Long Tail SEO in 2021: How You Can Have It All or Die Trying

Head watchwords. Long-tail watchwords. The thick center. The chonky chest. Is anyone surprised why a great many people outside of SEO believe we’re talking rubbish? Ask twelve SEOs what watchwords qualify as “long-tail” and you’ll hear 13 thoughts and 17 fistfights. What we can concur on is that — because of Google’s progressions in Natural … Read more

Session 11 – Criteria in Browser Timings

Introducing Redirect Duration, Connection Duration, Fully Loaded Time and … In this tutorial, we are going to say in simple language what are the existing Browser Timing criteria inside the Gtmetrix tool and what to do with these errors? How to improve? The author of this article is me, Pouria Ariafar from SEO teaching, this … Read more