Assuming that this is possible on the website in question, start something that you have always done or intend to do, and if you encounter the code 403 forbidden or the same error 403 can mean this Be that as it may, you need additional access or higher access (such as admin) before you can address that site.
    This means that sometimes a website, due to its business policies such as increasing security, some of its pages have a 403 forbidden error that requires special permission (to enter). However, sometimes instead of a login page, 403 forbidden is used because only people They enter special and limited.
  4. Clear your browser cookies; Especially if you normally visit a particular website and your last login does not work the last step.
    Note: Although we talked about (deleting) cookies, you should make sure to enable them for your browser or at least for the website (which you are about to sign in). In short, it is necessary to have a cookie enabled, but from time to time you should clear your browser cookie to see the least errors.
  5. Contact the website. The 403 forbidden error may have been incorrectly configured, and it may have been configured for other people (who want to access the site), but it has also happened to you who need to access that site administrator. Not aware.
    Interesting point: on Twitter, a site is usually completely down or so-called dormant, especially if the down site is one of the most popular websites, it is full of discussions in the form of tweets, and if, for example, you have such a problem on the sites. Great, you can visit these networks and with a search you will get the necessary information about recent errors on that site. For example, hashtags like #websitedown can be used on Twitter to find a specific site. For example, when the Facebook site went down for a short time, the hashtag facebookdown was widely used on this social network. Or the Amazon site in this social network targeted by users and we see many tweets with the hashtag amazondown. In fact, this is a great trick to know the status of sites other than Twitter 🙂
  6. If you continue to encounter a 403 error, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP); Especially if you are absolutely sure that the website in question is already available to other people.
    Your public IP address or all of your ISPs may be blacklisted.
  7. See later. Once you have determined that the page you are trying to access is correct and the HTTP 403 error has been seen by people other than you, the only useful solution is to log in to your website later to fix the problem. Site to be done.
  8. It is not possible to fix the 403 error in Google, in other words, some sites have blocked some IPs, and when we enter some google pages, we encounter the 403 problem, which is the only way to use VPN or other tools to change the IP. . Now, if you log in once and then encounter this error and turn on the VPN and see this error again, it means that the cookie and cache inside the browser will prevent this 403 error from being fixed. Empty then test again.
    Unfortunately, these problems exist in services such as Google Analytics, AdWords, GTM and other Google applications for users with IP Iran.
  9. How to fix 403 error in Google Play Android is the same and first you have to clear the cache in Google Play software and then enter the software with a VPN or sugar / breaker software so that you do not see this error.
  10. There are several other solutions to fix WordPress 403 or Joomla! Error. When a forbidden error occurs on a WordPress site, it is recommended that you temporarily disable all plugins, then check to see if the 403 error persists. If not, it means that one or more of your plugins are problematic or overlapping and you should check each plugin.
  11. Of course, there is another solution to fix the 403 error in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any site on Apache servers, and that is to temporarily disable the .htaccess code and then check.
  12. Sometimes this 403 problem also occurs on the Cloudflare side, and due to interference with your host, you may see that this error also occurs after activating the site in Cloudflare. If you do not have a suitable host, inform SEO teaching to offer you a suitable host with a good discount.


Do you still get 403 error messages?

If you have followed and implemented all of the above solutions, but you still encounter a 403 error when accessing a particular site or webpage, I suggest you raise your problem with the necessary documentation in specialized forums so that comments Different depending on the problem you get.

Although some bug fixes like Error 400 and Error 401 were the same, you are advised to read them.

You are the administrator of WordPress site and you see such an error, I suggest you read this link.

Although you may think error 403 has nothing to do with SEO, incorrect site settings can lead to an inappropriate user experience. On the other hand, due to incorrect settings and 403 problems on important pages such as landing pages, it may not increase the site ranking in the results. Find out if this has a direct bearing on reducing the impact of online marketing on your business. We hope we have been able to take an effective step in this direction by publishing SEO articles. We look forward to your comments and experiences on these issues.

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