Best WordPress SEO Plugin – 15 Free WordPress SEO Plugins

What are the best WordPress SEO plugins? + Download link

You spend days and hours on site strategy and eventually the website is implemented, but after a few months you still have to look for your site in the dead pages of Google (second pages onwards)! In these cases, you ask yourself, I must have acted against the standards of search engines; What is the solution now? Looking for the best WordPress SEO plugin so that it might be an ointment for the low score of the site…

The topic of SEO exists from the beginning to the end of site design and management, and its standards are constantly being updated and changed. There are several plugins that each improve part of the SEO site but do not need you to not know SEO knowledge. I suggest you do not miss the WordPress SEO training; By following this tutorial, you will become familiar with SEO from zero to one hundred, of course, an SEO test is also prepared for you at the end of the SEO training article to test yourself.

But in this article, we are going to introduce the best WordPress SEO plugins to you. These plugins have different tasks, such as keyword-based text analysis, readability of texts, identifying broken links and redirects, improving performance to increase site speed, and so on !!


Does my site need a WordPress SEO plugin?

Most visitors will find your site through a search engine; On the other hand, every business gives priority to attracting the audience! But if there are many competitors, it will be difficult, because you have to be better to be ahead of the competition.

To do this, you must first determine the strategy, choose a strong host, and in the next steps work on the appearance of the website, specify the categories, generate content, create a rich snippet and sketch, take a photo, launch a product; Maybe in the middle you will change your mind, delete some links or redirect and…

But is it that easy? No. Although WordPress is the best CMS for SEO, even if you are an SEO expert, you still need an SEO plugin; As with most high-speed hosts, you may need a WordPress plugin.

SEO plugins have the ability to analyze the content of the site and can intelligently identify vulnerabilities or provide you with special features (for example, consider caching and creating a rich snippet).


The concept of Rich Snape and Schema in SEO plugins

Since Rich Snape and Eskima are one of the most effective factors in improving SEO, we are going to mention it in this article. So before introducing the SEO optimization plugin, it is better to talk about these two practical and interesting words.

schema | Schema: Schema is actually a set of data and commands that are added to website code. These commands are used to mark the content of the website. In this way, after the crawl of the site by the search engine, the important parts of a site, a post and… are identified; In fact, schema markup is the act of highlighting parts of the text on paper!

rich snippet | Rich Snippet: This article discusses Rich Snippet in its entirety. In short, the rich snippet is the result of using the schema markup structure. That is, the information marked on the search engine results page is displayed to the user. This box is called Rich Snippet. Rich Snape can be writing points, questions and answers, menu, price or many other things. The images below are an example of Rich Snippet.


Introducing the best WordPress SEO plugin

There are many plugins in the WordPress repository for SEO, but to avoid slowing down or disrupting plugins, the best SEO plugin in WordPress should be selected and installed. For example, introducing 15 plugins in this article does not mean that you have to install and activate all of these plugins; For example, the Just SEO plugin has various features, one of which is text analysis based on the keyword, on the other hand, the SEO Press plugin has almost the same function! Well, then select one of the plugins that have the same functionality. If you are still unsure about choosing the best SEO optimization plugin, stay tuned to this article from SEO teaching.


Yoast SEO Plugin – Yoast SEO (Free – Paid)

Anyway, the word for the best WordPress SEO plugin that comes to mind comes to mind with the difference between the name of Just SEO. This amazing plugin has had over 5 million active installs so far. Maybe you are better acquainted with the features and function of yoast seo and maybe not; However, if you worked with this plugin, you probably have not paid attention to some of its features until now.

The appearance of user-friendly SEO and all the options and features are neat and clear. With this plugin, you can specify titles and meta descriptions for your content and pages, and analyze content based on keywords. Creating a sitemap and indexing it in the search console is one of the most effective factors in making it easier for search engines to crawl your site. Fortunately, the Yoast SEO plugin can automatically generate a website XML sitemap.

