11 of the best WordPress site speed up plugins

Top WordPress plugins to speed up website loading

How can we increase the loading speed of the site when we take a look at the statistics and find that about 40% of visitors leave the site, which takes more than 3 seconds to load ?! You might say to yourself that this is terrible and there is no way to combine both the graphic design of the site and the content, SEO factors and of course the speed! But not as you think. By following a set of rules and installing one of the best plugins to increase the speed of the WordPress site, this problem can be solved to a large extent.

In this article, I will tell you about the benefits of plugins and I also have some good news, so read this article from SEO teaching.

Increasing the speed of the site and the rapid rise of the website is important because:

  • According to the Google standard, the loading speed of the site should be between 3 to 5 seconds, otherwise it will have a negative effect on the score that search engines give to your site. Of course, this standard is a bit (a little, very) strict.
  • As we said, about 40% of visitors leave a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load (of course, this does not apply to those who do not have a low speed 😉)
  • If you have a store site, know that 79% of users who are dissatisfied with the performance and speed of the site are reluctant to buy another product.

If you think your site is slow, read on.


Is there the best plugin to speed up your free WordPress website?

Yes it is free. The plugins that I am going to introduce to you in this article are each the best plugins to increase the speed of the WordPress site, and they can be considered as a complete pack, for example, it is not that one of the plugins just remembers to optimize photos or caching Focus site data. These plugins are completely free and if you are the first Barton who wants to use the WordPress site speed up plugin, I recommend that you do not use paid versions to get started.

Before introducing the best plugins, it’s best to explain a few basics so that you know very well how these plugins work.

Step 1: Measure the loading speed of the site

We talked about the loading speed between 2 to 5 seconds, but how can we understand the loading speed of the site?

Well, there are many websites in this field that Google PageSpeed ​​Insights and GTmetrix are the best websites for estimating the loading speed of multiple sites. I have some good news ahead.

Regarding the GTmetrix online tool, I would like to point out that after entering your site URL and completing the analysis by GTmetrix, you will be faced with a set of detailed analyzes, many of which may create a point of ambiguity for you. Well, SEO teaching is here to help you; Become a GTMetrix Master with a series of instructional videos and 50 unique articles. Click on the tutorial to speed up the site with the gtmetrix tool to enjoy.

Another point is that the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights site does not open with the Iranian Internet IP and you must log in with a foreign IP. In the page speed fixing address, SEO teaching completely examines and educates Google invoices for you friends, and you can follow them to increase their awareness.

Step 2: Know your WordPress cache

One of the tasks of WordPress site optimization plugins is to increase the advanced cache. But how familiar are you with the concept of cache?

Cache is the same cache, but what is the meaning of cache? This cache stores information and data that will be used in the near future.

Now the same thing applies with WordPress sites. By caching the website, there is no need to process the result of that user request every time (for example, opening the contents of the website is a request) and spend time on it. With caching technology, instead of constantly processing requests, the results of these requests are stored and used when needed.

One of the most common errors you encounter after analyzing site performance in online tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix is the leverage browser caching error. This error goes back to exactly how to cache; Detailed article on cache debugging is dedicated to this issue, which after reading it, you will get more information about the site cache.

Caching is one way to increase the loading speed of the site, but it is not the only way. Read more is waiting for you.


1- W3 total cache plugin

The W3TC plugin is one of the best WordPress website performance optimization frameworks with over 1 million active installs. W3 total cache plugin by increasing the website efficiency and reducing the website loading time makes the user see your site content more quickly and SEO improves.

The functionality of this plugin is not one-dimensional, it is like a complete package that works on all the factors of increasing the speed of the site and also uses the ability to use the CDN or the same content delivery network.

One of the effective factors that increase the speed of the site is the CDN service. This service is very debatable, so what is CDN in this article thoroughly reviews this service and compares the performance of sites before and after using CDN. Do not miss.

Main features of W3 total cache plugin:

  • Compatibility or any server
  • Versatile cache capability
  • Use the CDN feature
  • Mobile version support
  • Use lazy loading feature
  • Advanced settings for specifying caching methods
  • Has security features to increase site security

The lazy loading feature is a very interesting feature for loading pages, and its function is such that it postpones the loading of the content of the pages that have not yet been scrolled to the time when the user enters that part of the page. Incidentally, this feature is one of the effective factors in increasing the speed of the website. Most good plugins use this feature to speed up your WordPress site. In lazy loading, this topic is opened very well and several application plugins that do the same thing on your website are introduced.

Click here to download the W3 total cache plugin.

