What is cannibalization? Troubleshooting training

In addition to the console search, the simple and practical technique of using the Site: operator also helps us diagnose cannibalism. To use this technique, it is enough to enter the desired keyword in the Google search bar as follows: In the semi-dark and lesser known SEO, there are important concepts and topics that, if … Read more

What is a Broken Link? What effect will it have on SEO?

Links to 404 pages are usually called broken or missing links. You may link to another site, but after a while that site becomes inaccessible or stops working. In this case, your link will lead to page 404. You may also come to a restaurant and order your favorite food after looking at the long … Read more

What is the bounce rate? Identify 7 factors that reduce bounce rate

Bance Rite is a seemingly simple concept, but with important and complex subtleties. These complexities have led to many misconceptions about bounce rates. In this article, we will explain its meaning to you in simple language. From the beginning of the introduction of Bounce rate, there have been misconceptions about its impact on SEO. The … Read more

What is Anchor Text? And what effect does it have on the value of the link?

Links are usually placed on a text or image. If the link is text, the phrase that is linked to the target page is called anchor text. In fact, the value and credibility that is transferred to the target page depends on this phrase. If you use the Internet, whether you are a simple user … Read more

What is Alt Text? SEO Hidden Weapon Optimization Methods!

Google’s new approach to image search is a golden opportunity for sites that want to receive through inbound images. This becomes interesting when we know that we can double the chances of our site being seen with SEO images or alt images. In 2013, Google made a major change to its image search engine. With … Read more

What is 301 redirect? Countdown rank loss!

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