Principles of using title tags; 8 tips to increase your click-through rate

The title tag is the most attractive image of the content of your web pages. Show a decent image of yourself! Ever wanted to shop around and buy a new product without looking at it? In this case, usually if a new product catches your attention, you first look at the specifications on the product … Read more

Search Intent; The key to the future of SEO

The user’s search is more important than the search term. In this article, we will find out why Search Intent can completely change the definition of SEO in the future. We’ve heard about this concept over and over again, perhaps in SEO training articles or in videos posted on YouTube. John Mueller has repeatedly mentioned … Read more

Rich Snippet What is Rich Snippet? Take control of the future!

Evidence shows that Google is adding more and more space to rich snippets. Now that the future is moving in this direction, you have to choose whether you want to move parallel to Google or vice versa? When it comes to SEO, old and proven methods are always the first thing that comes to mind. … Read more

What is the RankBrain algorithm? The impact of user behavior on SEO

Rank Brain can be considered Google’s new algorithm based on artificial intelligence. This algorithm has the task of identifying the user’s desired concept based on the searched phrase and showing the best answer to him. Also further optimize search results ranking based on user behavior. Google algorithms for collecting, interpreting and summarizing web world data; … Read more

Pigeon algorithm

In a simple definition we can say; The pigeon algorithm examines the phrase searched by the user and gives the closest and best suggestions if the phrase refers to a local location or business. In order for your site to be one of these suggestions, you must first know the performance of this algorithm well. … Read more

Google Penguin Algorithm

The Penguin algorithm is actually a way to deal with sites that want to improve their position in search results by buying backlinks or using black hat techniques in link building. In 2012, Google unveiled its new anti-spam algorithm. The main purpose of this algorithm was to fight against abnormal linkages or spam. The new … Read more

Google Panda algorithm

Panda is one of Google’s most well-known algorithms. Its main task is to check the quality of the content and identify the level of user satisfaction with the text on the page. Many people think that this algorithm focuses only on duplicate content, while its performance is much more complex.   What is the Panda … Read more

What is Nofollow link? What effect does it have on SEO?

Some people think that Nof0llow has no effect on the SEO of the site and it is better that all the links they receive for their site are followers, with this simple mistake, we will lose our place in the search results forever. Google updates its algorithm several times a year to optimize the ranking … Read more