2- WP Fastest Cache plugin

WP Fastest Cache plugin is a good plugin to speed up WordPress site that more than 1 million people have installed this plugin so far. One thing you should know about this site speed increase plugin is that it has two versions, free and professional (PREMIUM); With the paid version, you can use the capabilities of mobile cache and widget, photo optimization, Lazy Loading, JS code optimization, etc., but this is not a reason to download the free WP Fastest Cache plugin. Desktop cache, minify HTML code and a combination of JavaScript and CSS options are good features of the free version of this popular plugin.

One of the advantages of this plugin is increasing the speed of the site, easy installation. After installing the WP Fastest Cache plugin, you do not need to be in the htaacces file at all. Make changes because it is done automatically.

Main Features of WP Fastest Cache Plugin Free Version:

  • Automatic site cache
  • Ability to set the time for automatic deletion of cache files
  • Have the fastest method called Mod_Rewrite
  • Automatically remove cache after posting a new post or page
  • Provide the necessary authority to the admin to manage the cache
  • There is an option to select cache on mobile devices and logged in users
  • Cache Browse
  • GZIP tool (tool for compressing and decompressing files)
  • Support for Cloudflare, CDN and SSl
  • Easy settings and checklist

Note: As mentioned, CDN is a content delivery service that greatly speeds up data transfer. Cloudflare As one of the best CDNs in the world, in addition to increasing security, it also increases the speed of the site. A number of acceleration plugins such as WP Fastest Cache support Cloudfler. To install this powerful CDN, we dedicated a step-by-step tutorial on installing Cloudflare.


3- LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress

If the best plugin to speed up your WordPress website is not Litespeed cache, it is definitely one of the best. This free and open source plugin with over 800,000 active installs is compatible with all popular plugins like Just SEO, WooCommerce and bbPress and supports WordPress multi-site (network) well. So keep your mind on this.

Plugins to improve the speed of the WordPress site are many, but Litespeed cache is one of them, which is known as All-In-One or a complete pack. Light Speed ​​Cache (LSCWP) uses server-level optimization and cache features. The secret to the Litespeed cache plugin’s amazing effect in improving site performance is that the caching mechanism is located in the Litespeed cache web server itself, which eliminates the need for an inverted proxy layer.

Now you may ask what is reverse proxy? A reverse proxy is a type of proxy server, except that it receives user requests and resources from outside the internal network and eventually redirects them to one or more servers. Knowing this may not convince you to download the Litespeed cache plugin, if so, then get more familiar with this plugin by summarizing below.

Main features of Litespeed cache plugin Free version:

  • Photo optimization in two ways Lossless and Lossy
  • Minimize JavaScript and html / css code
  • Combine or minimize CSS and JS code
  • Ability to lazy loading photos and iframes
  • Multiple CDN support
  • Load CSS and JS asynchronously
  • Easy and attractive user interface
  • Simple and advanced settings
  • Optimize site speed points
  • OPcode cache (library for speeding up PHP code processing)
  • Multi-site WordPress support (network)
  • Take advantage of the Cloudflare API
  • WebP image format support
  • Import / Export settings
  • QUIC.cloud Free CDN Cache (the only CDN service that can accurately store dynamic pages)

4- Pagespeed ninja plugin

Well, the fourth plugin from the list of the best plugins to increase the speed of the Persian WordPress website that I am going to introduce to you is Pagespeed ninja. This plugin with more than 30,000 active installations is the result of years of work on optimizing the speed of over 200,000 websites on mobile. So it can be said that the team of this plugin is very experienced.

This application plugin can not only speed up the loading of your site in both desktop and mobile versions, but also can solve Google PageSpeed ​​Insights problems with one click.

Here I want to give you a statistic about this plugin to speed up your WordPress site. According to statistics, giving themselves a Pagespeed ninja could increase the speed of 4 out of every 5 sites. But sometimes a site template incompatibility or a set of plugins with Pagespeed ninja can cause some problems, especially due to caching or optimization operations; For this reason, this plugin may not be suitable for your site like other plugins!

Note: Regarding the compatibility of SEO-related plugins with the PageSpeed ​​Ninja plugin, I would like to say that the possibility of incompatibility between the two is very, very low and in most cases there is no problem. But if you have a 1% chance of seeing a problem, it may be because gzip compression is enabled on your site. This option is available in the settings of a number of site speed optimization plugins and you can enable or disable it from there. Of course, know that activating the gzip compression option is one of the factors that increase the loading speed of the site and do not disable it as much as possible. Follow gzip activation and complete enable gzip compression tutorial. It is fully explained to you how to enable this good feature in each server and CMS.

How do I know how much Pagespeed ninja affects my site performance?

By entering the PageSpeed.Ninja link and entering the URL of the desired site, you can easily know the function of the Pagespeed ninja plugin before installing the plugin. The analysis process of this site takes more than 2 minutes.