Naturally, in yoast seo premium or the premium version of yoast seo, your hands are more open to make more changes and various possibilities; For example, specifying a few keywords, previewing a page from the site on Twitter and Facebook, or suggesting internal links are some of the features of the premium version of this plugin. (Of course, the same free version meets most SEO expectations)


Some of the salient features of Yoast SEO plugin:

  • Optimize texts based on keyword and provide suggestions for optimization
  • Recognize the readability of content and provide suggestions for optimization
  • Ability to identify similar texts or Duplicate content
  • Canonical meta tag to prevent duplicate content *
  • Build an XML sitemap
  • Ability to redirect pages and delete 404 pages
  • Submit your site to the webmaster of search engines
  • It has a noindex option for not indexing certain content
  • Ability to add titles, meta descriptions and rich snippets
  • Optimizing AMP pages (more on amp)
  • Ability to specify how to preview the page on social networks (Pro version)

Canonical meta tags: Duplicate and similar content on a website confuses search engine robots and they do not know which one of the similar content of a website is rated; As a result, there are a number of problems following this issue. The canonical meta tag is used in such cases, which is fully covered in the canonical article. I recommend you read about canonical tags, because improper use of this tag is one of the factors that penalize the site.


Addans of Easy SEO

Looking for more features? Well, if the features of the premium version of this WordPress SEO plugin do not meet your expectations, you can go one step further and go to download Just SEO Addons:

  • Yoast Local SEO: Optimizing websites with a local business
  • Yoast Video SEO: WordPress SEO video plugin, with the ability to better introduce site videos to Google and increase the video ranking in search results
  • Yoast News SEO: For Google News websites, optimizing news articles for higher rankings and better indexing
  • WooCommerce SEO: For store sites for better performance and high ranking in search engines and social networks

Since you want SEO to be completely localized and Persianized, it can be considered as the best Persian WordPress SEO plugin. In short, we have said little about this plugin !!!


Rank Math Plugin (Free)

Another plugin that should be mentioned in the list of the best WordPress SEO plugins is Rank Math. This plugin provides you with everything you need in the internal SEO of the site. After installing the plugin, you must enter the panel of this plugin after registration and in the next steps, make the settings as a Wizard. After the initial settings, you will be faced with a large number of settings, including RichSnip management, redirection, NoIndex, NoFollow, Noarchive meta tags, sitemap, 404 page identification, and so on. These are just a few of the many features of Rank Math.


Do you really know what a 404 error is and how to fix it? Troubleshooting 404 is your guide.

Undoubtedly, you have worked with Google Search Console and you know that you have to enter the dedicated URL of this console to check the status of the site. But one of the interesting features that you get by installing Rank Math is that you can view some of the data and statistics of Google Search Console directly in the WordPress counter of the site. Information such as high-quality keywords, site errors, or website impression numbers are part of this display information in your WordPress counter. Google Console Search Tutorial fully explores and teaches this online tool. Easily become your own site engineer with this tutorial.


Some of the salient features of Rank Math plugin:

  • Keyword-based text optimization
  • Ability to add infinite keyword with special filter
  • Ability to add title and meta description
  • Photo SEO with Alt and Title features
  • Ability to add canonical URLs intelligently
  • Offer internal links
  • Create an XML sitemap
  • 404 Error Monitor and their list
  • Smart redirect features
  • Ability to modify the robots.txt file
  • Ability to modify .htaccess file
  • Multi-site WordPress support
  • WooCommerce support
  • Integrate with Google Search Console and display some information in the WordPress counter
  • Rich Snape and build a schema to better introduce the site in search engine results
  • Ability to hide part of the plugin settings based on the role of the site user (administrator, author, etc.)


All in One SEO Pack plugin (free – paid)

The All In One SEO Pack plugin has always been introduced as a competitor to the best WordPress SEO plugin, Yoast SEO. Of course, these two SEO plugins are not the same and have different features. The All In One SEO Pack is the only free plugin that integrates well with store and business sites (such as WooCommerce) and has over 2 million active installs. Plugin settings include various options such as title-related settings, Rich Snippet, Noindex and many more.

