What is Negative SEO? It is higher than black!

Black hat SEO techniques may improve a site’s position in the short term, but insisting on using them in the long run can result in site penalties, downgrades, or even removal from search results. Negative SEO means using these techniques to hit competitors. Using illegal methods and black hat SEO will result in fines and … Read more

Mobile First Index algorithm and deep underground travel

In this chapter of the book, we intend to use a time machine from prehistoric times to reach the world of flying machines, and in the meantime, take a look at the various aspects of Google’s new and important algorithm, the Mobile First Index. Before introducing the Mobile First Index algorithm, it is better to … Read more

What is meta description? Compare good and bad examples of Meta Description in SEO

From the moment a user searches for a phrase to the moment he enters a page, a war is going on! War between meta description sites! Just look at the following words for a moment: Special season sales 50% off Auction of new models Most people, when they see these words, their focus and attention … Read more

What are LSI Keywords? How do we find them?

If in the past keywords were the first word in SEO, now is the time for LSI keywords to replace the artificial and inhumane method of keyword repetition. When we think about a keyword, we inevitably think of important, highly sought after and competitive words in SEO. Now how do we get to the first … Read more

Long keywords drive your site traffic

Long keywords are usually phrases that refer to the exact needs of the user rather than a general concept. Phrases that are searched by users and are more than 4 words are usually called Long Tail. If you have read SEO articles and site optimization, most of them agree on the inseparable rule that your … Read more

What is PBN? Why should we be afraid of it!

In this way, the webmaster creates a collection of different blogs and sites and puts content related to the topic of his site in them. These blogs will gain credibility and status over time and will be a good space to link to the main site. One of the most important and influential factors in … Read more

What is a Staffing Keyword? Ideation to get to the front page

Most of the time we forget that the way to get to the first page of Google is not simple and easy! In this article, we will teach you a hard but stable solution to go and stay on the first page. If I were to ask you what is the fastest, easiest and cheapest … Read more

What is internal linking? Reaching the first rank or falling to the last page of Google?

If you do not have a targeted internal link building strategy, congratulations! The last page of Google results belongs to you. In this article, you will gain a complete understanding of internal linking, the right strategy to use and its impact on improving SEO and site ranking. The most common problems in dealing with link … Read more

Google Hummingbird Algorithm

The main task of the Hummingbird algorithm is to examine the searched phrase and understand its meaning. In addition, Google uses the knowledge graph to provide results related to the concept searched by the user. The purpose of this algorithm is to create a good sense of search in the user.   What is the … Read more