The difference between Microdata, Structured Data and Rich Snippets

Hi, many friends and even professionals and maybe even SEO experts do not know the exact difference between structured data and microdata and snippets, in this article we want to say more about the difference between these terms in practice.


Differences between Microdata, Structured Data and Rich Snippets

Maybe it’s good to have a good read first of what is structured data article and then read what is wonderful article Rich Snippet. In these articles we have dealt well with each phrase of this page and said how much they can have a positive impact on your SEO.

But in this article, we want to pay more attention to the difference between these phrases and it will give you an excellent view.


What is Structured data?

According to this photo, you can see most of the differences between these terms. Structured data, or in Persian, structured data is also called rich data markup in some places, as well as semantic markup.

The HTML markup language was created to specify different elements of the page, such as an image, paragraph, table, article, book, movie, etc., and tell browsers what to display in which part of the page.
These tags are enough for browsers, but search engines face difficulties, data structure appears here and creates this awareness for search engines with different standards.

Structured data refers to information that helps search engines like Google get a better view of the content of a page of a site.
There are many standards for data structure that allow us to provide search engines with information about a movie, article, book, cooking recipe, and more.


Types of Structured data standards

Structured data now has different standards that most search engines support, the standards of structured data are:



What are rich snippets?

Google uses snippets to insert information from your site into results. In addition to the usual information such as page links, titles and descriptions, Google provides additional information such as photos, rankings, author information, etc. by the standards contained in the data structure. Your site receives and displays in its results.

If you have paid a little attention in the first lines of this article, I said that the search engine often can not analyze some useful information on our site without data structure, so with the mentioned standards that make this information understandable for search engines and then the search engine. He can easily show them in the results, which at that time were called snippets.

Of course, Google does not only use these data structure standards for rich snippets, we wrote a very comprehensive article about rich answers, be sure to read and see how well Google uses this information in the SERP


What is Microdata?

In HTML5 markup language, data structure is actually called Microdata. Using three attributes, itemscope, itemtype, and itemprop, you can SEO your html code for search engines.

Until recently, however, Google preferred the Microdata standard, which was implemented by But now they accept the JSON-LD standard more.

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