The All In One SEO Pack plugin gives you good features to improve your SEO and is more customizable than your SEO, which means it has more options for customization. With this plugin you can integrate the site with Google Analytics; Google Analytics is an advanced site analytics tool that can take positive steps to market and grow a business. More information in the Google Analytics tutorial.


Some of the salient features of the All In One SEO Pack plugin:

  • Ability to specify one or more keywords
  • Create images sitemap and send to Google and Bing to improve image SEO
  • Compatible with store site, especially WooCommerce sites
  • Google AMP support (fast loading of pages on mobile)
  • Ability to automatically generate meta descriptions
  • Google Analytics support
  • Advanced canonical links to avoid duplicate content
  • Rich Snape and Eskima to better introduce the site in search engine results
  • Automatic notification to search engines about site changes
  • Ability to redirect extensions of a page to the main post
  • Ability to modify the robots.txt file
  • Ability to modify .htaccess file without FTP
  • Video SEO and SEO Tags, Categories and Tags (Pro Version)

The SEO Framework Plugin (Free – Paid)

A free WordPress SEO plugin with great features !! The SEO Framework plugin with more than 100,000 active installations and various free features, is at the top of the list of the best WordPress SEO plugins. Of course, this plugin also has a Pro version, but all the main features have been updated in the same free version. This plugin is one of the alternatives to the previous three plugins and according to the manufacturer, it is the fastest SEO plugin with full features.

The SEO Framework is suitable for everyone, regardless of the size of your business. The plugin is configured automatically and does not involve beginners; But if you are a professional and you run a large site, the settings of this plugin are for you !!

The SEO Framework performs various tasks behind the scenes without you realizing it; For example, it prevents or does not allow canonical errors to be indexed on 404 pages and empty categories.

If we factor in the good settings and features of this plugin, one of the special features of The SEO Framework is that it uses different colors to announce errors and alerts to the user. In fact, you can see these colors and warnings in the list of WordPress counter posts. But what is the meaning of these colors? Red means an error that you must fix. Yellow refers to warnings that need to be heeded. Green points to the positive points of the post. Information and status are also announced in blue.

The Pro version of this plugin includes a number of extensions and provides full features to the user. For example, if you want this plugin to support HoneyPot Anti-Spammer or integrate with Google Analytics, you can get the Pro version of The SEO Framework plugin.


Some of the salient features of The SEO Framework plugin:

  • Avoid indexing 404 pages and empty categories
  • Ability to add metadata such as titles and meta descriptions
  • Build canonical tags and prevent the production of similar content
  • Create a sitemap or XML sitemap
  • Ability to style the site map
  • Announce site changes to search engines through sitemap
  • Ability to connect the site to the search console
  • Ability to add meta tags and specify how to preview on social networks
  • Possibility of redirect
  • Ability to NoIndex, NoFollow, Noarchive all or part of the site
  • Honeypot extension as an anti-spam comment and the ability to integrate with Google Analytics (in the Pro version)
  • Support for AMP pages, delete code comments, view site optimization statistics (in Pro version)


SEOPress Plugin (Free – Paid)

If you are looking to improve your SEO with a simple and powerful plugin, SEO Press is one of the best SEO WordPress plugins. With SEO Press you can choose meta for posts, descriptions and titles, determine how to preview pages on Twitter and Facebook, or create a visual and content sitemap. Unlike the previous plugin, The SEO Framework, SEO Press has the ability to add a keyword to posts and connect to Google Analytics;

Also, with the premium version of SEOPress SEO plugin, you can view Google Analytics statistics directly in the WordPress counter, or you can do all kinds of redirects, including 404, 301, 307, and آدر to the desired address. For example, if you could see the list of 404 errors for free in the Rank Math plugin, this is only possible in the premium version of the SEO Press plugin.