Main features of Pagespeed ninja plugin:

  • Enable the Gzip method for file compression
  • Compress and optimize images to reduce volume
  • Detailed image optimization for mobile browsers
  • Take advantage of the lazy loading feature
  • Browser cache and server cache capability
  • Fix JavaScript and CSS render blocking error
  • Optimize, minimize code, and combine inline code to increase speed
  • Note: One of the most common errors after analyzing the performance of the site in the GTmetrix tool is to see the Inline small CSS and
  • Inline small JavaScript errors in the list of factors causing the site speed. To solve this problem, we thoroughly examined this common
  • problem in the article Inline small JavaScript and inline small css error fixing. If you have a problem somewhere, you can ask your
  • questions under the same post, you will get the answer as soon as possible.

5- Speed Booster Pack plugin

If your site loads three seconds later, it can discourage half of the users from opening your website. If you are looking to install the best WordPress site speed increase plugin for free, our fifth suggestion is the Speed ​​Booster Pack plugin.

Optimocha specializes in accelerator services; These services are offered both for free and for free. The Speed ​​Booster Pack plugin is a free version of the site speed increase service. But do not worry because the free version of this plugin meets your basic needs; But since the poor settings of the site itself is the cause of the slowdown, in the specialized and paid version, the settings of your site are examined and fixed professionally. In fact, the company’s specialized services were designed for comprehensive management of the site and server.

One of the benefits of The Speed ​​Booster Pack is the easy plugin settings and optimization of WooCommerce.

Main features of Speed ​​Booster Pack:

  • Instant page capability for pre-loading internal links
  • Disable unnecessary items in WordPress to speed up
  • Optimize WooCommerce to fix site speed issues
  • CDN feature support
  • Add the ability to load Google Analytics from the site server

6- Autoptimize

The Autoptimize plugin is not as good as the other 5 plugins that it introduced as the best plugin to speed up the WordPress website because it is not very complete but it is not very incomplete, it has a lot of fans and more than 1 million people have installed this plugin so far. The settings of the Autoptimize plugin are not complicated at all, and after activating it, you will have a few simple tabs for optimizing JS, CSS, HTML code, images and more.

This plugin is also widely installed on Iranian websites and has many fans.

Autoptimize plugin function:

  • Adding and compressing scripts and styles
  • Ability to add expires headers and cache them
  • Move the page style to the header
  • Transfer the script to the footer of the site
  • Minimize HTML code


7 – Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster

We also found a new clean but powerful Asset CleanUp plugin in SEO teaching, apparently based on its features, it seems to be one of the best plugins in improving the speed of the WordPress site. We have WP Fastest Cache and W3 Total Cache. Also one of the features of this plugin is compatibility with some CDNs like Cloudflare.

The features of this plugin are many and according to the review we did in SEO teaching, it is also based on the needs of the day.

We at SEO teaching suggest that you test this site speed plugin. Some features:

  • Reduces the number of HTTP requests.
  • Compresses, combines and asyncs JS and CSS files.
  • It has the ability to preload.
  • Google Fonts can merge, delete, or improve.
  • It has preconnent capability.
  • It is also possible to preload and font-display on fonts that are local and called by the site.
  • Compresses a number of additional WordPress tags as well as HTML.
  • Improves rankings and fixes gtmetrix errors
  • Has the ability to defer resources (Pro version)
  • You can transfer JS files to head or body (Pro version)
  • Ability to prioritize JS and CSS files for loading. (Pro version)
  • Depending on the needs of each page, the resources of that page are called and each JS or CSS does not load anywhere, this feature is great (Pro version)

8- WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is available to everyone for free to increase the loading speed of the WordPress site with its excellent caching service. The WP Super Cache plugin is not a complete package like items 1 to 5, but it works professionally on site caching (as we said, basic caching is one of the factors that reduces site load time).

The working principle of SuperCache is that it removes the static HTML file of the site and as a result, your web server provides the HTML file every time instead of heavy PHP scripts. Each cached HTML file can be displayed hundreds of times to site visitors.

Note: The use of compression has a positive effect on the speed and response time of the site. Fortunately, the WP Super Cache plugin has this feature but is not normally enabled; So remember to activate the compress option after installing this plugin.

The interesting thing you should know about this plugin is that the developer of this plugin is WordPress (Automattic).

Main features of WP Super Cache plugin:

  • Ability to compress pages
  • CDN service support
  • Ability to activate Preload Mode
  • Having three mod_rewrite methods | PHP | legacy to use cache

This plugin has 2 million active installs; So if you have doubts about installing this plugin, do not worry about this statistic. Click here to download WP Super Cache.


9- BJ Lazy Load

Lazy loading undoubtedly has a positive effect on high-traffic sites. BJ Lazy Load is a popular plugin in this field with more than 90,000 active installs. This plugin increases the loading speed of the WordPress site, replaces all the images and content of the pages with a placeholder, and as soon as the user approaches the part of the page that is OffScreen, the content is loaded and as a result, the site bandwidth is greatly freed!