SEO Press has more than 90,000 active installations so far and the Persian version of this SEO enhancement plugin is available to dear Persian speakers.


Some of the salient features of SEOPress plugin:

  • Keyword-based text optimization
  • Ability to redirect posts and pages
  • Ability to connect the site to the search console
  • Ability to connect to Google Analytics
  • Canonical capability
  • Build XML and HTML sitemaps
  • Ability to delete / category / in URL
  • Ability not to index noindex pages
  • Ability not to display snippets and images to the search engine
  • Ability to nofollow links
  • Automatically adjust captions, alternative text, captions and captions for images
  • Open graph feature to determine how to preview content on Facebook
  • Twitter card capability to determine how to display content on Twitter
  • SEO WooCommerce (Pro version)
  • Ability to edit Robots.txt file (Pro version)
  • Ability to create XML sitemap for video (Pro version)
  • Build Google Sketches (such as menu display, FAQ,… in Google search results) (Pro version)
  • Scan site and auto-detect 404 error (Pro version)
  • View statistical information of google analytics tool in WordPress counter (Pro version)


Squirrly SEO Plugin (Free – Paid)

Squirrly SEO plugin conveys a different feeling of working with WordPress SEO plugin to the user; In general, its mechanism is different! In fact, the rest of the SEO plugins, in exchange for providing a number of features, were left to you. But Squirrly SEO plugin is more ideal for people who are not SEO experts and do not deal with site performance analysis tools.

This SEO optimization plugin, after determining the keywords for each post, starts analyzing the text and if you follow any of the factors, a green light will come on; Of course, at the moment this article is being written, this feature is not possible with IP Iran and you have to connect to the sugar / breaker.

According to the creators of Squirrly SEO, this plugin is a waze to reach the destination. Specify enough target keywords to get a Google rank with the statistics and guides of this plugin! For example, in this plugin, you can select one or more keywords that are trending as target keywords, and after saving them in the briefcase, monitor the site ranking according to competitors. In fact, there is a tool in the plugin that analyzes the content of competing sites; There is also a section in this plugin that after entering the focus pages (Focus Pages), a series of special methods are applied to those pages to get a higher ranking.

Squirrly, as a SEO optimization plugin with different structure, has 20,000+ active installs so far.


Highlights of Squirrly SEO Plugin:

  • Keyword-based text analysis
  • Ability to add metadata and snippets
  • Provide a weekly report from the SEO site
  • Statistical report from Social Signal and Google rankings
  • Ability to search for keywords and analyze them (data source from SEMrush service and social networks)
  • Support for setting up Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics tools
  • Add canonical links to all pages
  • Create XML sitemap and ping it with Google and Bing
  • Ability to specify a favicon next to the page name in the Browse tab
  • Compatibility with store sites and the ability to integrate with plugins related to such sites
  • Notification of 404 errors and SEO problems
  • Has an open graph to preview content on Facebook
  • Ability to set a Twitter Card to set a preview of content on Twitter

Rankie plugin (paid)

There are a few plugins to help us with keywords so we can have an analysis of the keywords, but there are also plugins that do the process for free; Rankie plugin is actually one of the best WordPress SEO plugins for determining keyword, tracking site ranking and viewing site statistics in Google.

After installing this plugin, you select a set of keywords and place them in a specific group. Use the research menu to help you choose better keywords; In this section, after entering the desired keyword, tens of complementary keywords are suggested by the google search suggest service. After determining the desired keywords and different groupings, it is possible to see the exact statistics of each keyword and the content that was successful in that field.

Really a question: a tool like Google Trends does the plugin do the same thing? Tell us in the comments.

Highlights of Rankie plugin:

  • Track the rank of each keyword in Google
  • Ability to observe a graph of site performance at any time
  • Ability to view site performance statistics based on each keyword added
  • Download detailed statistics and site performance reports in PDF format
  • Ability to send daily reports of site rank and performance
  • Keyword search tool based on user searches in all languages
  • Keyword suggestions related to the keyword you searched for based on Google suggestions
  • Use 4 different methods to determine site position based on keywords
  • Since the Rankie plugin does not have a free version, you must purchase the premium version from the market to download and use this plugin.

All In One Schema Rich Snippets Plugin (Free – Paid)

So far, we have introduced a few SEO plugins for WordPress that can be said to have almost full features. In fact, the goal is to install a plugin with full features rather than installing multiple plugins; You know the reason! Slowing down the site is one of the results of installing a large number of WordPress plugins. Of course, if the number of active plugins on your website is not so much, but you are still growing customers due to low speed, I suggest you get acquainted with the best WordPress speed increase plugins. But here I want to talk about a specialized plugin; It is always recommended that you do not over-install the plugin as much as possible, but what if you are looking to build a rich snippet? We offer All In One Schema Rich Snippets. Again, to use this feature in different ways, I suggest you read the article Using a rich snippet.

Using the Schema and Rich Snippet feature is one of the factors that directly affects SEO and attracting search engines, including Google. Currently the most popular plugin that uses Schema markup is the All In One Schema Rich Snippets plugin, which has about 100,000 active installs so far. This is why the All In One Schema Rich Snippets can be considered as one of the best SEO plugins in WordPress.

With this plugin, you can create all kinds of product sketches, services, reviews, events, recipes, etc. For example, if you have a cooking site, you can make the user see the recipe of this dish in the search results (by introducing the content link) after searching for the word “how to prepare samosas”, but this was a delicious example 🤤.

Summary Shine in search results with this plugin.

Highlights of the All In One Schema Rich Snippets plugin:

Ability to customize the appearance of Rich Snippet
Add schematic markup by filling in the Rich Snipet box
Supports all types of Eskima content including video, software, product, people and ..
Add custom field for custom Rich Snippet (Pro version)
Automatically set the schema markup for the entire website (Pro version)


Broken Link Checker Plugin (Free)

Paying attention to 404 pages like backing up a site is sometimes not taken seriously. In the article on the best WordPress backup plugin, we explained about backing up the site and the consequences of not backing up; But in this article, the goal is to introduce the best WordPress SEO plugin to get a better ranking; Paying attention to 404 pages may be addressed in the margins, but it’s time to increase the site’s ranking and prevent the user from having a bad experience.

Broken links are URLs from a website that do not exist and do not go anywhere. For example, if you delete a page from the site but that page still remains in the search results, the user will see a 404 page after clicking on that link; I emphasize that Google does not like this at all and this issue has a bad effect on the SEO of the website (404 error is dedicated to this issue).

The Broken Link Checker plugin has more than 700,000 active installs so far and is the best plugin for checking and fixing invalid and broken links. Immediately after installing this plugin, the website will be scanned to find invalid and corrupt links. At the end, a list of invalid links will appear that you can take the necessary actions on any of them; For example, modify a URL or delete it.

Highlights of Broken Link Checker plugin:

  • Monitor links to custom pages, posts, comments, and fields
  • Identify invalid links
  • Identify redirects and missing images
  • Ability to edit links directly from the plugin itself
  • Ability to search and filter links based on URL, anchor text and…
  • Notify problems via WordPress counter or email
  • Ability to change the appearance of broken links in posts
  • Ability to prevent corrupt links from being followed by search engines

Imagine you are writing good content but you are linking some words to irrelevant sites (external link). You probably know that this will give credibility to the destination site, but if these links are abnormal and link to unreliable sites, this will have a negative effect on the SEO site.

In these cases, the rel = “nofollow” command is used in the HTML code. This code means that the search engine does not follow this external link, and in fact, with this action, the search engine shows goodwill. In short, this is the case, but there is a lot to talk about because nofollow can be a hassle even for some websites that link abnormally to other sites! So I recommend you to visit the Nofalo link and use it to increase seo information.