After installing and activating the BJ Lazy Load plugin, go to the counter settings and select BJ Lazy Load.

Of course, there is a lot of talk about photo SEO on the SEO teaching website, and it is recommended that you read its articles. Photo optimization is a miracle in website speed.

Advantages of BJ Lazy Load Plugin:

  • This plugin is compatible with the RICG Responsive Images plugin which is used for professional responsiveness of site photos.
  • If you do not want to be lazy to load certain images, you can deduct those images from lazy load by assigning a class to the images and entering those classes in the plugin settings.
  • Another advantage of BJ Lazy Load plugin is that it also applies lazy load on iframes, so if you put a video from Aparat, video, YouTube and on your page, you can rest assured that Lazy Load is included in these videos as well.


10 – WP Smush.it

The use of images in the content is visible to the user and is extremely attractive to him, but what if the size of the photos slows down the site? You know very well that low speed is neither pleasant for the user nor for the search engines. Suppose you are going to learn how to install an application in a post and you have to use a lot of screenshots and images; Normally, their size is not small and on the other hand, you do not want to get a negative score from the search engine due to the high size of the photos. What is the solution? Image optimization.

Image optimization is one of the most important factors in increasing the speed of the site and some software and plugins do this well. Image optimization is not just about quality loss; The purpose is to reduce the size of the image without compromising its visual quality.

WP Smush.it plugin with more than 1 million active installations is a specialized plugin in the field of optimizing and compressing site images. It does not matter what theme or page layout you use to manage your WordPress media library because WP Smush.it is compatible with them all. This service is provided by Yahoo and automatically performs optimization after uploading each image.

Main features of WP Smush plugin:

  • Compression without quality loss and automatically
  • With Lazy Load capability (in the plugin, slow loading translated)
  • Collective group image optimization
  • Adjust image height and width
  • Identify images that slow down the site
  • Directory compression
  • Compatible with WordPress Multi-Site (Network)
  • Processing of PNG, JPEG and GIF files
  • Ability to integrate with Gutenberg

Of course, combining the Smush plugin with the Hummingbird plugin can be a good option.

11 – Critical plugins for WordPress

We just found a series of very good plugins in SEO teaching and we wanted to list them here. And they load noCritical code at the bottom of the site, but these plugins don’t just do that, and all the other things they do, like the Hummingbird plugin we put at the bottom. The plugin is for the same company that designed the great Smush plugin and introduced it above.

  • Hummingbird Plugin – Optimize Speed, Enable Cache, Minify CSS & Defer Critical JS (link)
  • CSS plugin JS Manager, Async JavaScript, Defer Render Blocking CSS supports WooCommerce (link)
  • Critical CSS and Javascript plugin (link)


Buy paid plugins or do we have a good free plugin?

I 100% recommend using non-paid and free plugins, what is the reason? Because initially buying foreign plugins from Iranian sites means complete and organized theft. The owner of the plugin, who is a foreign developer, is not satisfied that we go inside Iran to buy the plugin once and then come and sell it to thousands of people on some sites. If, for example, we do the same with your business, how do you feel? (You get it back from any bad hand, remember this)
So one of the reasons is that it is better to start from the beginning and not to participate in widespread thefts so that this culture is formed in all friends.

The second reason that is very important is that we have a lot of great free plugins in the field of site speed, and above we have listed the best ones for you, and there is no reason to spend at all. Rest assured that if you take the time to review, test, install and finally evaluate the plugins that we introduced to you at SEO teaching, you can find a very good option for your site.

End and important point – know that:

Friends, know that increasing the speed of WordPress site is not limited to installing the plugin! try:

  • Choose the best host for your site
  • Avoid installing unnecessary plug-ins
  • Always optimize site photos as much as possible
  • Categories and other items on your site should be neat and tidy
  • Do not always try to use heavy and graphic widgets on all pages, even simple articles.

W3 total cache Complete speed but complex settings
WP Fastest Cache Complete and simple settings but not completely free
LiteSpeed ​​Complete but convenient settings for LiteSpeed ​​servers
Pagespeed ninja relatively complete and simple settings
Speed ​​Booster Pack Relatively complete and simple settings
Autoptimize professional settings for images, CSS and JS only
WP Super Cache is only suitable for site cache
BJ Lazy Load is only suitable for lazy photos
WP Smush.it is only suitable for reducing the size of photos
In this article, I tried to introduce you to the best WordPress site speed up plugins that are both free and really have a small effect on your site speed. Give priority to the first, but each plugin can have a different function on different sites; You can even consult your site hosting support before choosing one of the plugins. Maybe they will introduce you to a special plugin that is more compatible with the host.

What is your experience with installing these plugins? If you have a question, be sure to comment, maybe your question is the question of others.

Thanks for reading this article to the end.

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