Since inserting the nofollow command itself is part of the important topics in SEO, I want to introduce you to the Ultimate Nofollow plugin. With this plugin, you do not need to enter the code after inserting any external link and enter the Nofalo command; In a way that takes a lot of time…

With the Ultimate Nofollow plugin, a checkbox is added to the link insertion window and you can select the nofollow option. Finally, the nofollow command is automatically added to the code. Just as easily!

Highlights of the Ultimate Nofollow plugin:

  • Add nofollow checkboxes when specifying links
  • Add or remove the nofollow tag from all links in the site comments section
  • Nofollow option for all Blogrol links or a specific Blogrol link
  • Has several nofollow code shorts

We are in an era where SEO topics are becoming more and more and on the other hand search engines are acting smarter. It would be good if we could do things ourselves with artificial intelligence. WordLift is one of the best WordPress AI plugins; But the reason for introducing WordLift among other WordPress SEO plugins is that this plugin is able to help improve SEO with the power of artificial intelligence!

The plugin includes a knowledge graph that can be developed with its own website texts; In fact, each of the website posts acts as a note for the knowledge graph of this SEO plugin; More interestingly, WordLift registers a unique ID for each of the website entries, and this ID is also introduced to Google.

  • After installing wordlift and activating the purchase code, a widget will appear next to the text editing page. In this widget, text information
  • is categorized by language processing technology and your job is to communicate this information with each other. In the next step,
  • artificial intelligence and knowledge graph of this plugin will come into action. You may ask, what does the knowledge graph help? This
  • knowledge graph provides a number of suggestions for completing and optimizing texts. In fact, these suggestions may include tips,
  • images, related links, etc. based on the structure of your text.

The Wordlift plugin has more than 600 active installations so far.

So far, various tools for analyzing websites have been provided by the big company Google, and no doubt you are familiar with at least one of these online tools. Google Analytics, Search Console and Google Insight are some of these important tools. Fortunately, each of these tools has been discussed on the SEO teaching site, and you can find the SEO section of these tools in the site menu and read about them. For example, you can use the powerful Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool to test the speed and performance of your site; In this regard, I recommend you to follow the article on online site speed testing tools. I said this to conclude that given the fragmentation of each of the online site analysis tools, it would be very interesting if the information and statistics of Google tools are all available in the WordPress dashboard…

For this purpose, the Site Kit, which was provided directly by Google, came to the aid of webmasters. With this plugin, statistics and website status, according to Google tools, are available together in the WordPress counter. So if you enjoy analyzing the speed and traffic of the site and you are looking for success in increasing your SEO ranking, the Site Kit plugin is undoubtedly the best WordPress SEO plugin for you.

By the way, if you have integrated SEO plugins such as Rank Math, Console search statistics or other Google tools into your WordPress counter, I have to say that according to the creators of the Site Kit plugin, there is nothing wrong with that; This means you can use the Site Kit along with other similar plugins.

This plugin has more than 200,000 active installs so far.

Highlights of the Site Kit by Google plugin:

  • Gather information from Google tools
  • Ability to view site statistics and charts in the WordPress counter
  • Information and statistics of the whole site or of each post
  • Support for Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Insight, AdSense, Tag Manager and Optimize

W3 total cache plugin (free – paid)

W3 Total Cache has more than 1 million active installs so far. But what is the key to the success of this plugin? This plugin, as its name implies, specializes in caching the site and in fact is always one of the best site cache plugins. So you may be wondering what the cache plugin has to do with the best WordPress SEO plugin? The mechanism of this technology is discussed in the article on caching the site. In fact, due to caching, the site server no longer needs to respond to different requests over and over again. As a result, as the server load decreases, the response time of the site increases and on the other hand, the mobile website becomes more friendly.

If you have followed the SEO training of SEO teaching site, it is well explained about the effect of site speed and performance on SEO. So we conclude that the W3 Total Cache plugin, due to its performance, in addition to improving SEO and loading speed, can satisfy the user. This plugin is available in both free and Pro versions. If you want to know more about cache related plugins, here is the best WordPress cache plugin for you.

Highlights of the W3 Total Cache plugin:

  • Compatible with shared hosts, virtual hosts, clusters and dedicated hosts
  • Ability to load lazy images or Lazy Loading
  • Possibility of cache in mobile version
  • Ability to cache the browser on the user side
  • Cache all aspects of the site (codes, pages, backends, database objects, etc.)
  • Minify HTML, JS, CSS code
  • Minimize JavaScript and CSS code
  • Support for AMP and SSL pages
  • Has security features
  • Ability to integrate with reverse proxies such as Nginx and Varnish
  • CDN support (what is explained in CDN)
  • Ability to view advanced site performance statistics (Pro version)


Smush plugin (free-paid)

Talking about the image reduction plugin that can be done, without a doubt, Smosh plugin plays the first role! Speaking of speeding up the site, this plugin stands out as one of the useful plugins! This plugin is a boon because it can be introduced as an SEO plugin for WordPress because of its effect on SEO!

The Smush plugin has more than 1 million active installs due to its good features; With this plugin, site upload images are optimized without any obvious quality loss; As a result, the loading time of the site decreases and the speed of the site increases 💥.

Of course, there are many plugins that work in this field, but Smush is one of the best. Related Content: The Best Image Optimization Plugin in WordPress

Of course, the features of Smosh are not limited to optimizing images and even GIF. A very good feature of Smoosh is the ability to identify images that have been slowing down the site so far! Another useful feature of Smooth is the ability to apply a loaded slip on page loading; This way, there is no need for each image of a page to be loaded when the site is opened! I suggest you read the important and interesting topic of what is Lizzie Load.


Highlights of Smush plugin:

  • Optimize and reduce the size of images with the Losseless method or without loss of quality
  • Supports PNG, JPEG and GIF formats
  • Ability to change the size and dimensions of images
  • Easy loading or slow loading capability (according to plugin translation)
  • Identify images that slow down the site
  • Ability to optimize images that are not in the WordPress media library
  • Ability to integrate with Gutenberg Editor Block
  • Multi-site WordPress compatibility
  • Processing images with a maximum size of 5 MB in the free version (removal of restrictions in the Pro version)
  • Convert image format to webP format – Google’s popular, smaller format (Pro version)


Conclusion + comparison

WordPress SEO plugins are a tool for beginners and professionals to further improve the SEO status of the site. Some of these plugins help you improve your SEO with various notifications; These plugins provide a number of features (such as redirects or 404 page notifications) that help you eliminate nodes on the website in less time. In this article, we tried to introduce and review the best WordPress SEO plugin. To facilitate the final conclusion, you can reach the final conclusion with the help of the following list.

The best SEO plugins for WordPress site in free version of The SEO Framework | yoast seo | Rank Math
The most complete SEO plugin with Adddan in the premium version of yoast seo
The best SEO plugins for text optimization based on the keyword yoast seo | Rank Math | All in One SEO Pack | SEOPress
The best WordPress SEO plugins suitable for WooCommerce Rank Math site | All in One SEO Pack
The best SEO enhancement plugin for people without SEO knowledge Squirrly SEO
The best SEO plugin for selecting target keywords and monitoring Rankie site rank and performance
The best SEO plugin related to Rich Snippets and Schema All In One Schema Rich Snippets
The best SEO improvement plugin for bad link management Broken Link Checker
The best plugin for external linking Ultimate Nofollow
SEO optimization plugin with artificial intelligence WordLift
The best SEO plugin for integrating Google tools statistics into WordPress Site Kit by Google
The best plugin for site cache and speed up w3 total cache
The best plugin for image optimization Smush

We have reached the end of this article. I hope you have easily chosen your ideal plugin with the help of descriptions and views of each plugin environment.

By the way, if you have any other suggestions, let us know about your experiences. Thank you SEO teaching companions for reading this article 🌸.

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